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Black Kat Excerpt: Extreme Air Hockey

“So….” Gwen sighed as she grabbed the puck. She then glared at it. It was an ice hockey puck. She made a sour face as she pointed to the table. “Where’s the plastic puck?”

“What’s wrong with that one?”

“It hurts my fingers when you hit me. I want the little one.”

“It’s extreme air hockey.” Morgan laughed as he slapped his pusher against the surface of the game.

Rolling her eyes, Gwen placed the puck near her pusher. She hit it, then Morgan quickly volleyed it back at her. Like she expected, she was whacked with the hockey puck. Gwen retracted her hand, wincing as Morgan chuckled. “Extreme air hockey sucks.”

“That’s just you.”

With a firm shove, Gwen shot the puck with harder force than necessary. It slammed into his fingers curled over the side of the game table. Morgan jumped back, his hand jumping to his lips as he kissed the surface of his skin lightly.

“Actually, I kind of like it now.” She laughed as she watched his brow lower and Morgan glare at her.

Morgan slammed the puck on the table, his eyes narrowing.

Cover Reveal For The Last Hero!

Here is the cover for my October release with SCP, The Last Hero.  I love it!  It’s one of my favorite covers yet!  What do you think?

the last hero cover final

Black Kat is finished!


Woo hoo!  Black Kat is finished!  Celebrate with me!

This one got done a little earlier than I had planned on.  But….I got my interview questions back for Black Kat and I dove back into the book.  I couldn’t help it.  Hey, inspiration was totally striking.  Right now, Black Kat‘s on the table for editing and getting some fillers.


Specs on the book:

  • Currently 47k.  I want to add a little more to pump it up to 50k in editing.
  • Genre: Sports Romance, New Adult, Contemporary
  • Book Description: Gwen struggles to live up to her mother’s outrageous expectations of her as her mother pushes her daughter to pursue her dream to skate professionally.  Gwen has the talent, but her overbearing mother, and Gwen’s fear of failure, may ruin that dream.  Gwen starts a job at the rink, and her brother, Sam’s, best friend, Morgan, his first season playing for the Black Kats.  Sam’s relationship with Morgan is strained when Morgan gets into the Kats.  Sam begins to resent his friend’s new fame, something that begins to pull the boys apart.  But to make matters worse, Gwen has a crush on the newest Black Kat, despite Morgan being like her big brother, and that he and Sam have made her life hell since she was a kid.   But Morgan’s stubbornness, and her brother’s disapproval of their relationship, aren’t the only challenges that stand in her way.  She isn’t the only one with her eye on the star player of the Kats….


I’m on the homestretch with my WIP Black Kat. Yay! Here’s a funny quote from it. It always makes me chuckle. But I guess I would laugh at my own sarcasm lol.

Black Kat: Interview with a hockey player


Yesterday, I got to pick the brain of a hockey player.  I wanted to get a better perspective to flesh out Morgan and Sam’s characters a bit.  And wow, did I learn a lot.   He was a great help and because of some of the things I learned, I’m sticking a few extra things in the book.  Actually, I’m sticking in a lot.  A few things I learned I just HAVE to stick in.  Mostly I’ll add those traits with Sam, but Morgan will get a few as well.  I learned they have a whole kind of “language” that I really want to sprinkle in.  I have to use the word “flow” in a description of Kingley lol.

It’s amazing how much you can learn from someone who’s actually living the life one of your characters is instead of relying on my own imagination to create a character like I usually do.  Black Kat is gonna rock!  I’m super excited!  It’s  getting close to completion, and after I do a few read throughs of it and add in a few things, it’ll be done.  I’ve been asked when it’s coming out, and I don’t really have an exact date.  I’m guessing it’ll be out Novemberish, depending on my schedule.  It’s funny that one story with vampire hunting hockey players would lead me to write Check Mate and Black Kat.  But I love the twist of fate and I’m hoping Black Kat does awesome when it’s released. It’s a nice break from writing horror.

Now, to polish off things with The Gateway.  It’s number one on my list, followed by a few book trailers and covers.  After I’m finished with my to-do list, I’ll finish Black Kat.  Are you excited?  I am ;)

The Gateway Excerpt: The Failed Mediator


The Gateway just got a HUGE overhaul and it’s looking awesome.  This is the first two pages of the book if you’re curious about it.  A warning in advance, this scene contains a little gore and violence.  Yay!  Okay, now onto the excerpt!


Concentrate Stella.  Concentrate.

