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Verona Wolves: Firebird Series

  • Projected Release Date: September 2020
  • Genre: Sports (hockey), Romance, Comedy
  • Book Blurb: When an accident takes the lives of her mother and step-father, Sophie moves to Verona to care for her brother, Christopher. Sophie struggles to connect with him, but can’t find common ground. Obsessed with anything hockey, its Christopher’s greatest passion and the one thing that will help her get closer to him. She finds an ally in Firebird Callahan, the loud-mouthed winger for the Verona Wolves. Not only does Callahan school her on hockey, he gives her the cringe-worthy nickname of Mistletoe.


Apocalypse: Apollo’s Mission #1

  • Projected Release Date: N/A
  • Genre: Sci-fi, Adventure, Paranormal, Romance
  • Book Blurb: Atlas Apollo, the lead singer of Apollo’s Mission, has a near-death experience after he collapses at a concert. He dreams of the Void, an endless desert filled with monsters and hidden portals to other worlds. Before he finds out more of its secrets, he’s revived and kicked back to reality.He becomes obsessed with proving the Void is real and finding a way back in. His bandmates think he’s nuts until the doomsday cult, Apocalypse, crashes a concert and tries to kidnap Atlas. It soon becomes clear that Atlas has a deeper connection to the Void than he knows and Apocalypse will stop at nothing to catch him.Apollo’s Mission soon changes from pursuing superstardom to saving the world.


Christian’s Shadow (Christian’s Kisses Book #5)

  • Projected Release Date: N/A
  • Genre: Dark Paranormal Romance, Horror
  • Book Blurb: After the death of the great Monroe, no other hunter challenged Christian and his family of vampires. That is until Shadow, a black-winged demon emerges. Backed by his army of undead, he is an unbeatable foe and Christian struggles to fight him off. This is the greatest rival Christian has faced and could be his last.


Verona Wolves Cover Reveal and Release Date

wolves banner

I’m excited to introduce Verona Wolves, my September release! Fans of Black Kat begged me for another hockey novel, so here it is!

Verona Wolves is a Sport’s Comedy, so it’s nothing heavy like my horror/romance series like CK and Nightwalkers. But unlike Black Kat, this series has cruder humor and comes with a warning label in the blurb. There is A LOT of swear words and dirty jokes in it, so I felt it necessary. But it has the same light mood as Black Kat.

Check out the book’s new Facebook page and give it a like or follow to keep up to date on the book/series. I stuck teaser quotes up on its page, so go here to check those out. –>

Below are the blurb and specs for the book. There’s a sequel, but we’ll throw that one’s name out there after this wolf gets its claws in.

Verona Wolves: Firebird Series Book #1


  • Release Date: September 1st, 2020
  • Genre: Sports (hockey), Comedy
  • Word Count: 68 K
  • Book Blurb: (Warning: Contains profanity, crude humor, and adult situations) When an accident takes the lives of her mother and step-father, Sophie moves to Verona to care for her brother, Christopher. Sophie struggles to connect with him, but can’t find common ground. Obsessed with anything hockey, its Christopher’s greatest passion and will help her get closer to him. She finds an ally in Firebird Callahan, the loud-mouthed center for the Verona Wolves. Not only does Callahan school her on hockey, he gives her the cringe-worthy nickname, Mistletoe.

In the beginning, I referred to this project as “Mistletoe”, and it was supposed to be a novella. I changed the storyline in the spring and rewrote it into a series. The temporary title didn’t fit, so I went with Callahan’s team name, the Verona Wolves. FYI: Mistletoe is the nickname Callahan gives Sophie after she falls for his mistletoe prank. The other Wolves call her that, though they shorten it to “Missy”.

Below is an excerpt from the book. I picked a tame one from the beginning to introduce the series. There are better ones, but you must buy the book to read those. Check out the series Facebook page to see teaser quotes from Verona Wolves.


“Just so you know,” he gave his answer with a chuckle. “All the city stuff is at the rink across the street.” He pointed to his right. “This is the Wolves arena, so technically, you’re not supposed to be in here. I don’t even know how you got in here without a key.”

