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Quote from CK4

Ooo….who do you think Christian’s got pinned in this scene?

CK #1 Quote: Wonder of Nature

This is a tease from the new CK book #1, which I am still wrestling on a title for.

Remembering Zach


Me and my siblings

Me and my siblings

Last week, I had to say goodbye to my little brother (he’s the one on the far left in front). He died of a sudden heart attack two weeks ago. It’s taken me some time to cope with it, and to realize he’s not here anymore. So many times, I’ve tried to call him to ask him something. You don’t realize how much someone is a part of your life until they’re gone.

Me and Zach

Me and Zach

I made the video at the end of this post in his memory using some of the last voice mails I had from him, as well as photographs of our family.

He became my brother through adoption. He was abused so badly by his real parents, it left him with a slower mentality than others. He also had tourettes, which gave him horrible ticks that hindered his life in a lot of ways, and was something that made him a target for teasing. But he didn’t seem to mind what people thought of him and never let his disabilities hinder his outlook on life. He was a good person-giving, kind, and always willing to give everything he had to someone in need, even a stranger. Like they said in his funeral mass, he was the definition of “kindness”.

He was also a great entertainer, and loved to dress up and entertain people. He’d dress up as Santa every year and hand out candy canes to people on the street, or give presents to the kids. I remember one year he dressed as Micheal Jackson and danced on the sidewalk in front of the house. He had the creepiest mask, which made it hilarious. It makes me smile thinking of how much I laughed that day–the kind of laughter that had brought me to tears.


He was taken from us too soon, and had so much life to live yet. So many more lives to touch. I will miss the “I love you’s” after every conversation, even voice mails, and all the texts he sent me to just let me know he cared or to check in on me and my boys.

My nephews who grew up with him and were about the same age, saw him as a best friend, and the youngest ones adored him. All of the little ones wanted to hang around with uncle Zach because of his playful nature. This tragedy has been hard on all my family, and is the second huge loss for my family in the past two years (we lost my niece in 2014. There’s a picture of both of them at the end of the video), and we are having a very tough time dealing with it. But I’m not angry like some of them are. I’m sad, but not angry. Things like this happen for no reason and it’s no one’s fault. I thank God for letting him become my brother and getting the gift of his presence for as long as I did.

I love you, Zach. I hope you get to dance with Micheal and the Blue’s Brothers in heaven. I bet you guys would put on a great show. You’ll have to show me when I get there and see you again😉


Time to reveal my “secret project”….



Okay…enough teasing you all. I wasn’t going to let this out of the bag until I was finished with it, so, now that I am, I can. As you know, I’ve added two new books to my Christian’s Kisses Series, per request from my readers ;) But, on top of that, I did a HUGE makeover of the series in preparation for the release of the new books.

I was originally going to do a rewrite of the first two books to have them written in the same style as the new books. But…I ended up with a better idea. I’m adding tons of new content, and beefing up the first book to make into two separate books and redoing the second book, as well. They will all have new titles and you’ll get more detailed backgrounds on your favorite characters. That means not just two new books are being added to the series, but you’re getting FIVE ;)

Wicked awesome, right? AND, since it’s no longer contracted and has to have “sweet” romantic content, there’s going to be some hot new scenes and darker content added. Grrr! More of my baddest of all my bad boys, Christian?! Yes, please!

When I make more decisions or have new information on the series, I will let you know. Currently, I have the first two (the new versions) books done and am working on the rewrite for Seed.

Excited yet??? **Fan-girl scream**

A quote from my “secret project”

I’m working on a HUGE project, but it’s still a secret, so I can’t reveal the details yet. And this quote is not from CK 3….


Lion: A Quote From Sniper

This excerpt sums up Sniper in a few sentences. Sniper’s one of my bad boys (he’s a mobster), and if you follow my books, you know my bad boys aren’t just “bad“, they’re wicked and deadly. I can’t wait to let you meet him. I’ll post a quote from the hero in the book soon, too. I’m terrible with setting release dates, so I’ll just post when it’s up, which should be very soon.