Excerpt from CK#3: My Bloody Valentine

From Christian's Secret (Christian's Kisses #3) She grabbed a slice of cheesecake from the banquet table and escaped with it to the hall. Even though she was a vampire, she still had a sweet tooth and indulged sometimes. Christian and the others would often scold her for it because the treats always made her regurgitate … Continue reading Excerpt from CK#3: My Bloody Valentine


Tuesday Teaser: A Rabid Vampire

From my current editing project, Christian's Kisses Book 3. Warning: This scene contains graphic content. FYI for new readers: Carver is a vampire hunter that Christian turned into a vampire as revenge for killing a group of his vampires. Vampires can go "rabid" when starved-which happens in this scene. Darien tossed the hunter down on … Continue reading Tuesday Teaser: A Rabid Vampire

Quote from CK#3: The Sun

I know it's Wednesday, but I forgot my #teasertuesday. Whoopsies. This is from my current WIP, CK#3. I'm changing the title I had set for it, so it's untitled right now. I pulled the whole thing apart, so it's a little disjointed right now. Nothing that won't look pretty with a little polish 😉

Author Reading/Poll

I'm doing another author reading from one of my books. So....which book would you like to see a reading from? Fill out the survey below with your pick. If there's a specific scene you'd like to hear me read, write it in the blank space where it says "other". And thanks for your participation!

Christian’s Artist: Excerpt From The Christian’s Kisses Series’ Prequel

  Blurb for the CK Prequel: While restoring a ceiling mural in Jenson, Addison meets Christian, who commissions her to do a painting for his employer, Master Vallore. It seems like love at first sight for the pair, and he seems like "the one". There's something a bit odd about her love, though, but she's fallen … Continue reading Christian’s Artist: Excerpt From The Christian’s Kisses Series’ Prequel