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Intro to Apollo’s Mission

Throw some rock stars into a heart-pounding race to stop doomsday, all while trying to outrun bloodthirsty aliens and avoid getting lost in the Void, and you have…..

Apollo’s Mission. 

Info on Apollo’s Mission

Book Blurb:

Apollo’s Mission, a popular rock band, is at their height. Their only trouble is keeping up with a grueling touring schedule and warding off obsessive fans. But that all changes when they cross paths with Apocalypse, a religious-based terrorist group.

After being kidnapped by Apocolypse, one of the band members wakes up on their ship. While trying to escape, he stumbles upon Apocalypse’s “secret weapon” and flees with it. This throws he, and his bandmates,  into a bloody fight with Apocalypse that they aren’t prepared for. Apollo’s mission quickly changes from achieving superstardom to saving their asses, and the world’s.


  • Sci-fi, Adventure, Suspense, Horror

Time Period:

  • Modern day/Contemporary


  • Finished. In self-edits


  • 52 K (the final version may vary slightly from this)


Extra info about the book:

  • Apollo’s Mission was founded by three members, Atlas, Malachi, and Drew, who’ve been friends since childhood.
  • Apollo’s Mission is named after it’s frontman, Atlas Apollo.
  • There is a romantic thread in the storyline. Her name is Diana.
  • Apocolypse is run by the followers of Io, who believe he will wake and bring about the apocalypse. They claim their followers will be the only ones saved when judgment day comes.
  • The leaders of the Apocalypse are undead aliens. Not zombies. Undead.
  • Io is a real person, and is actually “asleep”….well….kind of.
  • There’s a place called the Void in the book.  It’s a cross between the underworld, a wormhole, and a black hole. Live things don’t survive in there and bad things hide in it. Malachi is terrified of it, Atlas is fascinated by it. Drew never goes near it lol.
  • I don’t know when this book will be released. I will give updates when I have them.
  • Lastly, thanks to Rich for helping me brainstorm some names to use in the story. You’re always such a good help. You’re awesome 😉

Excerpt from Apollo’s Mission:

As if sedated, she felt tingly, pins and needles tapping at every inch of her skin. She didn’t know how she got here, and the last thing she remembered was passing out at the concert. Everything after that was fuzzy.

It felt like a metal bar was resting against her chest, someone holding her from behind. They had a large frame that resembled a man’s. He held her in a lover’s embrace, his hands cupping her breasts. But…he felt cold. Like a block of ice.

Like a corpse.

Her fear drove her to move, and she mustered a burst of strength. As if she had broken the chains that bound her to sleep, she inhaled deeply and struggled to fill her empty chest. Near her head, a vent pumped dry air into the room. The flow was cold, like the kiss of the winter wind. It felt like she was encased in a freezer, and there was no moisture here.

The darkness around her was thick and she couldn’t see anything. She was in an enclosed space and sensed the walls closing in on her. She wore a tight body suit, the fabric slick to the touch. It wasn’t enough to keep out the cold and she was shivering, her body feeling heavy and partially frozen.

Her mind raced, but she couldn’t feel her heart running with it. It was still, not a single beat pumping blood through her body. She attempted to squeeze out tears to relieve her stinging eyes, but she couldn’t conjure any, and no matter how hard she swallowed, she couldn’t relieve her scratchy throat.

She tried to shake off the other body connected to hers, but it felt like his muscles were tightened—perchance frozen. Shoving her bottom into his hips, she tried to get enough leverage to wiggle loose, but it didn’t break his death grip.

She patted the ceiling and walls to get a sense of where she was. And the verdict wasn’t good. She was trapped in a box of smooth metal.

Like a coffin.

She screamed out, but only a squeak was emitted. Pushing on the top of the container, she tried to move it, but it wouldn’t budge. She panicked, thrashing wildly, and her mouth opening wide as she tried to push out a scream. Pounding with her fists and kicking upward with her feet on the top of the box, she attempted to force it open.

So, that’s a preview of Apollo’s Mission! Are you excited?!

If you have any questions about the book, shoot me an email and I’d be happy to answer it for you. We can discuss the mysteries of the Void. It’ll be fun. My contact info is HERE.


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Giveaway Contest

Christain’s Mate is out! And what better thing to give away than a book (Christian loves books by the way) in honor of the book releasing? I thought so, too 😉


The prize: A signed copy of one of my books or an ebook version of one of my books. There is a list of my books here >>>

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And that’s it! Just answer the questions and send them to me. I will pick a winner on Halloween.

You can contact me via email, FB or Twitter. Here are the links to my social media sites.



Twitter: @hnsieverding

Good luck!

Christian’s Mate Bonus Edition

For those new to the series, Christian’s Mate has a bonus edition that includes the prequel, Christian’s Promise. It’s a great introduction to the Christian’s Kisses series! Click on the link and check it out.

Release Day for Christian’s Mate

Today is release day for Christian’s Mate, book #2 in the Christian’s Kisses series! Click on the link and grab your copy!

Starlight Masquerade

Monster Writing Prompt: If you could put on a mask that lets you feel like you’re in a dream world (like a virtual reality), what would your daydream look like?

