Forever Mine Excerpt

Book Description: Felicia loves a man she sees only in her dreams. Calvin. She convinces herself that Calvin is a figment of her imagination and tries to erase him from her thoughts. After her uncle dies, she sets out to conquer her biggest fear, and revisits the town her parents were killed. But this journey may not only be the key to healing a tragic event in her past, but to unlocking Calvin’s true identity as well.

“That’s a ritzy club across the street. Is it for celebrities or something?”

“It’s a private club.” Blake took a gulp of his beer. He glanced at the door then back at Felicia. “Umm—” He paused as he watched her drink. Her long hair was straightened and thick, covering some of the large logo on her shoulder. “It’s getting late. Maybe you should head back. I forgot about Blaze opening earlier on Fridays.”

“Come on.” Sandy giggled as she playfully tugged on his shirt. “It’s only ten fifteen. We can stay a little longer.”

You can stay. Felicia’s not.” He downed the rest of his bottle then motioned for Felicia to finish. “How ‘bout I hail you a cab?”

“What?” Sandy sent him a teasing smirk. “You want to get rid of your little girlfriend already?”

“Girlfriend?” Felicia took in the sarcastic expression on Sandy’s face and felt the sting of her words.

“Actually…” Blake shoved Felicia’s glass at Sandy, who shot him a nasty glare. “I’ll go back with you. It’s not fair we all get to celebrate, and you’re stuck at home.”

Felicia knew what that meant, but she agreed with a simple bob of her head.

Bill pulled on Blake’s sleeve to stop his retreat to the door. “Hey buddy, where you going?”

“Home.” Blake’s arm was around Felicia’s shoulder “I gotta go and—”

No, you’re not.” Bill grinned as he glanced at Felicia and then met Blake’s glare. “It’s Friday, remember? You got the midnight shift.”

“Take it for me.” Motioning with his eyes toward Felicia, Blake’s voice showed his annoyance. “Come on, man.”

“I can’t.” Bill shrugged his shoulders. “You’re in my group already.” He pointed at Felicia with his bottle. “I’m sure you’ll have plenty of time to fuck your girl later. She’s not going anywhere.”

“I’ll be fine.” Felicia’s voice was soft. “Don’t worry, Blake.”

“I’ll hail you a cab.” Blake sighed and sent another glare Bill’s way. “I’ll be right back, asshole.”

Blake escorted her outside. There were a few people milling about across the street. A few of the men she had seen earlier with Calvin were standing out front of the club smoking. Felicia could feel the tension between them and Blake. They didn’t seem to be out there to just smoke. They seemed to be posted there.

Blake spoke under his breath, “Fuckers.” He wrapped his arm tighter around Felicia’s shoulders as he licked his lips several times. “Hey.” Blake pushed on her chin and made her look at him. “Don’t even look at those guys, they’re vamps. Kay?”

“Kay.” She forced a smile. A big piece of her wanted to get a glimpse of Calvin again, but an ever bigger part was afraid. “But all the taxis seem to like that place better.” She pointed to Club Blaze. There were three taxis stationed out front. “Shouldn’t we—?”

“Umm…” Blake seemed very nervous. He was watching a few people come from Blaze’s private entrance. “It’ll be fine.” Giving a tight smile, he walked to the curb. He held his hand out, motioning to one of the drivers. “Hey! I need a ride over here!”

Felicia glanced at the cab, but her gaze quickly settled on a man talking to the suited ones outside Club Blaze. She moved to stand at Blake’s side, looping her arm around his. He turned to her. “Blake?” There was fear in her voice.

The blond was staring at her from across the street. He was big, his skin pale and slightly freckled. His eyes narrowed, and she could see the anger that painted his features.

“Shit…” Blake let out an annoyed sigh. “That’s Ken.” He quickly took a firmer grip on her arm and watched the taxi turn around. “He’s one of the Master’s alphas. If he’s here, the Master must have returned tonight.”

Felicia’s eyes darted over the man’s face, and she held Blake tighter. Her breath quickened with her words, her voice stressed. “He’s coming over here.”

“Get in.” Blake threw open the door of the cab and shoved Felicia inside. Blake jumped in after her and slammed the door. He spoke quickly to the driver. “Five hundred block of Benton.” He glared back at the blond man, turning his body to keep an eye out as they pulled away. But Ken was gone.

