When an accident takes the lives of her mother and step-father, Sophie moves to Verona to care for her half-brother, Christopher. Sophie struggles to connect with him, but can’t find common ground.

Obsessed with anything hockey, its Christopher’s greatest passion and the one thing that will help her get closer to him. She finds an ally in Firebird Callahan, the loud-mouthed winger for the Verona Wolves. Not only does Callahan school her on hockey, he gives her the cringe-worthy nickname of Mistletoe.


“Just hold Sophie back during the game. She wants a ride on the Firebird, so she might tackle him on the ice.” Christopher quipped and followed up with a laugh.

-Christopher Rosewood



  • Sport’s Romance
  • Hockey
  • Comedy


  • Has a sequel with the tentative title of Mistletoe and Berries.


  • In self edits.
  • Projected release date of Fall 2020