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My Books

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My Published Books:

The Christian’s Kisses Series

The Nightwalkers Series

The Bloodlust Prince
Secret Scarlet

Upcoming Releases:

Forever Mine: May 2014

Check Mate: April 2014

The Doll Shoppe Murders: August 2014

The Last Hero:  October 2014

My Unpublished Books:

Alexandria I: 2000
Alexandria II: 2001
Angel Blue Eyes:  2005
Armageddon’s Angel:  2001, 2007
Carter’s Curse:  2002, 2007, 2011
Castle of the Sun I- Freeing Goddess:  2003
Castle of the Sun II- The Golden Dragon:  2003
Chaos in the Skies:  2007
Death Angels: 2007
Demons and Kittens:  2007, 2011
Journey to the Black Castle:  2004, 2011
Looking For Angels:  2001
One Devil and Two Bunnies:  2004, 2005
Pursuit of the Tiger:  2005
The Firebirds:  2006, 2012
The Crystal Princess:  2004
The Last Guardian:  2007
Moon Flowers:  2011
The Black Flame Gods:  2011
The Gateway:  2012
The Heart of Valerus:  2011
Scent of a Demon:  2011
Zadane’s Angel:  2001

My WIP’s

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