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  • Projected Release Date: Fall 2020
  • Genre: Sports (hockey), Romance, Comedy
  • Book Blurb: When an accident takes the lives of her mother and step-father, Sophie moves to Verona to care for her half-brother, Christopher. Sophie struggles to connect with him, but can’t find common ground.Obsessed with anything hockey, its Christopher’s greatest passion and the one thing that will help her get closer to him. She finds an ally in Firebird Callahan, the loud-mouthed winger for the Verona Wolves. Not only does Callahan school her on hockey, he gives her the cringe-worthy nickname of Mistletoe.


Apocalypse: Apollo’s Mission #1

  • Projected Release Date: N/A
  • Genre: Sci-fi, Adventure, Paranormal, Romance
  • Book Blurb: Atlas Apollo, the lead singer of Apollo’s Mission, has a near-death experience after he collapses at a concert. He dreams of the Void, an endless desert filled with monsters and hidden portals to other worlds. Before he finds out more of its secrets, he’s revived and kicked back to reality.He becomes obsessed with proving the Void is real and finding a way back in. His bandmates think he’s nuts until the doomsday cult, Apocalypse, crashes a concert and tries to kidnap Atlas. It soon becomes clear that Atlas has a deeper connection to the Void than he knows and Apocalypse will stop at nothing to catch him.

    Apollo’s Mission soon changes from pursuing superstardom to saving the world.


Christian’s Shadow (Christian’s Kisses Book #5)

  • Projected Release Date: N/A
  • Genre: Dark Paranormal Romance, Horror
  • Book Blurb: After the death of the great Monroe, no other hunter challenged Christian and his family of vampires. That is until Shadow, a black-winged demon emerges. Backed by his army of undead, he is an unbeatable foe and Christian struggles to fight him off. This is the greatest rival Christian has faced and could be his last.


Christian’s Hunt (CK#4) Cover Reveal and Release Date

Christian’s Kisses Book #4: Christian’s Hunt



You radiate beauty like the sun does light. You steal my breath and still my heart.”

-Christian Vallore


Release Date: November 4th 2019

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Horror, Contemporary Romance

WC: 65.7K

Book Description:

Monroe is love with the wife of his greatest enemy, Master Vampire, Christian Vallore. When Monroe stumbles upon a “cure” to turn vampires human, he kidnaps her and turns her against her will. Will this be the wake-up call she needs to switch sides? Or will Monroe’s obsession with her lead to his death?

Click HERE to read an excerpt

Cover Reveal for Christian’s Secret (Christian’s Kisses Book #3)

Christian’s Kisses Book #3: Christian’s Secret

Tentative Release Date: Summer 2018

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Horror, Contemporary Romance

Book Description:

Monroe, a vampire hunter, is obsessed with finding a missing artist who he believes is an Oracle for the House. He knows Master Vallore wants to turn her into a vampire and Monroe wants to find her before that happens.

But Master Vallore has a secret. He knows where she is and he’d do anything to protect her from Monroe and the House.


Giveaway Contest

Christain’s Mate is out! And what better thing to give away than a book (Christian loves books by the way) in honor of the book releasing? I thought so, too 😉


The prize: A signed copy of one of my books or an ebook version of one of my books. There is a list of my books here >>>

To win, answer the following questions and send your answers to me. You can enter as many times as you want, and I won’t use your email/info for anything other than contacting you if you are a winner. I will choose a winner at random on 10.31.17.


1. Who is your favorite villain?

2. Which book do you want to win? If you don’t have a preference, I can pick for you, too. Also, specify if you’d like an ebook or printed version if you win. It seems most people like ebooks, so I made it an option to choose.

And that’s it! Just answer the questions and send them to me. I will pick a winner on Halloween.

You can contact me via email, FB or Twitter. Here are the links to my social media sites.



Twitter: @hnsieverding

Good luck!

Cover Reveal: Christian’s Mate

Here is the cover for Christian’s Kisses #2, Christian’s Mate!


Book Description: When someone close to her gets put on the vampire’s hit list, Addison would do anything to save them—even make a deal with vampires.

She sets out to find Master Vallore, the leader of the vampires, and convince him to pardon someone on the list.

Release Date: When I have a date, I’ll post it.