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CK #1 Quote: Wonder of Nature

This is a tease from the new CK book #1, which I am still wrestling on a title for.

Poll: Preview of Christian’s Kisses: Shadow

ckInitiation2015Since I’ve had a few people asking me for this, I’ll be putting up an excerpt from the newest novel in my Christian’s Kisses’ series, Shadow.

Christian’s Kisses has some dedicated followers (thanks for the love, me and Christian are lapping it up.)  And I’m super psyched that you’re so excited for it’s release. But…it’s still a rough draft, so you might be waiting a while lol.

On a poll I posted (I think it was this spring?), it was the series that most people voted to have another book for, Nightwalkers coming in second.  And the margin was pretty one sided in favor of Christian, which I wasn’t expecting.

You all wanted it, so I wrote it. See how that works? Butter up one of your favorite authors, and she’ll write a new book for one of your favorite series.

Hopefully, this little tease will keep you going until the book comes out. Ha ha, or Christian will tease you too much and you’ll want to clobber me.

I thought it’d be fun to do a poll on what kind of excerpt I will post. Because I will only post one……

Add your vote in the box below to pick how you like to be teased 😉


Quote: Tell me how much you want me?

This quote comes from a naughty scene in Blood Kisses (which I’m not going to post an excerpt of), but I liked the quote so I edited out the “action” and shared it.

And remember, Blood Kisses Revamped is out! So make sure you pick it up so you can see the “action” I’m talking about in this scene 😉


Beginnings is Free!

prequelscover2015In celebration of the release of Blood Kisses Revamped, I’m making Beginnings, the prequel to the series, free on Amazon! The promotion runs July 18-22. If you don’t have a copy of Beginnings, go pick one up this week!


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May 2016 Check-In

the gateway banner2

I’ve been a little quiet on the blogging front lately, so thanks to those of you who dropped in to see how I was doing. For the rest of you, here’s a quick update 🙂

dollshoppecoverrepub2016noMy current writing goals:

  • Get all my published books available for sale on Smashwords. My contract with Kindle Unlimited finally expired (thank god). These books will include, Forever Mine, the CK series, The Gateway, Doll Shoppe Murders and Black Kat. Bloodlust and The Last Hero are already on there.

  • Get some book sets put together and available for purchase. I’m also planning on putting out a few “special editions” of my books that will include bonus content and commentary from the author (me).

  • I have Lie’s Prince, my most recent finished novel, out in query land right now. Most likely, Lie’s Prince will be my next new book out.

  • I was thinking of doing a rewrite of the CK series, but I decided against it. I want to keep it the way it is. I’m still working on book 3 in the series, which will feature new characters, including, Michael, Christian and Addison’s son. I updated the blurb for the book today, so if you want to find out more about the plot, go check that out HERE.

  • I’m planning something new for the Nightwalkers series, so it’s unavailable at this time. I will post an update on what’s happening with the series at a later date. Sorry for that :/

And to those of you who haven’t gotten your copy of my latest book, The Gateway, go grab a copy!


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Forever Black Quote

Lots of “Forever Black” quotes in Forever Black lol. This is one of them. Forever Black‘s title actually sprouted from the quote “Forever is black WITH you” but this one’s good, too.

Check out Forever Black here:

Author Quote


People often ask me where I got my author’s quote. It’s from one of my books, Forever Black, so “I” didn’t technically say it, one of my characters did. So, I’ll share the bit it came from. Though, I always liked the emerald-eyed snake part the best. Probably because I know the characters, and it makes me laugh thinking of how Drake would say that line out loud. Especially, since he hates Ashliegh’s Nightwalker novels and abores her character, Nicolas (Nicolas is the emerald-eyed snake he’s referring to).