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mysnipercover3Sniper is now available on Amazon! Yay! Click on the link and check it out!

Cover Reveal: Prince

prince-hn_sieverding-1563x2500Here is the cover for Prince, which should be releasing in December. What do you think?

If you’ve seen my trailer, it might not come as a huge¬†surprise. I had seen the cover awhile back and found all the stock with these models to use in the trailer.ūüôā


prequelscover2015Beginnings, my best selling short, is free until October 12th on Amazon, so if you haven’t gotten your copy of it, go grab one. I promise you’ll love it or your money back. LOL!

Book Trailer for Prince

Yay! I finally get to share this with you all. I’m so excited! This is the trailer for Prince, my first¬†release with Hartwood Publishing. ¬†It will¬†be debuting in December ¬†:)

Quote from CK4

Ooo….who do you think Christian’s got pinned in this scene?

CK #1 Quote: Wonder of Nature

This is a tease from the new CK book #1, which I am still wrestling on a title for.

Time to reveal my “secret project”….



Okay…enough teasing you all. I wasn’t going to let this out of the bag until I was finished with it, so, now that I am, I can. As you know, I’ve added two new books to my Christian’s Kisses Series, per request from my readers ;)¬†But, on top of that, I did¬†a HUGE makeover of¬†the series in preparation for the release of the new books.

I was originally going to do a rewrite of the first two books to have them written in¬†the same¬†style as¬†the new books. But…I ended up with a better idea. I’m adding¬†tons of¬†new content, and¬†beefing up¬†the first book to make into two separate books and redoing the second book, as well. They will all have new titles and you’ll get more detailed backgrounds on your favorite characters. That means not just two new books are being added to the series, but you’re getting FIVE¬†;)

Wicked awesome, right? AND, since it’s no longer contracted and has to have “sweet” romantic content, there’s going to be some hot new scenes and¬†darker content added. Grrr! More of¬†my baddest of all my bad boys,¬†Christian?! Yes, please!

When I make more decisions or have new information on the series, I will let you know. Currently, I have the first two (the new versions) books done and am working on the rewrite for Seed.

Excited yet??? **Fan-girl scream**