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CK quote: Lady Fair

For those of you waiting for the release of my new Christian’s Kisses Series, here’s a little teaser quote from Christian 😉


Quote: Tell me how much you want me?

This quote comes from a naughty scene in Blood Kisses (which I’m not going to post an excerpt of), but I liked the quote so I edited out the “action” and shared it.

And remember, Blood Kisses Revamped is out! So make sure you pick it up so you can see the “action” I’m talking about in this scene 😉


Blood Kisses Quote: I’m Victoria Allure

In celebration for release of Blood Kisses Revamped, it’s going to be Nightwalkers quote week! And though this is not a sweet quote from Drake, it’s one of my favorite quotes from Blood Kisses. At this point, I wanted to clobber Spencer too lol.


Forever Black Quote

Lots of “Forever Black” quotes in Forever Black lol. This is one of them. Forever Black‘s title actually sprouted from the quote “Forever is black WITH you” but this one’s good, too.

Check out Forever Black here:

My Treasure: Quote from CK

I promised more posts this year, so some days you may only get quotes from me. Hee hee. I’m full of words, so why not share some pretty ones I’ve written from my books? Here’s one from Seed of the Master.


Quote from Christian’s Kisses

I’m in the quote mood today….here’s one from CK.


A quote from Blood Kisses

Blood Kisses will be out November!  I will be getting the exact release date soon!  I can’t wait!

This is one of my favorite quotes from the book.