-Hunter “Firebird” Callahan

Verona Wolves Ice Arena

When Sophie opened the door to the main arena, she peeked inside. They dimmed the lights, and a Zamboni made runs over the ice. Massive, the stands held thousands, and they covered the walls with screens and advertisements.

Sighing, she realized this wasn’t the place. This was the arena for the Verona Wolves, the national league team in the city. Annoyed with herself, she backtracked. There must be a hallway leading to the public rink. The ramp’s directions led her here and there wasn’t another rink on the street, so it was close.

Frustrated and fretting about not getting to Christopher in time, she trotted through the halls searching for it. Weighted down, she toted a bag with her tablet and work materials in it, a zip-up hoodie over her arm, and Christopher’s hockey stick.

She wore Christopher’s Pup’s T-shirt, but it was tighter than she predicted, and her amble breasts stretched the logo. The long necklaces and bangles she wore didn’t match her casual shirt, and either did her black jeggings and tall boots.

When she fled the house, she took off her blouse and forced the tee over her tank. It was a splendid idea to cheer him on, but now she wished she didn’t do it. She looked silly.

Her phone sounded off with a text. Sophie tucked the stick under her arm to read the note from her boss. Distracted, her attention glued to her cell as she typed and walked to her destination. After banging into the wall a few times, she paused near an intersection to complete it.

Annoyed, Sophie tried to finish fast and concentrate on finding Christopher. She didn’t have time for this, and it showed in her stiff jaw and thinned lips.

A man dashed around the corner and knocked into her. The impact slammed her into the concrete wall. Shrieking when she landed on her brother’s stick, Sophie’s back burned. She gritted her teeth as she hissed, pain running down her spine. She dropped the stick and it fell to the floor.

The man startled and ripped off his headphones. He held a phone, and it appeared to be an accident. “Fuck, I’m sorry. I didn’t see you.” Apologetic, he spoke with a quick tongue. He slung a duffle bag over his shoulder and wore a tight black long-sleeved shirt and loose track pants. “You all right?” He shoved his earphones and cell into his sack.

“What are you composed of? Concrete?” Sophie pressed her lips together, her jaw rigid as she groaned and rubbed her back. She spoke under her breath in Italian, “Hard as rock.” As she readjusted the strap on her bag over her shoulder, she checked the floor for the stick.

“Shit, I’m told.” He smoothed his wet reddish-blond hair as he sought to make a joke. When she went for the stick, he swept it up before she did.

“Must be coprolite, because it really hurt,” she replied in a whiney tone as she ripped the hockey stick from him with a swift hand.

“Corpro what?” Still in a stupor, he gawked at her with a vacant expression.


Christian’s Hunt (CK#4) Cover Reveal and Release Date

Christian’s Kisses Book #4: Christian’s Hunt



You radiate beauty like the sun does light. You steal my breath and still my heart.”

-Christian Vallore


Release Date: November 4th 2019

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Horror, Contemporary Romance

WC: 65.7K

Book Description:

Monroe is love with the wife of his greatest enemy, Master Vampire, Christian Vallore. When Monroe stumbles upon a “cure” to turn vampires human, he kidnaps her and turns her against her will. Will this be the wake-up call she needs to switch sides? Or will Monroe’s obsession with her lead to his death?

Click HERE to read an excerpt

Cover Reveal for Christian’s Secret (Christian’s Kisses Book #3)

Christian’s Kisses Book #3: Christian’s Secret

Tentative Release Date: Summer 2018

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Horror, Contemporary Romance

Book Description:

Monroe, a vampire hunter, is obsessed with finding a missing artist who he believes is an Oracle for the House. He knows Master Vallore wants to turn her into a vampire and Monroe wants to find her before that happens.

But Master Vallore has a secret. He knows where she is and he’d do anything to protect her from Monroe and the House.


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Christain’s Mate is out! And what better thing to give away than a book (Christian loves books by the way) in honor of the book releasing? I thought so, too 😉


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