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prequelscover2015Beginnings, my best selling short, is free until October 12th on Amazon, so if you haven’t gotten your copy of it, go grab one. I promise you’ll love it or your money back. LOL!

Poll: Preview of Christian’s Kisses: Shadow

ckInitiation2015Since I’ve had a few people asking me for this, I’ll be putting up an excerpt from the newest novel in my Christian’s Kisses’ series, Shadow.

Christian’s Kisses has some dedicated followers (thanks for the love, me and Christian are lapping it up.)  And I’m super psyched that you’re so excited for it’s release. But…it’s still a rough draft, so you might be waiting a while lol.

On a poll I posted (I think it was this spring?), it was the series that most people voted to have another book for, Nightwalkers coming in second.  And the margin was pretty one sided in favor of Christian, which I wasn’t expecting.

You all wanted it, so I wrote it. See how that works? Butter up one of your favorite authors, and she’ll write a new book for one of your favorite series.

Hopefully, this little tease will keep you going until the book comes out. Ha ha, or Christian will tease you too much and you’ll want to clobber me.

I thought it’d be fun to do a poll on what kind of excerpt I will post. Because I will only post one……

Add your vote in the box below to pick how you like to be teased 😉


Beginnings is Free until July 22nd!

Even though this short is “free” for Blood Kisses Revamped‘s release week, it’s still always neat to see it on a best seller’s list. It will be free until Friday, so go download it if you haven’t yet.


Beginnings is Free!

prequelscover2015In celebration of the release of Blood Kisses Revamped, I’m making Beginnings, the prequel to the series, free on Amazon! The promotion runs July 18-22. If you don’t have a copy of Beginnings, go pick one up this week!


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Quote from The Gateway: Say yes

Here’s a quote from my newest release, The Gateway. This is a great read, so if you haven’t, go check it out on Amazon! It’s probably one of my most darkest novels and a great page turning adventure for lovers of paranormal romance and horror. 🙂

Release Day for the Gateway!

the gateway banner2

So, here’s the specs on the book I promised.  I also added in a warning about the graphic content in the novel, so be forewarned before you buy the book as well. It is a little more intense than some of my other books.


without my ellaBuy link:*Version*=1&*entries*=0


Horror, Dark Fantasy, Dark Romance, Adventure


Apollo then takes the young girl as his ward, training her to use magic.  As she matures, Apollo develops loving feelings for his captive, a love that could prove dangerous for the young girl.  He asks her to take him to the surface world, a place demons were banished from, and vowed to use his magic to make her a perfect life there, something Stella had never had.

But Stella’s silver-tongued, demon master had been banished for good reason, and releasing him on the surface may have disastrous consequences.  Not to mention he knows a huge secret about Stella, one that he would do anything to keep from her.



*A little background before reading….This is from the second chapter. Apollo is Stella’s master and Samson is Apollo’s pet/companion. Though, Samson is almost always found with Stella when she’s in Hell.


gatewaycoverdraft3Watching a pack of humanoid demons, called Sentinels, Stella hid in a small hallway near the large entryway closest to her. The Sentinels were the delegated punishers of the Wicked who had been damned to Hell. They were massive men, about nine foot in stature, and with the girth of a bear. They smelled horrid, rotten blood and chunks of flesh lingering in their thick body hair. Snorting as they walked, they carried heavy weapons, their muscles bulging.

Apollo had often told her he’d send her to the Sentinels if she misbehaved, but she thought he didn’t really mean it. That, or she hadn’t made him mad enough, yet. But still, the threat was enough to make her never want to misbehave, well, not too badly at least.

Stella’s hand was now paused on Samson’s head, her gaze sharp. She was watching them torture some humans. Some of the victims seemed like fresh corpses, others like sacks of bones, their flesh like slimy goo clinging to their rotting skeletons.

Stella picked up the locket at the end of her necklace and held it to her nose. She inhaled the strong perfume encased in it, which was a mixture of strong spices and incense. It warded off the nasty smells one would encounter in the Underworld, something she still hadn’t gotten used to.

