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Amazon Promotion

Both Nightwalkers and CK’s prequels are free until the 11th on Amazon. They are great intros to the series. Go grab a copy 🙂



Giveaway Contest

Christain’s Mate is out! And what better thing to give away than a book (Christian loves books by the way) in honor of the book releasing? I thought so, too 😉


The prize: A signed copy of one of my books or an ebook version of one of my books. There is a list of my books here >>>

To win, answer the following questions and send your answers to me. You can enter as many times as you want, and I won’t use your email/info for anything other than contacting you if you are a winner. I will choose a winner at random on 10.31.17.


1. Who is your favorite villain?

2. Which book do you want to win? If you don’t have a preference, I can pick for you, too. Also, specify if you’d like an ebook or printed version if you win. It seems most people like ebooks, so I made it an option to choose.

And that’s it! Just answer the questions and send them to me. I will pick a winner on Halloween.

You can contact me via email, FB or Twitter. Here are the links to my social media sites.



Twitter: @hnsieverding

Good luck!

Beginnings is FREE this weekend

My bestselling short, Beginnings, is free today through Sunday!

Beginnings is FREE June 5th and 6th

I had some days to use up for promotion on Amazon, so I made Beginnings (the prequel to the Nightwalkers series) free today and tomorrow. If you don’t have a copy, go grab one 🙂

Free Book!

This book is free today only! Paula is an amazing author and great friend. So proud on her for going after her dream and becoming a published author. Grab a copy of her book and check her out!

Paranormal Romance Blog Hop

I’m giving away a free PDF copy of Secret Scarlet to one lucky commenter.  Make sure to leave an email, so I can contact you if you’ve won.  Anwser this question:  Who is your favorite vampire?

Book Description: 

After an audition for a modeling gig goes wrong, Scarlet finds herself doing something she’s ashamed of-something sinful and dark.  She leads a double life as Lady Rose, dressing up like a living doll for a man she knows only as Master Red.  He is the gateway drug into the dangerous world of vampires.  She is blinded by the mass of attention she gets from men who fall in love with her alter ego, Lady Rose.  Unfortunately, her rare beauty will be her downfall.  It’s not long before vampires more dangerous than Master Red catch sight of the rare white rabbit and vow to make her their own.


Watch the book trailer to find out more about the book:

Make sure to check out the other participating authors at:

Cover Contest and Book Giveaway!

pick of the litter cover contest

Welcome to the Pick of the Litter Cover Contest and Book Giveaway!

My novel, Blood Kisses, released this week and I wanted to do something fun to celebrate.  As an artist, I love art and have always loved the idea of cover art competitions, so I decided to have one of my own.  So welcome to my first ever “Pick of the Litter Cover Contest and Book Giveaway”!  Get ready to see some great cover art and be introduced to some talented authors and their books.

Each author participating in the cover art competition has agreed to donate a PDF copy of their book and one of you lucky voters will win it!  So get ready to judge one of my favorite pastimes, the graphic arts!

How to play:

  • Look through the covers in the first gallery.  
  • Choose your favorite cover and vote by leaving a comment.  
  • If you want to win a copy of one the books in contest, leave your email with the your comment so we can contact you if you win.  

Additional Info:  

  • You can vote for one cover and request to win another, just mention that in your comment.
  • If you feel uncomfortable posting your vote or leaving your email publicly, there is an entry form at the end of the post you can fill out that only I will see.  I will not hand out your email address to anyone else.  I am only using it to contact you if you’ve won. 
  • The contest runs through Sunday and winners with be drawn on Monday.  I will post the results next week. 

So now that you know the rules, check out these beautiful covers and leave your vote!

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Did you see something you like?  I hope so!

Want to know more about a book in the contest?  Check out the author’s galleries below.  In them you’ll find story descriptions of books in the contest, buy links and information on the author.  If these authors are new to you, check out their gallery and meet your next favorite author.  Also a HUGE thank you to the all the authors who participated.  Thanks for sharing your covers and donating a book or two to the contest.  You are awesome 🙂

The authors are listed in alphabetical order:

Decker Schutt:

Entry #8

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H.N. Sieverding

Entries #2, 7, 10, 13, 15

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Lindsay Downs

Entries #4, 17

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Sara E. Santana

Entry #5

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Shehanne Moore

Entries #14, 16

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S.L. Stacy

Entry #3

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Tricia Andersen

Entries #1, 6, 9, 11, 12

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Are you still here?!  Remember to leave a comment and vote on your favorite book cover!

Fill out the form below to leave your email address and vote anonymously.

***Contest exceptions:  Innocent ‘Til Proven Guilty and The Viscount and the Governess aren’t available to win because they are already FREE to read on  Check the site if you are interested.  The Troubles and The Bloodlust Prince are included in the contest but the winners will not receive their free ebook until after the books release date.