The Bloodlust Prince


Both Andrew and Aleesia aren’t being truthful with each other, each holding deep secrets that if they were to come to the surface it could tear them apart-maybe even make them enemies.

Andrew’s the General of Sargon, a man who sees her kind as monsters and their relationship is not only dangerous it could get her killed if she’s found out. To make matters worse, the beautiful Aleesia catches the eye of Prince Auron of Delvin, a dangerous man nicknamed the Bloodlust Prince for his brutality in battle.

And what will happen when Aleesia stumbles upon Andrew’s secret, a secret so diabolical and evil that it makes hers look like a little white lie?


His face twisted into a painful expression, a whiney growl escaping his throat, “Damn it Esa.  Damn it!”  He kicked at the ground angrily as he gritted his teeth, closing his eyes as he tried to think of something to do.   He walked up to her, speaking with his hands as he spoke in a lower tone, “Why’d you have to be so nosey? Why?  Why couldn’t you just be a good girl and play along?”

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  • Paranormal Romance, Fantasy

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  • Is H.N.’s favorite book 🙂
  • Previously published by Secret Cravings Publishing
  • Available in ebook and paperback


5 thoughts on “The Bloodlust Prince

  1. Most writers have two first novels. There is the first one we write and the first one that gets published. They are not usually the same book. And usually the one we write first is our favorite. Is that the case here for you?

    • Actually, no. My first book isn’t even close to my favorite, and I never tried to get it published. I actually haven’t even gone back to read it (it makes me cry it was so bad lol). The first book I peddled to publishers was Nero, the one I’m working on rewriting now. And that one comes very close to Bloodlust in my heart, so it’s kinda true. I think of it as the ‘greatest’ story I’ve ever written, and Bloodlust my favorite. Though now that I’m going through Nero with all the knowledge I have now about publishing and grammar, I see why it wasn’t picked up. It needed an editor. Badly. But it’s going to be awesome now 😀

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