I got the idea for this prompt from the music video for “Monster”, a song by my favorite band, Starset. I had a lot of fun doing it. Though, like always, it reads like an excerpt from a book, but that’s okay. I like how it turned out.

I’m a huge fan of masquerades, so I used it as the main theme. Also, this story has a hint of adventure and darkness. I love dark tales, probably why I write so many 😉

Okay, now onto the story….

“Starlight Masquerade” 

It’s dark here, the lanterns turned down so that only a small flicker of light is alive inside. Shadows rein in the minimal light and come alive as they dance on the wall to a silent beat. In the darkness, every sound is magnified, like the night gives one a shrewder sense of hearing.

I walk down the long hall, my hand gliding down the thick rail of the balcony. The balustrade’s made of stone, slick and cool to the touch. I can hear the whisper of music, the sound getting louder with each step.

My ballgown is heavy, thick crinoline under the skirt. As I advance, it sways gently, the soft rustle of fabric tickling my ears. Inlaid in the black gown are small crystals that shine like twinkling stars under the lamplight. The bodice is tight, restricting my movements and forcing the stance of a lady.

I turn my gaze downward at the party below. The light is muted, darkness hanging like a light shroud among the crowd, making the intimacy of this gathering grow.

Like the fire in the lanterns, the ballroom teemed with life. The guests wore masquerade attire similar to mine, their faces hidden by masks. I don’t recognize a soul—if there was even any there. It was like stumbling upon a den of vampires. From a distance, they were alluring, but as you get closer, the fear grows in your chest. You know there’s a chance these beautiful creatures could bare their fangs and attack at any moment.

The murmur of pleasant chatter and laughter was muted by soft music. A small ensemble is set up in the corner, the sharp sound of a violin solo ringing through the room. The violinist slowly slides his bow over the strings, a twitter in his fingers as he manipulates the sound.

With gritted teeth, he bites something back, but what it is, I can only guess. What does he see behind those closed eyes that ignites such passion? He’s given the music a pulse. His expression is pained as if each note that escapes from under his fingertips is like his own blood pumping from a fatal wound.

Above the ballroom is a domed ceiling. As I scan the heavens, my long lashes scrape the holes cut in my mask, the light touch like the kiss of a butterfly.

The thick veins of the dome were made of dark metal, dull and aged. Years before they may have been shining, but not now. Green has grown like a disease, eating the shimmer, and stealing the beauty that had been there before. Between each vein are painted panels. Chubby angels are depicted in a renaissance style there, the palette of intense reds and blues giving the scene drama.

Giant chandeliers hang from the beams, diamonds dripping from them like crystalized rain. Candles are set inside them, throwing light upon the paintings. The flames quiver, giving life to the figures and making the scene seem to breathe. My eyes lock with a cherub’s, his eyes following me as he keeps his arrow at the ready. Pulling my lips inward, I bite my bottom lip as I gaze into those cold, unblinking eyes. Even the flick of a twinkle in his eyes doesn’t make him feel any friendlier.

I face forward again, drumming the banister as I walk down the stairs. The staircase is a grand structure, it’s girth wide, and its stance sturdy like it could survive hundreds of years and still be as strong as the day it was made. At the foot of the stairs, stands two stone guardians—a pair of angels carved by a master’s hand. Their eyes are downcast, their faces covered by oversize hoods. Darkness has settled in the folds of their cloaks showing their age.

I join the crowd, the heat of the bodies taking away the chill in the air. As if lost, I turn in a circle and take in the crowd. The walls are lined with mirrors, and in them, I catch my reflection. My pale cheeks are reddened, my dark hair falling in long curls down my shoulders and back. As if adorned with stars, my hair sparkles, a delicate silver netting hiding in my locks.

Everyone’s curious eyes turn to me. My fingers grip the dark silk of my gown, white-knuckled and shaking. Suddenly, I feel dizzy, as my gaze bounces off their faces.

When given a second look, I see some masks are grotesque, with crooked grins and sharp teeth. I turn from inhuman yellow eyes, as well as the common blue, not lingering to meet the monsters who initiate me.

Instead, I shy away, and I walk toward the exit. I leave the main room and walk down the desolate hall. Now, all I can hear are the sound of my heels clicking on the tile as the music fades to a mere whisper again.

I stop at a set of double doors. Their surface is painted to look like the night sky. Taking hold of both handles, I open the doors.

Though it is dark, the ceiling and walls were alive. Millions of twinkling stars hide in here, a fabricated space cast by, what seemed like, magic. This net of gems captures the night, and they hold it hostage. I walk further inside, then spin slowly as I take in the sky.

It feels warmer here and the room seems to hold in more heat. I take a step forward and bump into a railing. It stops me from advancing.

With one hand on the rail, I reach out with the other to see if I can feel the wall. A hand grabs mine from behind. The surface of their gloves is cold, and it makes me shiver. Startled, I look back. My eyes settle on a shadowy figure that I am unable to make out. Before I could study them further, the doors shut, all the outside light snuffed out.

Tuesday Teaser: Sunlight (from Nightwalkers)

Here’s a quote from my Nightwalkers series. Check out the series on Amazon if you haven’t read it 😉