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Nightwalkers: Blood Kisses


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Ashleigh Brown, the author of the popular Nightwalkers series, lives a quiet life free of the limelight.  She keeps her real identity secret by writing under the pen name, Victoria Allure.  She soon finds herself in a bind when she’s kidnapped by a group of handsome vampires seeking Victoria.  She then agrees to meet their Master, who’s a huge fan of her books.  But instead of meeting him, she accidentally crosses paths with her rock star crush.  He is the sexy muse behind Nightwalkers and the man she based the hero in the series upon. She would do anything to meet him but little does she know her crush has a secret…



“I liked that one line…” Caleb was pouring two bottles into a glass, watching the liquid mix together. “‘I hear your lips whisper I love you, but in my heart, I know those words are never for me. It’s just a recycled line you coo to your victims’.” A small laugh escaped his lips as he sat down on the couch. “Sounds a lot like a rock star stealing the hearts of his fans.”

-Caleb Mason



  • Paranormal Romance, Horror, Contemporary Romance, Vampires


  • Previously published by Secret Cravings Publishing

  • Available in ebook and paperback

  • Book 1 of the Nightwalkers Series

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