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Prequel or Book #1?

I have a question for readers and other authors, so please feel free to weigh in on this issue.

Okay…so, I’m getting  things finalized with the new Christian’s Kisses Series, so I can work on getting the prequel and the first book polished and ready for release, so the others will fall (smoothly) in line afterward.

But, I’m debating something. I know readers like to know the order books in a series play out, and they should all be numbered. But…what about the prequel? It’s a novella, so it’s not a “novel” like the others in the series are. But it comes first. Of course, you can read book one without it, but it’s nicer to read the prequel first (and to KNOW it exists). And since the prequel is releasing first, book 1 will mostly likely read as the second book (to most readers).

So…do I just number the prequel “book 1” and throw out the word “prequel” altogether? I never really liked the word “prequel”, anyway. It’s weird to say, too lol.

The reason I bring this up is because I’ve run into this issue with Nightwalkers.  What happens is, new readers want to read the series, but the prequel screws up the ordering system on the listings, etc, etc, etc, problem, problem, problem, you get my drift.

And…a side note in case this is asked, no, I don’t want to lengthen it to become a full novel, so that’s not an option. It’s staying a novella (It’s about 24k, I think).




Why are vampires so attractive?

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“Why would anyone want to read a love story with a vampire or villain as a central character?”

Now I won’t lie, I was asked this question in a not so nice way by someone.  It’s was followed by a few snide remarks about readers who love these stories, as well as a poke at me for writing them.

But, this person isn’t alone in their opinion, and yes, it’s a he.  They can’t understand why anyone would be attracted to vampires.  And I got the dreaded question, “Would you like to be bitten by a vampire?  Do you fantasize about stuff like that too?”

Now, I’m a published horror/romance writer, and I’ve gotten used to dealing with these kind of conversations.  As a newbie writer, I’d shy away from the debate, but now bring it on haters lol.  That wasn’t an actual initiation of a fight, but you get my point.

So….here comes my argument about “why vampires are attractive” from a romance writer who adores them.


#1 This is fiction


Fiction is not REAL life.  Just because someone is a huge fan of  vampire/dark romances, doesn’t mean they want that in real life.

First, let’s look at the common recipe for romantic literature.  There’s the handsome, rich, unattainable man that falls for the leading lady.  Most of the time, she’s his weakness and he has a small quirk about him.  In paranormal romances, this “quirk” is that he’s a vampire.

And I could care less if men think that’s a stupid fantasy, it’s what most women look for in a romance. I will never say all because as I said earlier, this is a general statement about romance.

And there’s something very attractive about that dangerously handsome, powerful, godly man that can be found in a lot of paranormal romances.  There just is. Fictional vampires are sexy. And don’t get me started on those sexy, silver tongued, witty villains……

But notice I say “fictional”.  I’m very attracted to men like that in stories, but in real life, I wouldn’t be.  I’d have enough sense to stay away from a guy like that and almost always choose the good guy.  And though we love to seek danger and drama in books/movies, for the most part, we’d never like to experience something so extreme in real life.


#2 Vampires are master seducers

circle quote

Vampires have been known to be silver tongued.  Most of their prey are women.  And damn….they know all the right things to say, and can read women well.  Being wooed like that is a fantasy in itself.

 Take my Calvin from Forever Mine, he’s the perfect example to use here.  He’s a dangerous, murderous vampire, who loves the life he leads.  But…take away the serial killer gene, and he’s stripped down to the classic type of man that I mentioned in point one.

And what’s so fun about the good, never wrong doing leading man?  As a character he’s very boring, but a bad boy is much more fun…….


#3 The attraction of a bad boy


So, Calvin’s serial killing pastime is what makes him unattractive.  This is where the question comes in and the bad boy, rule breaker side becomes an issue for some people.  They think, “What the hell is attractive about a guy like that?”

You don’t know?  Then, I’m going to tell you why….

He breaks the rules.  He’s incredibly dangerous.  He’s that forbidden fruit that looks so amazingly delicious but you’ve been told to stay away from him.  Then, there’s that quirk given to him by most authors.  He has soft spot for the woman he loves.  He’s that lion that becomes a pussy cat in his love’s arms.  Having that kind of power of a man who is otherwise all powerful would be a great feeling, right? A high even.  And then there’s the attraction of the strong, protective alpha male….


#4 The promise of eternity with your true love


Being young, forever beautiful, and standing at the side of your true love for all eternity. Sounds like the perfect dream, right?  Well, vampires can give you that. Plus, they can make you a god and give you power over every one else.


a note fromsmSo, that’s my argument.  And I leave you with a final thought.  Fiction is fiction.  It’s not a reflection of life, it’s an escape into a world of danger, love, and drama we don’t want to/can’t pursue  in our own lives.

But I’d like to hear some other thoughts on this debate.  Why do you think vampires and villains are so attractive in books?  Or are you on the opposite side and can’t understand the allure of them?  I’d love to hear what you have to say so please leave a comment!