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Nightwalkers: Blood War


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Link to a Professional Review of Blood War (It was a reviewer’s top pick!):



Ashleigh’s former lover, Drake, is waging war and he won’t stop until she surrenders.  He soon proves more powerful than she realized and the scales are quickly tipping in his favor.  As her lack of faith in her leadership abilities grow, memories of him plague her dreams, most manifesting into nightmares.

But aside from being the leader of the Morgan vampires, she’s also a mother. And raising a vampire isn’t as easy as it seems, especially a toddler with a big appetite. She worries she’ll fail her family, all of them once again becoming Drake’s slaves.

Will she succeed in defeating Drake or will she once again become his submissive?



“What was once mine…will always be.”



Book Trailer


  • Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, Horror


  • Previously published by Secret Cravings Publishing

  • Currently avaliable in ebook and paperback

  • Book 3 of the Nightwalkers’ series

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