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They’re taking a poll for next month’s issue and need some reader/writer input! If you have time, please fill out the form below with your answers. It asks for your name, but you only need to write your first name (or a made-up one if you like). And, as always,it’s completely anonymous. But we need your answers by the 4th or they won’t be entered in the poll, so hurry and enter your answers!

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I’d like some input from you! Please answer the survey questions below. You can do it anonymously, and I’d love to hear your opinions! It will also help me plan out what project I’m doing next. Thank you in advance!

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September Updates


dollshoppecoverrepub2015secondThe CK series, Doll Shoppe, Forever Mine, and Secret Scarlet are back up on Amazon. I’m still working on getting the others ready to be re-released.

I’m doing a new cover for Bloodlust, and perhaps the Nightwalker series as well. Blood Kisses is getting “revamped” (I tried to make a funny there lol) and getting lots of added content. I’m still debating a few things with The Last Hero, but when I am done with that stuff, I will have all my SCP books back up.

Whew….there’s lots of added work to do before I can release The Gateway, which is the next project to tie up after all this re-release mess.

And see the new cover for Doll Shoppe? It’s set up for a series now, and I have an outline made for the next book.  I have a lot of projects running around in my head, so it may be a while before I start it, though. Plus, I have a handsome little baby to cuddle as I enjoy the remainder of my maternity leave before having to go back to the day job.


Cover Reveal: Secret Scarlet

This new cover for Scarlet is Leta (Scarlet’s biggest fan), approved! Like it? I adore it! The girl on the original cover was not my Scarlet, so that’s why I love this version so much. Wicked awesome. The best part of designing my own books is getting exactly what I want.  <3

secret scarlet cover2

Updates and changes



a note fromsm

Yesterday, I heard upsetting news from my publisher, Secret/Sweet Cravings. They are going out of business and pulling all of their books. I loved my SCP family, so this is very sad news to me and their other fellow authors.

So, if you’re looking for one of my books with them, please be patient with me. I plan to have them back up soon. There are a few I want to tweak a bit, so they may take longer to come back than others. I will update you on their releases.

I am also planning on changing a few of the titles and tweaking some of the books a bit. I want to use this chance to revamp.

Though this is a hard thing to weigh through, I think I’m going to get some positives out of it as well. I hope to embrace the change, and to have all of my books back up and readable soon.  New and improved releases! That can be exciting, right?!

If you have any questions, concerns, or want to contact me, you know where to find me. Here’s the link to my contact info…. 

And as I said before, I will keep you updated on the re-release dates of my former SCP books.

– H.N.

Taking the Leap: Guest blogger, Paula Acton


a note fromsmPlease welcome my guest blogger, and long-time author friend, the lovely and talented, Paula Acton! If you haven’t met this lady, you should, so after you read the post, check out her links to find out more about her. Also, there might be some free stuff ahead! Now, I’ll turn it over to Paula….

 – H.N.


Taking the Leap

by Paula Acton

Disintegration & Other Stories was not supposed to be my first book, in fact six months ago it did not exist and I was on the verge of quitting writing but if you believe everything happens for a reason, then I guess there must be one somewhere.

At the end of last year my life started taking a downward path, in December my computer died wiping the short story collection I was working on and corrupting the online back up file.  I was left with half the book that I had printed out to do final edits on and no computer.  The New Years Eve saw the end of an 18 year relationship with my sons father, followed by a bout of flu that left me feeling but emotionally and physically wiped out.

Just when I thought things had to get better at the end of January my beloved Grandma passed and I sat staring at a computer screen and wrote nothing.

I could not focus, I could not bring myself to return to the book of ghost stories I had been working on, the topic was just too close to home.

Then while sorting out some files on a memory stick I came across some flash fiction pieces I had featured on my blog but had always intended to extend and do more with and Disintegration was born.

People have asked if the stories are about my break up or ones I have been through and I will confess one of them is based on my own person feelings during a break up but I will leave it to the reader to work out which one it is.  The truth is I would love to believe in the fairytale but kissing all those frogs to find the prince makes for better stories.

Disintegration helped me regain my passion for writing and I want to share it and hopefully you will enjoy it, so to give people the chance I have made the Kindle version free on Monday 31st August.




For Disintegration and Other stories:


How to connect with Paula:

Cover Art Reveal: The Gateway

the gateway banner

gatewaycoverdraft3Here is the cover art for my next release, The Gateway, which should be debuting this summer!

And, as an added bonus, head over to Amazon to download a copy of Nightwalkers’ Beginnings, which is free for today only!

The Gateway is a horror novel with a touch of romance.  I don’t really like to call it the other way around, because horror seems to be the biggest theme.

And like my other demons, Apollo has a lot of vampire tendencies as well as hellish, ghoulish ones.  He’s probably the most evil, badass villian I’ve ever created.  The book pushes it as far as horror romance goes, so that’ll either be a good or bad thing for readers. We’ll see.

I’m also pleased I got the mirrors into the design, because Stella uses them a lot in the story.  Okay, enough rambling about the book, you’ll have to read it to find out more, right?

And, check out the book’s info page to learn more about it you haven’t.  Look out for the book trailer as well, which I’ll post later this week!


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