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Ask An Author: How do you deal with bad reviews?


This is the first of my “Ask An Author” posts.  Today, I’ve asked my panel of published authors the question, “How do you deal with bad reviews?”. If you’re an author and want to participate, too, feel free to leave your answer in the comment section. We’d love to hear it!


The Answers


my lady valentine med

“Shrug my shoulders and continue to be a better writer. A review, even from a professional reviewer is an opinion. Everyone is entitled to theirs even if it disagrees with yours and other reviews.”

– Lindsay Downs


“I’ve come to realize the only way to deal with bad reviews is not to read them. (Something else that’s easier said than done). If that doesn’t work: ice cream or chocolate.”

– S.L. Stacy




“First, evaluate if the reviewer has a point.  We’ve all read things we didn’t like.  If that can be true for us, then it can be true for others who read what we’ve written.  Learn from bad reviews, provided you have fairly evaluated if they are correct or at least logical.  Also, keep in mind that in order for someone to give you a bad review, they must have read your work.  That’s a positive.  And don’t be afraid to reach out to that person and thank them for reading and reading carefully.  Invite them to share any further reviews, positive or negative, with you personally.  It’ll make it more likely they’ll read more of what you’ve written.”

-Decker Schutt




“I vent to friends, treat myself (usually a cupcake), then try to learn from it.”

-Tricia Andersen






“I used to read them, but now I’ve found its better just to NOT read them. But if I do accidentally read a bad one, I usually read it fifty times, cry, then want to quit writing for the night. I’ll get over it by getting a hug (or kiss) from someone who listens to me vent about it, and I go back to writing the next day.”

-H.N. Sieverding



“I have been lucky so far in one way by not having bad public reviews, but then again it is hard to actually get any reviews these days without paying lol. I think you have to learn to ignore trolls, do not reply to them but take any constructive criticism on board and learn from it.”

-Paula Acton



Meet the Authors

Forever Black Quote

Lots of “Forever Black” quotes in Forever Black lol. This is one of them. Forever Black‘s title actually sprouted from the quote “Forever is black WITH you” but this one’s good, too.

Check out Forever Black here:

Tattoo Quote: Black Irish

tattoosI saw this quote the other day and it made me chuckle, so I had to share. It’s an excerpt from Tricia Andersen’s, Black Irish. I wish I could’ve thought of the line. It’s so awesome! I think me and the author think alike. Must be why we’re besties ;)

And did she place the quote there for a “specific” reason? Go check out the book and find out!




Check out the book here:

Author Quote


People often ask me where I got my author’s quote. It’s from one of my books, Forever Black, so “I” didn’t technically say it, one of my characters did. So, I’ll share the bit it came from. Though, I always liked the emerald-eyed snake part the best. Probably because I know the characters, and it makes me laugh thinking of how Drake would say that line out loud. Especially, since he hates Ashliegh’s Nightwalker novels and abores her character, Nicolas (Nicolas is the emerald-eyed snake he’s referring to).


Google Famous

As an author, I google myself a lot. Mostly to catch people/sites stealing my books, which unfortunately happens WAY too much. And, since I’m trying to post everyday, here’s a fun gem to share with you.

I’m Google famous!

Ha ha, though, I’m not sure how I did it.  It’s quite amusing. Both of these books have new covers, and Doll Shoppe has a new name because it’s now the first in a planned series called, The Trouble with Sweet Hearts.

googlebloodlust googledollshoppe


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