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Update on my series and WIP’s


I need to quickly address some things, so you’re getting a second July update. I’ve been getting a few emails asking about Nightwalkers, so I’m going to address the plans for the series, as well as some of my other WIPs.

I plan on releasing these books in the near future. If one of my stories isn’t on this list, then it’s not on the list for edits or potential publication. They are listed in the order I hope to get to them. Of course, things may change, but this is where they stand in order as of now.


Lie’s Prince and Lie’s King:

These books have been recently contracted to Hartwood Publishing, so they should be my next books released. They are my top priority at the moment. I will give you more information about those books, like release dates, etc, when I get them.


ck1Christian’s Kisses Books 3 and 4:

Both of these books are written, but I’m still debating on whether they will be a part 1 or Part 2 type of thing. They are the same continuous story, so they have to be read together. CK 3 and 4 are more intense than the first two books and written in a slightly different style, so that’s a bit of a change.


foreverblackNightwalkers Book 4 and it’s spin-off book, Kiss of the Moon:

Nightwalkers 4 is roughly outlined, but I’m not giving away any details about it yet. If you read the ending of Blood War (book 3), you may already guess some of the issues that will arise in Book 4.

The spin off book, Kiss of the Moon will follow the “past” love story of the Count and Countess. It will take all the flashbacks in the books, put them in order, and fill in the rest of the story that you haven’t seen. It will be set in medieval times, so it will not be a contemporary romance like the rest of the books in the series.


This is my sports romance. It’s currently completed as a short story, but I want to make it a full novel. So yes, to all my hockey lovers, I’ll be releasing another sport’s romance in the future.


dollshoppecoverrepub2016noAlso, keep in mind that CK and Nightwalkers are no longer contracted to a publisher. That means I have to go the self-publishing route with the next books in the series. So, it will take more time to get them out because of that.

I am planning on formatting some of my published books for print, also. When I do, I will start with Nightwalkers. So, if you’re looking for a paper back version of one of my books, I should have them available sometime in the near future.

And just a heads up, I know they are listed as having paperback versions on Amazon already, but they those books aren’t available anymore. Those are the SCP versions of the books and were taken down when I got the rights back to the books.

And I’m sure if you nudged me a bit, you’d get them faster. There hasn’t really been a need to go to paperback, so I haven’t done it yet. But…if I know there is, I will get them out faster. So, let me know if there’s one you want and I’ll make it a priority😉

If you have any other questions, feel free to shoot me an email and I’d be glad to answer it. I love talking to fans, so I’ll try to answer your questions to the best of my ability. I also have a FB profile, so if you want to see my daily status’, etc, go look me up and friend me. I’m the pretty girl with the Nightwalkers banner😉 Ha ha, yeah…I actually caved and put a real photo up. And I promised to be more active on social media, so I’ve been on there quite frequently lately.

Here’s a link to my contact info if you need to contact me:

A-Z Interview


I did this little quiz on Facebook, so I decided to post it here, too. In case you guys follow me or something and would be interested in reading my answers😉

A- Age: You’re asking a woman her age? Seriously?

B- Biggest fear: Public speaking

C- Current time: 7:30 am

D- Drink you last had: Coffee!

E- Every day Starts with: Diapers and bottles with my little Tank, and my seven year old being WAY too awake, and COFFEE. I get mean when I don’t have my coffee.

F- Favorite band: My Darkest Days

H- Hometown: Dubuque, Iowa

I- In love?: Always😉

J- Jealous of: Girls hotter than me

K- Killed someone? Only in books?

L- Last time you cried? Probably last week when I was writing. I cry easy.

M- Middle name: Nicole

N- Number of siblings: 6

O- One wish: That I’d sell enough books to never have to have a “real” job

P- Person you last texted: Lindsay Downs

Q- Question you’re always asked: When are you going to get married?:/

R- Reason to smile: My babies. I love my babies❤

S- Song last sang: “Castle of Glass” with my little boy. He’s a Linkin Park fan like Mama. *score*

T- Time you woke up: 5:30 am. Thanks, little Tank.

U- Underwear color: Underwear??? What underwear??? Lol….

V- Vacation destination: I’m a mom, so I don’t get to pick. So, Disney.

W- Worst habit: Obsessing over things when I shouldn’t.

X- X-Rays you’ve had: This is a stupid question and I’m not answering it. X-ray-did.

Y- Your favorite food: Krispy Treats

Z- Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Quote: Tell me how much you want me?

This quote comes from a naughty scene in Blood Kisses (which I’m not going to post an excerpt of), but I liked the quote so I edited out the “action” and shared it.

And remember, Blood Kisses Revamped is out! So make sure you pick it up so you can see the “action” I’m talking about in this scene ;)


Beginnings is Free until July 22nd!

Even though this short is “free” for Blood Kisses Revamped‘s release week, it’s still always neat to see it on a best seller’s list. It will be free until Friday, so go download it if you haven’t yet.


Blood Kisses Quote: I’m Victoria Allure

In celebration for release of Blood Kisses Revamped, it’s going to be Nightwalkers quote week! And though this is not a sweet quote from Drake, it’s one of my favorite quotes from Blood Kisses. At this point, I wanted to clobber Spencer too lol.


Beginnings is Free!

prequelscover2015In celebration of the release of Blood Kisses Revamped, I’m making Beginnings, the prequel to the series, free on Amazon! The promotion runs July 18-22. If you don’t have a copy of Beginnings, go pick one up this week!


Buy Link:

I.O.W.A. book signing event


IMG_1995-002I went to the I.O.W.A (Imagine Other Worlds with Authors) event yesterday in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I originally went to see a friend (Author Tricia Andersen), but also wanted to see the other authors.

The only issue I had with it was that it was hard to find the authors because they were so scattered. I think they could’ve benefited to having their very own area where they all congregated. Otherwise, it was an nice little event and I had fun attending.

While there, I also got to see my biggest, and most in-depth design I ever did, too. It was the life-size poster of Max from Breaking the Cycle. Though the books in the series now have new covers, Tricia put it up at the event so I could see it. I thought that was sweet of her.

Very neat thing to see my design in the “flesh”. This design was my hardest to date. A lot of  work went into this design because it lost a lot of detail when blown up. I think I repainted/blended every inch of that man by hand in PS. So, it’s actually a digital painting, which is why it turned out with such a painterly effect.  I think if anyone else but Tricia asked me to do a project like this, I would’ve said no.

Anyway, gripes aside, I’m attached to the design because of all the added work that went into it. If she ever has to ditch it because of it’s new cover, I’ll take it. Though….I’m sure the cover model we used for it might “fight” me for it. Yeah…sorry, bad MMA joke.


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