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Nightwalkers: Forever Black


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After the death of her grandfather, Ashleigh reluctantly fulfills a promise she made to him before he died.  With the help of her estranged fiancé, she attempts to reconcile with her mother, whom she hadn’t seen since she was child.  Soon she is faced with the painful past she tried to bury along with the memories of her mother.  A past that will soon try to devour her, exposing the real life inspiration behind the murderous villain from her Nightwalkers series, Nicolas.



“Forever is black without you.  Like an endless sea of waves that crash upon me, so heavy they crush my every breath and I’m forced to breathe in their salty poison.”

-Ashleigh Brown


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  • Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, Horror, Contemporary Romance


  • Previously published by Secret Cravings Publishing

  • Avaliable in ebook and paperback

  • Book 2 of the Nightwalkers’ series




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