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Checking In…

The final chapter of Christian’s Kisses will be posted on the first of May.

I will be out of town (super yea!) and will not be on here much in the next week but the Christian’s Kisses Chapters are scheduled to be posted automatically everyday.

I just want to say I LOVE all the feedback I’ve been getting on the story and it has been very helpful.  Thanks to everyone for leaving comments on the chapters I’ve posted! I am very thankful for all the help you’ve given me with the editing process.

And because posting an entire book on here has been helpful I am thinking about posting another.

If there’s one you like to read/give me feedback on just shoot me a comment at the end of the post.  They all need some TLC in some way so it doesn’t matter which one you choose.  There’s a list of my books and summaries of them here.  If there are no suggestions I will pick one at random to do but don’t make me do that… requires too much thinking.


Did you seriously just ask me that?!

Has anyone made a comment about your writing/book that left you scratching your head or made you fume?


Here’s a list of the worst questions/suggestions people have given me about my books. Keep in mind these are not from people who have read an entire book of mine but just a chapter or two or just glanced a the cover.

  • About Armaggedon’s Angel:  Is this a book about spirituality?
  • About Armaggedon’s Angel:  Zohren seems really racist.  He’s mean.  You should make him nice.
  • About The Bloodlust Prince:  You should try to come up with an orginal idea instead of copying Stephanie Meyer.  Find an original story idea about vampires.  (Okay….there are no vampires in the book but thanks!)
  • About The Bloodlust Prince:  This book is very violent, I don’t like it.
  • Carter’s Curse:  These characters are horrible people.  No one wants to read about them, they are very offensive.
  • Carter’s Curse: These people would never be friends in real life, they all hate each other.
  • The Firebirds:  Where are the Firebirds in this book?  I only see people in this passage.  (The Firebirds are angels, not birds)


Stupid questions I’ve been asked about my books or myself as a writer. 

  • >You write fantasy so you like to make stuff up about people?
  • >What’s a fantasy novel?
  • >How do you think up all these titles?
  • >How do you a write book?
  • >How do you have time to write a book?
  • >You can write a book?  I didn’t take you as that kind of person.
  • >Wow, you wrote a book.  You must be smart.
  • >Is your book good?


Questions I have no idea how to answer.

  • What author’s writing style is most like your own?  (Umm…my own??)
  • What are you doing still working here if you’re written books?  You should be rich by now, right? (No, I’m not that awesome…yet.)
  • Where did you come up with the idea for this book/character? (I can’t remember exactly but it came to me when I was folding the laundry…I think.)
  • What’s your ‘goal’ as a writer?  (To write?)

Has anyone ever asked you a dumb question about your writing/book?  If so please share…