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Black Kat Puzzle Game: Morgan

Post 2/3 of the Black Kat Puzzle Game!  If you missed the original post click HERE to find out more about it and how to play.




Age: Seventeen/Eighteen

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Blond

Quick Facts:

  • His best friend is Sam Roberts.  They’ve been best friends since childhood.
  • Plays hockey for the Black Kats (previously the Eagles)
  • Has a part-time job at Tanner Construction, his father’s business.
  • He is an only child and his parents have a “relaxed parenting style”.  His mother is studying to be a doctor and lives out of state.  He lives with his father, who is a workaholic and mild alcoholic.
  •  Gwen mentions that Morgan “lives” at her house because he is always there. In that sense, he feels like her and Robby’s “older brother”.
  • He has a very animate, friendly personalty (though he tends to be selectively mean to Gwen).
  • He has the nickname “ice prick” which was given to him by some of the members of his school’s football team.

Relationship Status:

  • Dating

Love interest(s):

  • Gwen Roberts


  • To get into a good college
  • To make hockey a career
  • To go to state with the Kats
  • To avoid his feelings for Gwen

Hardships to overcome:  

  • School.  He struggles a lot and is tutored by Gwen
  • Being in love with his best friend’s little sister
  • Choosing his college next year


  • Quick temper (initiates a lot of fights)
  • Loud mouthed
  • Cocky

piece 3<<<<Puzzle Piece Two:  “Gwen”

Black Kat Puzzle Game: Sam

I have the cover art for Black Kat!  And for a fun little event to celebrate it’s unveiling, I’m doing a giveaway and a game.  Double awesome, right?

All you have to do to win is:

  • Find all three puzzle pieces in the game posts/character bios.
  • Write down the code that comes with each one. (the code will be in quotes)
  • On the day of the unveiling, comment on the unveiling post with all three correct codes to win a copy of one of my books!  Anyone with the right ones will win a free book!




Age: Eighteen/Nineteen

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Black

Quick Facts:

  • His best friend is Morgan Tanner.  They’ve been best friends since childhood.
  • Plays on the Eagles (hockey team)
  • Has a part-time job at the auto store and Tanner Construction
  • Volunteer with the Black Kats
  • Robby and Gwen’s older brother (he has older brothers that have moved out, but they aren’t in the book)

Relationship Status:

  • Dating, but not exclusive

Love interest(s):

  • Olivia
  • Hailey
  • Anne


  • To play on the Black Kats
  • To graduate

Hardships to overcome:  

  • Morgan’s success in hockey
  • Forgiving Morgan
  • An “issue” with Anne
  • His sister dating his best friend
  • School.  He is being tutored by Gwen because he’s struggling.


  • Quick temper (initiates a lot of fights)
  • Foul language
  • Womanizer
  • Overprotective of his sister

piece 1<<<<Puzzle Piece One:  “Siblings”

Trailer for Black Kat!

Check out the new book trailer for Black Kat!  I think it turned out awesome!

The Last Hero Book Trailer

Check out the new book trailer for The Last Hero!  It releases in October with SCP!

Black Kat Excerpt: Extreme Air Hockey

“So….” Gwen sighed as she grabbed the puck. She then glared at it. It was an ice hockey puck. She made a sour face as she pointed to the table. “Where’s the plastic puck?”

“What’s wrong with that one?”

“It hurts my fingers when you hit me. I want the little one.”

“It’s extreme air hockey.” Morgan laughed as he slapped his pusher against the surface of the game.

Rolling her eyes, Gwen placed the puck near her pusher. She hit it, then Morgan quickly volleyed it back at her. Like she expected, she was whacked with the hockey puck. Gwen retracted her hand, wincing as Morgan chuckled. “Extreme air hockey sucks.”

“That’s just you.”

With a firm shove, Gwen shot the puck with harder force than necessary. It slammed into his fingers curled over the side of the game table. Morgan jumped back, his hand jumping to his lips as he kissed the surface of his skin lightly.

“Actually, I kind of like it now.” She laughed as she watched his brow lower and Morgan glare at her.

Morgan slammed the puck on the table, his eyes narrowing.

Cover Reveal For The Last Hero!

Here is the cover for my October release with SCP, The Last Hero.  I love it!  It’s one of my favorite covers yet!  What do you think?

the last hero cover final

Black Kat is finished!


Woo hoo!  Black Kat is finished!  Celebrate with me!

This one got done a little earlier than I had planned on.  But….I got my interview questions back for Black Kat and I dove back into the book.  I couldn’t help it.  Hey, inspiration was totally striking.  Right now, Black Kat‘s on the table for editing and getting some fillers.


Specs on the book:

  • Currently 47k.  I want to add a little more to pump it up to 50k in editing.
  • Genre: Sports Romance, New Adult, Contemporary
  • Book Description: Gwen struggles to live up to her mother’s outrageous expectations of her as her mother pushes her daughter to pursue her dream to skate professionally.  Gwen has the talent, but her overbearing mother, and Gwen’s fear of failure, may ruin that dream.  Gwen starts a job at the rink, and her brother, Sam’s, best friend, Morgan, his first season playing for the Black Kats.  Sam’s relationship with Morgan is strained when Morgan gets into the Kats.  Sam begins to resent his friend’s new fame, something that begins to pull the boys apart.  But to make matters worse, Gwen has a crush on the newest Black Kat, despite Morgan being like her big brother, and that he and Sam have made her life hell since she was a kid.   But Morgan’s stubbornness, and her brother’s disapproval of their relationship, aren’t the only challenges that stand in her way.  She isn’t the only one with her eye on the star player of the Kats….



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