She was now in the ruins of the old castle, a place that once housed the great Demon King and his court. Most of the rooms were so damaged, they were inaccessible. But those that weren’t, offered great places to explore. It was said to be a grand palace in its prime, but it hadn’t been that way for a long time.

She wasn’t allowed this close to the castle, but she often came here when Apollo was away. He’d leave her alone with Samson, but Stella wasn’t sure where he went when he left. She wondered if he were going back to his body to sleep, but she was never for certain.

But now that she was older, and had learned to survive in the Underworld, she could hold her own. Apollo had taught her great magic, magic that was normally reserved for elite members of the Sorcerer’s League, the most powerful group on the surface world.

There, if you practiced such high level magics, you were required to have a Sorcerer’s badge, as well as bear tattoos inlaid by the Sorcerer’s League. If you didn’t, the charges could be criminal. But rules like that didn’t apply in the Underworld.

Her eyes settled on the door across the room. It led to the throne room, the place she wanted to go. She glanced at Samson, then back at the demons. She then took the back route, using the hallway to get there.

She stopped at the entrance closest to her destination. Again, she peeked out and observed the Sentinels. They were now leading in a new batch of humans. They seemed to be new recruits, their clothes only slightly dirty, their skin fresh like they still held a hint of life inside them.

She needed to get past them. Holding onto the locket on her necklace, Stella gathered the courage. Her fingers warmed the metal of the charm, the familiar, worn shape of it calming Stella a bit. It was a trinket given to her by her mother, a family heirloom that had belonged to her grandmother, whom was Stella’s namesake.

She then called a spell, her body speeding up. She bounced back and forth on her feet, her senses now sharpened. She once again looked out. Waving her hand, she opened the massive door to the throne room a small way.

The Sentinels were all preoccupied with their new wards, so they didn’t notice. When they all had their backs turned, she darted out. Her movements were so quick, she looked like a blur. She reached the door and quickly slipped through the crack in it.

Samson ran after her. The Sentinels saw him, but didn’t pay any attention. There were other Hellcats that occupied the castle ruins, but they seemed to co-exist with the demons. Once Samson was inside, she closed the door behind them.

With a spell, she called a flame to her hand and walked toward the throne. Her eyes settled on a crystal ball that stood on a grand pedestal near it. Smoke swirled around it, crystals of ice sparkling by the light of the flame in her hand. This was the Demon King’s mirror. It had the power to show you anything. Apollo had taught her how to use the power of mirrors to communicate, and luckily, using the ball required the same spell.

Smiling, she darted toward it. The Demon King’s Mirror was a powerful, sacred artifact of Hell that had remained untouched when the Underworld was destroyed. Apollo had shown her the mirror before, and showed her a glimpse into the surface world with it. He told her that the Demon King was able to watch anyone through mirrors, but since he had been imprisoned, the King’s Mirror’s powers were limited.

Placing her hands on the sides of the sphere, Stella whispered, “King of Demons, lend me your sight. Allow me a glimpse into the surface world.” The ball lit up, the coldness of the glass chilling her fingers, her skin turning red.

Cover Art Reveal: The Gateway

the gateway banner

gatewaycoverdraft3Here is the cover art for my next release, The Gateway, which should be debuting this summer!

And, as an added bonus, head over to Amazon to download a copy of Nightwalkers’ Beginnings, which is free for today only!

The Gateway is a horror novel with a touch of romance.  I don’t really like to call it the other way around, because horror seems to be the biggest theme.

And like my other demons, Apollo has a lot of vampire tendencies as well as hellish, ghoulish ones.  He’s probably the most evil, badass villian I’ve ever created.  The book pushes it as far as horror romance goes, so that’ll either be a good or bad thing for readers. We’ll see.

I’m also pleased I got the mirrors into the design, because Stella uses them a lot in the story.  Okay, enough rambling about the book, you’ll have to read it to find out more, right?

And, check out the book’s info page to learn more about it you haven’t.  Look out for the book trailer as well, which I’ll post later this week!