Tuesday Teaser: The Last Hero

I picked an excerpt from The Last Hero. There’s two books I’ve written that are VERY dear to me, this being one of them. Maybe newer fans don’t know my attachment to this book. It’s actually the first book I EVER queried to publishers, one of the last books I ever signed (to SCP, they … Continue reading Tuesday Teaser: The Last Hero


Quote from CK3

I promised a quote from the newest novel in my CK series, so here it is.... 🙂

Cover Reveal: Secret Scarlet

This new cover for Scarlet is Leta (Scarlet's biggest fan), approved! Like it? I adore it! The girl on the original cover was not my Scarlet, so that's why I love this version so much. Wicked awesome. The best part of designing my own books is getting exactly what I want.  ❤