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Check Mate Releases Today!

 Check Mate is here!

And you can buy it!  Isn’t that awesome?  Wow, this book has taken more work than any book I’ve ever published, and I’m very happy to see it up and live.

Now, here’s some specs on the book


Buy it HERE


Genre: Sports/Contemporary Romance

Cover Model: Keoni Koch


Following his hockey dreams, Gwen’s fiancé leaves her, and his small town life, behind.  She watches her former love rise to fame, drowning out her heartbreak by skating at the rink. Then, at the urging of a friend, she joins a dating service. There, she is matched with Ashton, a handsome and wealthy business man.  He falls hard for the aspiring figure skater, and vows to make her his princess. But her new boyfriend has a big secret, one that will plunge her into a world she’s not ready for.  And what will happen when the now famous hockey star skates back into her life?  Will she take the second chance he offers, or will a threat greater than Ashton stand in their way?

Book Trailer:


Gwen held her stomach as she stood near the gates that led to the ice. She was terrified, but wasn’t voicing her fear. Her eyes took in the large stadium. The cameras. The crowded stands. She felt like she was going to vomit.

“You all right?” Rossi turned to her, his voice sounding deeper when he whispered.

“No.” Rolling her lips inward, her breath quickened, almost to the point of hyperventilation.

“Umm…” He looked a little sick himself, but more so from her distress.

“They’re so good.” Her fearful eyes watched the movement of the other skaters.

“Not as good as us.” Rossi chuckled. “We have this already. All we have to do is skate.”

“What if I can’t?”

“What?” Rossi’s eyes narrowed on her.

“I’ve never competed in something this big before.”

“You’ll be fine.” Rossi then turned to talk to a few skaters near them.

Feeling a hand on her shoulder, Gwen turned sharply to it. Her eyes fell on a pair of icy blues, Morgan wearing a stocking cap along with his winter jacket. “Hey.” He studied her green expression, a small chuckle escaping his lips. “Nervous?”

“Extremely.” Her eyes scanned the crowd then the skaters that were now performing.

“You can do it.”

“How do you deal with this?” Her attention moved back to Morgan, Gwen nervously wringing her hands.

“I don’t get nervous.” He shrugged his shoulders.

“Liar.” Gwen laughed as she playfully hit his chest. “I’ve seen you nervous.”

“I meant before the games.” He checked around him, Morgan’s casual style standing out among the skaters and their coaches. “Let’s try something.” He bent down and started untying the laces on her skates.

“Morgan?” She was shocked, a flabbergasted expression on her face. Then, she saw him pull out some black and red laces and start replacing the ones in her skates. Instead of getting angry, it brought a smile to her lips. “What are you doing?”

“My lucky colors.” He chuckled as he continued with his task. “They’re from my skates. That way…” He quickly finished then went to the other skate. “I’ll be there with you the whole time and you won’t be scared.”

Her voice was soft as she gazed down at him. “You remembered.”

“You still kept ‘em even after I left.” He stood and shoved her laces in his pocket. The red and black laces clashed with her outfit, but she didn’t care. It was the thought that mattered, and that he remembered. Morgan always remembered. “You said they helped you land that triple and never took them out. They’re Avengers colors, but those are just as lucky.”

“You’re lucky.” She gazed at him with longing eyes, but they showed her sadness. Like her longing couldn’t get any closer to him than she was now.

“I’m not.” Morgan frowned, his eyes scanning her face then the diamonds that sparkled on her neck. “Ashton is.”

Gwen was about to speak, “I—“

“We’re up.” Rossi took her hand, interrupting her conversation with Morgan.

“Okay.” Gwen’s voice was shaky. She hugged Morgan and whispered in his ear. “Thanks for skating with me, Morgan. I’ll win it for you.”

“I know you will.” Morgan smiled.

April Vlog

Instead of my normal check-in, I did a Vlog post.  Not bad for a first timer.  What do you think?


Character Profile: Scarlet Allen


Scarlet is one of my betas, Leta’s, favorite characters, so I’m doing her profile next.  One of my favorite things about Scarlet is her wardrobe.  She’s got some very awesome themed outfits.  Anyway, enough about costume envy, the title comes from a song in the book titled “Secret Scarlet” which is written about Scarlet’s secret relationship with Master Red.


scarletScarlet Allen

“I don’t care for his…tribute, and I’d rather keep our relationship as it is.”

From:  Secret Scarlet

Character Type:  Main character

Nicknames/Alias: Lady Rose (doll name), Bella Rose (model name)

Age: Late 20′s

Eye Color: Dark blue

Hair Color: Black

Species:  Vampire

Occupation: Concert pianist, role-playing as a living doll for Master Red

Relationship Status: Contracted to Master Red

Love interest(s): Master Red and Count Duvall

Goals: To get out of the vampire lifestyle and to stop herself from falling in love with her Master

Hardships to overcome:  

  • Master Red’s unhealthy obsession with her
  • The Count’s infidelity
  • Lady’s X’s controlling ways
  • Losing her voice, and herself to her unique career choice
  • Her sister wanting to live the doll lifestyle as well
  • The contract she signed with Master Red
  • The songs in Velvet Red’s album “Secret Scarlet”


  • Submissive
  • Shy
  • Her love for the Count


  • Concert pianist
  • Professional model
  • Expert doll
  • Make-up artist


  • Playing the piano
  • Reading
  • Learning to speak Grecian
  • Role playing as a doll
  • Being Alex’s muse
  • Costume designer


SecretScarlet_MEDIf anyone else wants to participate in this little exercise, you’re welcome to.  Come on…play along and introduce me to one of your characters.  I want to meet them!

