(CK#2) Christian’s Mate Excerpt

Addison looked around the room for a way out, but there didn’t appear to be any. She had gotten into the bathroom, but there was no exit except the door she came in.

Tiptoeing toward the door, she reached for the handle with a shaky hand. It was silent outside now, and she hoped the fight had moved away from here and she could escape. Taking a few deep breaths, she needed to prepare herself for this.

Her heart was racing, her vision fuzzy. Quickly, she turned the knob and peered out. A grotesque sight welcomed her eyes. Nicolette’s office door was open, the light from the window illuminating a few bodies that lay near it.

Blood covered the floor as it spread out from the victims and formed a small pond in the hall. She scanned the corridor, but it was silent. She had no idea where the vampires and hunters had gone. She readjusted the strap on her purse and contemplated her next move. It was a long jog to the staircase at the end of the hall, but the elevator took some time to arrive after she pressed the button.

Hearing something that sounded like footsteps in thick, gooey mud, she drew back and plastered herself against the doorframe. Someone was there and she wasn’t sure who. She heard the cautious, light steps turn into running. She had been spotted.

Though the light was minimal, she caught sight of a shadowy figure barreling toward her. She yelled, “Leave me alone!”

Before the person reached her, she slammed the door shut and locked it. Scurrying backward, she turned on her phone and used the flashlight app on it to find something she could use as a weapon.

Spinning sharply when she heard a click, she faced the door. Whoever was chasing her had a keycard and had unlocked the door. She pushed her back up against the table, her phone still in her hand and lighting up the small space around her.

She grabbed the edge of the table, her heart racing as she awaited what was to come. The man halted in the doorway and seemed to be sizing her up. From his silence, she knew he was a hunter and not one of the vampires.

“Wait,” she said quickly as she waved her hands in front of her several times. The bright light coming from her phone bounced around the room with her frantic action. “I’m not a vampire. I just work here. Just leave me alone and I won’t tell—I—”

He kicked his foot back and shut the door. She heard the lock click. This wasn’t good. She was locked in a room with a hunter—a hunter that most likely killed Callie and the other vampires.

He held a large axe, the surface of it shining as if it were encased in ice. She saw symbols inlaid in the metal, but she didn’t recognize them. This was not the ordinary hunter, and she felt a great evil radiating from him. Fear squeezed her heart, Addison feeling like she couldn’t breathe.

She rolled her shoulders inward, holding her phone with both hands as she sobbed. “Please, stop.” She studied the helmet he wore. The glass hiding his face didn’t look like normal glass. It reflected a greenish color when her flashlight hit it, kind of like the eyes of a bug.

He took a few steps closer to her. Addison kept the light on him, her hands shaking. In the light, his form became clearer. He was dressed in a light type of armor, a sparkle to the dark, form-fitting fabric that made it appear to be made of metal mesh.

His clothing looked damp, his shoes leaving a trail of blood in their wake, and his axe dripping with it. He snatched her phone, his action quick and startling her. He slammed it onto the ground, Addison hearing the phone shatter.

She opened her mouth to let out a shriek, but he covered her lips and pulled her to him. The gloves he wore were slippery, and when Addison inhaled, she took in the sharp, metallic scent of blood. She could taste it and felt like vomiting. She thrashed wildly in his arms, but he held her tightly to his chest. She could no longer see, everything around her black.

She heard his axe drop, the sound loud as the heavy metal hit the tile. He whispered in her ear, “Sleep, my sweet…” Feeling something sharp being shoved into her side, Addison tried to scream, but couldn’t. She could feel his lips hovering over her ear, his breath hot on her skin. His words grew softer as she struggled to stay awake. “…little valentine. Sleep…” She felt her legs give out, then passed out.