The Gateway

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Cast to hell as a sacrifice, Stella meets Apollo, a ghost-like demon whose body is trapped in a sealed tower in the underworld.  He saves her life, but at a price.  She must give him her soul and become his servant.

Apollo then takes the young girl as his ward, training her to use magic.  As she matures, Apollo develops loving feelings for his captive, a love that could prove dangerous for the young girl.  He asks her to take him to the surface world, a place demons were banished from, and vowed to use his magic to make her a perfect life there, something Stella had never had.

But Stella’s silver-tongued, demon master had been banished for good reason, and releasing him on the surface may have disastrous consequences.  Not to mention he knows a huge secret about Stella, one that he would do anything to keep from her.


“We both know she’s not just the Gateway. From the moment I laid eyes on her, I knew exactly who she was.”



  • Horror, Dark Romance

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  • Available in ebook and paperback

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