Cloaked in crimson, Stella proceeded down the platform.  Each step was shaky, her heart pounding so hard she had become dizzy.  Churning around her was a pool of black liquid.  It raged within its confinement, the waters rough like the surface of a stormy sea.

Holding out her hands, she halted.  The long sleeves of her robe fell back, revealing the milky white of her sheltered skin.  Her large hood blocked out everything but the task in front of her.  She had to make contact with the demons of the Shadow World.  Everything was riding on the next few seconds.  If she failed, she would be killed—become just another sacrifice to the damned.

Closing her eyes, she repeated to herself in a soft whisper, “Please….hear me.  Please.”

Then she began reciting her spell.  Her words were soft and quick, her concentration at it’s height.  Minutes passed and still she had not succeeded.  The liquid wasn’t reacting to her plea, which meant her words weren’t filtering through the portal to the underworld beyond.

Speaking amongst themselves, her instructors voiced their annoyance at her failure.  She couldn’t speak to the demons of the underworld.  She had failed her test to become a mediator.

Hearing footsteps approaching, Stella gritted her teeth and concentrated harder. They were slow, methodical.  They were but a whisper in this world, but in the silence inside this place made every one crisp.  When they got close, Stella spun to face the source.

With heavy breath, her eyes snapped to the ceremonial blade in his hand.  It had not been sharpened, but not fully cleaned, years of death staining it’s surface.  She took one step back, but stopped.

This was the end. She had failed.

She glanced at the edge of the platform behind her, then the dark liquid that raged around it.  One slip and she would be cast to the Shadow World.  As her flesh would be burnt away by the fires that protected the cursed gateway between this world and hell, the demons would feast on her screams.  She had seen it before.  Heard the screams of those sacrificed.  To die by the blade would pardon her from that agony.

“Please,” Stella pleaded with hands clasped.  Her hood bounced as she swiftly fell to her knees. “Let me continue.  I beg of you.”

Thick hands reached down, clasping the thick fabric of her robe.  The cloaked man did not speak, but his forceful actions did for him.  Yanking her to her feet, he ripped down her hood.  Stella trembled, her blue eyes filled with tears as she sobbed.

He took a firm hold of Stella’s shoulder, bracing himself as he plunged the blade into the tender flesh of her stomach.  Stella’s screamed pierced the thick silence, it’s shrill sound awakening the pool around them.  The demons were responding.  The water raged, it’s color now a sparkling green.  It lit up the darkened room, illuminating the icy blue of Stella’s eyes.  Now, she could see into his eyes.  See his grin, his insane happiness at her pain.

Then he spoke, his voice deep and mighty.  “Hear me, my King! I sacrifice this girl in your name!”  Twisting the knife, he forced a mighty scream from the young girl. “May this small gift bring you happiness in the Shadow World.”

He retracted the blade and watched her fall to her knees.  Wetness covered her fingers, thick droplets falling like rain from gaps between them. Stella could hear him chanting, but every sound was muffled.  She was losing consciousness and begged for death to meet her here and not at the gates of hell.

Then she felt it.  Several more stabs.  She collapsed to the tile, her blood feeding the pool and making the liquid grow brighter.  She could feel the light’s warmth, her vision clouded. She no longer screamed, her consciousness being swept away with her last gulp of stale air.

With a few final words, the man pushed her over the side.  Floating downward slowly, Stella’s body pulsed with a soft white light.  Her long black hair sailing as she fell gracefully.  She broke through the barrier, her body falling like a dead weight to the land below.  Dust churned around her like a smoky screen, the earth of the Shadow World black, like the ashes of the dead.

Howls and shrieks pierced the air, the stench of rotting flesh poisoning the thick air.  Her body now rested on a pile of bones.  It was the resting place of those that came before her, some with bones still wet.

Her body was covered in a slimy goo, her hair now soaking up the ashy dirt.  She lay still for a few minutes, a pool of blood making her bed and spreading out around her.  Slowly, creatures crept from the darkness.  Sniffing the air, the ungodly creatures followed the scent of fresh blood.

Feeling a thick wetness splash on her face, Stella tried to force her eyes open, but could barely do so.  Her eyes settled on something hovering over her, a circular face that looked almost human.  Her long lashes fluttered as she tried to focus, her eyes struggling.  But when they did, this being turned out to be inhuman.

The creature resembled a cross between a bear and a canine, multiple rows of sharp teeth lining his jaw. Behind was a pack of similar demons, all of them eying her hungrily.  Her face scrunched and Stella struggled to move.

Her rousing angered the demon, who belt out a screech.  Seeing him lunge, she closed her eyes and prepared for the attack.



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