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January 2017 Updates

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I’m doing a quick update because I’ve been absent on social media for…a month (or so FB tells me lol). Usually, when I’m quiet, I’m working. I have a big to do list, so here it is.


Christian’s Kisses Series: This is my current project. I’m working on the CK prequel and editing the rest of the four books in the series. I also need to brainstorm some new titles. I hate finding titles :/ This is a gigantic project, bigger than I had thought it would. It’s a lot of new material to go through. It is turning out awesome though, so get excited 😉

bloodwarNightwalkers Series: I’m formatting an ebook collection that will include the prequel and books 1-3. I have not had time to work on Kiss of the Moon yet or Nightwalkers #4.

House of Lie’s Series: I’m sitting on this series for a bit. The first book was fully edited when I got the rights back to the series, but I’m not ready to publish it yet. So….there is no release date for the series. I’m sorry to those readers who were waiting for it’s debut last month. I’ll update you when I settle on something.


Print versions: I am formatting print versions for Secret Scarlet and Sniper.

Updating the site and my social media: I’m working on this between projects. I made some changes on the site, but plan on doing more updates. I added some more excepts, moved things around, etc, so check out the site and see what’s new.

Print Books


Most of my books are now available in paperback again. Yay! There’s only two that aren’t (Scarlet and Sniper), and I’m working on that. I will let you know when all of them are up. 🙂

November Updates

Prince (Book #1 of the House of Lies Series), which was scheduled to release next month, will not be releasing. Due to a difference of opinion with the publisher, I have asked for rights back to the series.

I’m not sure when the books will be released, but I will let you know when I have committed to something. Please, bear with me while I sort out what I’m going to do with the series.

 And, as always, if you have any questions, shoot me an email or a message, and I’ll gladly answer them. My contact info is HERE.

mysnipercover3Sniper is now available on Amazon! Yay! Click on the link and check it out!

Cover Reveal: Prince

prince-hn_sieverding-1563x2500Here is the cover for Prince, which should be releasing in December. What do you think?

If you’ve seen my trailer, it might not come as a huge surprise. I had seen the cover awhile back and found all the stock with these models to use in the trailer. 🙂


prequelscover2015Beginnings, my best selling short, is free until October 12th on Amazon, so if you haven’t gotten your copy of it, go grab one. I promise you’ll love it or your money back. LOL!

Book Trailer for Prince

Yay! I finally get to share this with you all. I’m so excited! This is the trailer for Prince, my first release with Hartwood Publishing.  It will be debuting in December  🙂