“Benton? My hotel’s on—”

“I’m staying with you tonight, after all.” Blake forced a smile as the taxi sped down the road. He glanced behind him again and saw there was now a car stalking them. He pulled out his phone and dialed. “Here we go…” he said to Felicia playfully. His hand squeezed her knee as he swallowed hard. Then the phone connected. “I got a tail, and I need a ride.” There was a short pause then Blake spoke again. “I’m on Hessleman, near the Blue Moon.”

Felicia looked out her window when they stopped at light. There was a black SUV in the next lane. The same one she had seen earlier that night. Putting her hand on the cold glass, she stared longingly at it. She wondered if he had come for her. The thought scared her, but at the same time she wanted it. She needed it.

“Calvin.” Mouthing the word, her hot breath fogged the pane slightly.

When the window of the other vehicle rolled down, she quickly turned from it. She felt so stupid for these longing thoughts. There had to be more to this bond with Calvin than she knew. She had to find out before she leapt into his arms.

“Damn.” Blake chuckled humorlessly as he glanced over. “They move fast.”

“What’s going to happen now?”

“We’re getting out.” He leaned forward and spoke loudly to the driver. “Stop here.” He tossed the man a twenty in passing. Grabbing Felicia’s hand, Blake quickly pulled her from the backseat.

The vampires had the same idea and quickly darted after them. Felicia’s wide eyes gazed back at them as Blake pulled her along. She was having a hard time keeping up with his fast pace, almost tripping several times. Her heart was pounding, the situation surreal.

She let out a shriek when two of them ripped her from Blake and drug her backward. Crying, she screamed out, her voice high-pitched and wet. Blake hopped in a green jeep parked near him, chasing after Felicia now that backup had arrived.

In the vehicle, it was easier to catch up to them. With the aid of the other hunters, Blake plucked Felicia out of her captor’s arms. The driver spun quickly and headed back in the direction they had come. More vampires had joined the chase, and the hunters were having a hard time outrunning them.

The vampires frantically grabbed at Felicia, and after a few tries, one got hold of her. She shouted to Blake and tried her best to hold on while kicking at the intruder wildly. Planting a punch on the vampire’s nose, Blake got him to release her.

He shoved her toward the middle of the backseat. There were now six vampires tailing the jeep. One was trying to de-throne the driver, the others all frantically trying to rip Felicia from the vehicle. Blake grabbed a stick from the back and started beating the vampires away. Each hit was full of malice, and after a few swift blows to their hands, Blake got two to fall back.

The hunter on the other side of Felicia was doing better. He had a gun. But unlike normal men, the vampires didn’t back away much when they were shot. They were like rabid dogs and seemed to feel no pain.

“Blake!” Felicia pointed to a SUV speeding up to them.

She moved toward the front seats, shoving her body between them. A vampire that was clinging to the back of the jeep was swiping frantically at her. He got a firm hold of her sleeve and with a tug, he had her halfway out of the jeep. Blake whacked him in the head several times, trying to get him to release her. He was aided by the hunter with the gun, who planted a few direct shots there as well. The intruder fell off the back.

“What the fuck’d you do, Sherman!” The driver was trying to fend off the vampire attacking him. “Go after the Master or something?”

“No!” Blake screamed at his friend. His face was filled with a scowl, his hands busy whacking the vampires. “He must be pissed I won tonight!” More and more seemed to be coming. They were outnumbered, and all the hunters could do was try to outrun them.

“Knock off the shit, Sherman!” The driver’s voice was stressed. He glanced quickly at the SUV, an ornate hood ornament catching the light. “Damn it! You got the fucking Master involved in this!”

At an accelerated speed, he weaved in and out of traffic. Even though the street was filled with cars and people, the vampires didn’t stop. They normally didn’t attack so publicly, but they seemed very intent on capturing Felicia.

Horns honked angrily as the hunter changed lanes several times. “I’ve never seen them so pissed! What the fuck did you do?”

Felicia shrieked when a vampire yanked on her foot. She kicked wildly at him, but he wouldn’t let up. He pulled off her shoe, and it flew into the street.



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