And check out Secret Scarlet at


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WIP Kiss of Fate: Ana’s Vampire


I promised a glimpse into my new WIP and here it is.  This one has a temporary title of Kiss of Fate. It’s about Elise, who’s a vampire hybrid, and her sister Anastasia, who is a wannabe vampire hunter.  The pair seems quiet odd, but it makes sense when you read the description.  At this point in the story, they are staying with a band of hunters led by Anastasia’s cousin, Erik.  You can check out the story’s info page to find out more about it and also track my progress.  Hope you enjoy the tease ;)



Anastasia woke abruptly, her eyes staring into a pair of icy blues.  Elise was straddling her hips, her nose inches from Anastasia’s.  With a quick breath, Anastasia whispered, “What?”

“I’m hungry.”  Elise then held up a small bag, shaking it playfully.

“Why are you all dressed?”  Anastasia groaned as she covered her eyes from the bright, morning light.  “It’s too damn early to be this awake.”

“Feed me.”  Elise ignored the question then bore her fangs playfully.

“I…”  Now that Elise was so close, Anastasia’s wandering eyes fell on the squished cleavage of Elise’s breasts.  From this angle, she could see right down her shirt.  “Just bite me.  I don’t feel like getting the needle out.  I’m tired.”  She turned her eyes, making a sour face.


“What do you mean, where?”  Anastasia turned to her.  “Anywhere.”

“’Kay.”  Elise unbuttoned a few of Anastasia’s top buttons, and felt her draw in a deep breath.  Anastasia was still wearing her clothes from the night before because she had been exhausted after the hunt.

Finding a spot near her shoulder, Elise bit down.  A pleasured sigh was released from Elise’s lips as she drank, her hips bending toward Anastasia’s.  Her magic washed over Anastasia, her dark brown eyes fluttering slightly.  Her breath quickened as her thick fingers slid under Elise’s sweater and took hold of Elise’s slender frame.  Anastasia’s mouth was open, her eyes shut tight as she enjoyed the pleasure of a vampire’s kiss.

“Elise?”  Erik shouted down the hallway, an annoyed tone to his voice.  “You comin’?”

Anastasia couldn’t hear his voice, but Elise could hear it clearly.  Her eyes shot open.  Ripping away, Elise shoved a folded tissue over the wound and quickly placed Anastasia’s hand over it.  “Thanks, Ana.”  She sprung from the bed, and bolted toward the door.

“Hey!”  Anastasia scrambled to sit up, her hand going to hold the tissue.  “What—?”

Elise slowed her pace as she entered the hallway.  She saw Erik leaning against the wall, texting on his phone.  He looked up when he saw her, his slow gaze moving from her boots to her sweet expression.

“I’m ready.”  She smiled, her fangs now retracted.

“’Kay.”  He chuckled, then motioned for her to follow.  “Thanks for doing errands with me.”

“Sure.”  Elise followed him down the stairs, her hands neatly folded in front of him.  “I can’t wait to see the town.”

“Elise!”  Standing at the top of the stairs, Anastasia shouted.  Her shirt was still unbuttoned, her hair messy and her eyes showing her lack of sleep.  Elise immediately turned to Anastasia’s angry eyes.  “Where are you going?”

“With me.”  Erik, on the other hand, looked wide-awake, a chipperness to his voice.  “I’m taking her to town.”  He saw the glare that was aimed at Elise.  “Come on, Lease.”  He took Elise’s hand and she turned, following him down.

Putting her hand on her head, Anastasia cursed under her breath.  She then shouted down to them again, “Wait up, I’m coming too.”

“We’ll be fine.”  Now at the ground floor, he sent a devilish grin upward.  He tapped the wood of the banister playfully.  “We’ll meet you back here at lunch.”

With a quick, very heavy breath, Anastasia watched Elise walk out of her sight.  No one was supposed to take Elise without Anastasia as an escort, especially Erik.  If Elise accidentally revealed her identity to him, they would be in a lot of trouble.  Anastasia quickly rushed back to her room and threw on her shoes.  She buttoned her shirt as she scaled the stairs.  But by the time she got outside, she saw Erik slam the door of his jeep.  He playfully waved to Anastasia when he saw her running toward the vehicle.  Instead of stopping, he continued down the lane.

“Anastasia’s a little weird, ya know?”  Erik chuckled as he turned down the radio.  He was watching Elise closely as she gazed out the window.  “Why’s she like that?”

“Like what?”  Elise turned to him, her eyes bouncing over his face quickly.  She was trying to slow herself down, and luckily the small feedings she took helped curb her magic, even though she was always starved for blood.

“Like….obsessive boyfriend with you.”

“She’s just a little weird from all this hunting stuff.”  Elise’s eyes darted over the deluxe features in Erik’s car.  He had a great sound system.  She turned up the music to distract the conversation, but he reached over and quickly turned it down.

“Like what?”

“Like killing and stuff.  She’s always protected me. And…”  Elise’s voice was soft.  “She doesn’t trust me with you.”

“Ha!”  Erik playfully slapped the wheel as he laughed.  “Really?  I didn’t notice.”

Reader Poll: The Doll Shoppe Murders


Who should be on the cover?

My next cover design will be for The Doll Shoppe Murders.  As a treat, I’m letting my fans pick which character goes on the cover.  If you’re not sure who to pick after meeting the characters, read the book’s description HERE.

Will it be the girl in the middle, Alicia?  The handsome villain, Caesar? Or the kind-hearted Levi?

Fill out the form at the end to vote :D


alicia profile





What is Caesars….: Quote from Doll Shoppe

I’m starting self-edits on Doll Shoppe today.  Super excited to read the story again.  It’s release date is August, but I need to have the edits to the publisher next month.  Are you excited?  I am :D


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