Apocalypse (Apollo’s Mission #1) 

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Apocalypse (Apollo’s Mission #1) 


Atlas Apollo, one of the founders of the rock band, Apollo’s Mission, has a near-death experience after he collapses at a concert. He dreams of the Void, a dark desert filled with monsters and secret portals. Before he finds out more of its secrets, he’s revived and kicked back to reality.

He becomes obsessed with proving the Void is a real place. He gets his chance when the doomsday cult, Apocalypse, shows up and commits mass murders in the name of their dark god.

Atlas believes they are aliens and have ties to the Void. His bandmates think his theory is nuts until the band becomes Apocalypse’s next target.

Apollo’s Mission soon changes from pursuing superstardom to saving the world.



“This place is like a bad movie I can’t escape—except I’m not the dude who knows how to…” He held up his hands and wiggled his fingers wildly. “Do ju-dizzy-do, or smoke monsters with my bad-ass gun skills. None of my talents will help me survive on an alien warship….(omited section)…..I feel like the hot blonde that’s in the movie to show off her big-ass tits, then ten minutes in…” He held up his hands, his fingers curled as he strangled the air between them. “She’s sliced up with some mother-fucking alien ray-gun.”

-Malachi (Apollo’s Mission’s bassist)



  • New Adult
  • Sci-fi
  • Adventure
  • Suspense


  • Book #1 of the Apollo’s Mission Series


  • In edits