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CK #1 Quote: Wonder of Nature

This is a tease from the new CK book #1, which I am still wrestling on a title for.

Author Reading: The Sun and the Moon

I need to do another reading like this again. If you haven’t heard/watched this video I made a while back, go and check it out! It’s Drake’s version of “the sun and the moon” from Forever Black read my me.


Quote from Lie’s Prince: Glass Prince

glass prince


Quote: Lie’s Prince

lie's prince

Lie’s Prince is finished!


Celebrate with me!

I just finished Lie’s Prince.  Start to finish, I did it in 13 days.  This is by far the fastest novel I’ve ever written.  This book poured out so fast, I could hardly keep up with it. Check out it’s info page HERE 😉

WIP Lie’s Prince: Till Death Do Us Part


Here’s a little peek at Lie’s Prince, my current WIP.  If you read the description it may sound a little overly romantic, but it has a very fast paced story line with lots of “lies” lol.  I don’t think I’ve hit a break in the action yet.  I’m very excited about this book!

Leo is my favorite character so far and I’ll have to post some quotes from him soon.  He’s got some good ones. Leo’s not exactly a “villain”, though he has a lot of the qualities of one.  I’d say he’s more of an anti-hero. I’m still having a few issues with the Italian slipped into the story line, but I’m going to fix that later.  I still need to find someone that can help me with the Italian bits, so I can get it perfect.

And with the rate this story is pouring it out, it’s going to be done soon.  Very soon.  It’s currently at 50k and I started it a little over a week ago.  This may end up being the fastest novel I’ve ever written.  Let’s see if I can keep up the pace.  Cheer me on!  *fist pump*

Here’s a small excerpt from the book.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on it!


“You’re going to listen to me now, mio principe.”  She slowly backed him up, Leo’s eyes glaring into hers.  She was the one in control now, the feeling making her feel more powerful than she ever had.  The adrenaline pumped through her, Lilah feeling every beat of her heart that shook her average frame.

She continued, “This isn’t how it’s supposed to be.  How I…”  She placed her free hand over her heart.  “Wanted it.  You’re my prince.  My perfect husband.  We’re supposed to be happy.”  She sniffled as she watched him reach the edge of the bed and stop his small retreat.  “Why are you taking that from me?”  Her voice grew high pitched and desperate as tears escaped her eyes, “Taking away the fairy tale you promised me?”

She watched him for an answer, but Leo’s brow lowered, his stare narrowing.

She took a step closer, Lilah placing the gun a few inches from his heart.  She continued, “I won’t let you do that.  If you take away the love I was promised to have forever….”  Her voice took on a deep, venomous tone, “Then I’m gonna kill the cold son of a bitch that stole my prince.”

She shoved the gun forward, the cold muzzel indenting the thick flesh of his chest.  She pulled back the hammer, her breath quickening as she stared him down with a fiery anger in her dark blue eyes.  “Give him back or I’ll end you. Per sempre.”

She startled when she felt something hard being shoved against her stomach.  Her eyes widened, Lilah swallowing hard.

Leo sent her a fragile smile, his voice soft, “Till death do us part, la mia principessa.”  He pulled back the hammer of the gun in his hand, a slight sneer to his lip.

Nightwalkers Beginnings Quote

I have the Nightwalkers prequel finished and am calling it Nightwalkers Beginnings. “How much do you love me?” is a classic Nightwalkers quote. Ten points to anyone who can name the characters in this scene 😉