Christian’s Kisses Series

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  • Dark Paranormal Romance
  • Horror
  • Contemporary Romance

Series Description:

The Christian’s Kisses series is a dark paranormal romance set in modern times, that follows the life of fallen angel/Master Vampire, Christian Vallore and his family of vampires.

Christian became a vampire when he was cast from heaven for rebelling against God and cursed with a thirst for blood. Because he is a dark angel, Christian is immortal and possesses the beauty of the angels, something the vampires he initiates inherit from him, as well.

He tries to redeem himself in the eyes of the lord, so he becomes a hitman for the church. He feeds off those on the church’s “list”, and lives a life of sin to capture them. This arrangement works well for Christian, and the church does everything in its power to protect the vampires.

Christian falls in love with a young artist named Addison, who loves Christian, but has no desire to be a vampire.

But the crimes of the vampires don’t go unpunished. The vampire hunters, led by a man named Monroe, vow to kill every last vampire and save the people on the church’s hit list. Monroe is able to cast black magic and has a medallion that repels vampires, even Master Vallore. He seems to be an unbeatable foe, but Monroe has one weakness. He’s in love with Addison, too.

FYI: The Christian’s Kisses series was previously contracted to Secret Cravings Publishing. When I got the rights back to the series, I followed the same rough storyline and wrote all new books. For new readers, Initiation and Seed of the Master are NOT part of the new Christian’s Kisses series. I’m hoping fans of the original series will love this one, too. 

Books in the Series

ck1Book #1: Christian’s Promise

“Like a fire, you need fuel to burn hotter–brighter. My touch is the match that ignites the blaze. My kisses, the fuel on which it feeds. Soon, the flames will burn so hot, we’ll scorch the night like a false dawn.”

— Christian Vallore

Release Date: May 25, 2017

Book Description:

While restoring a ceiling mural in Jenson, Addison meets Christian, who commissions her to do a painting for his employer, Master Vallore. It seems like love at first sight for the pair, and he seems like “the one”. There’s something a bit odd about her love, though, but she’s fallen so hard for him, she tries to ignore her silly suspicions. Her perfect man couldn’t really be a vampire, could he? 

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Book Excerpt: Excerpt from Christian’s Promise

ck2Book #2: Christian’s Mate

“High in a tower, lives my lady fair. Protected from the beasts that walk the earth, and placed on a pedestal that makes her a goddess among all living things. But my love is encased in a fragile frame of flesh and blood.

So, I shall be her knight, and forever in my arms she will lie, safe and free from all harm. Sustained by the liquid nectar of our kisses, she will never age. Her sparkle shall never tarnish, and she will shine brighter than any diamond. This will be our story….always. I’ll never let you fall from your throne. Never.”

— Christian Vallore

Release Date: September 25, 2017

Book Description:

When someone close to her gets put on the vampire’s hit list, Addison would do anything to save them—even make a deal with the vampires.

She sets out to find Master Vallore, the leader of the vampires, and convince him to pardon them. But, what she doesn’t know is that she’s on a list too—one for potential initiates into Vallore’s family. 

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Book Excerpt: Excerpt from Christian’s Mate

ck3Book #3: Christian’s Secret

“My love for you is like the heavens, immeasurable and eternal. It will outlast the day and the night, the years and the centuries.”

— Christian Vallore

Release Date: September 2018

Book Description:

Monroe, a vampire hunter, is obsessed with finding a missing artist who he believes is an Oracle for the House. He knows Master Vallore wants to turn her into a vampire and Monroe would do anything to prevent it.

First, he has to find her. No one seems to know where she is, even her family.

But Master Vallore has a secret. He has her and he’d do anything to protect her from Monroe and the House.

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Book Excerpt: Excerpt from Christain’s Secret

Book #4: Christian’s Hunt

“Forever in my arms, you shall lie, bathed by the healing light of my love and sustained by the liquid nectar of my kisses. I shall care for you like my treasure—breakable, fragile, and priceless. My hands will be the only to touch you, to feed you. All you will ever need is me.”

— Christian Vallore

Tentative Release Date: November 2019

Book Description:

Christian’s wife is pregnant. It’s a miracle baby gifted by God.  But this reward doesn’t come without strings attached. He will tug it back if Christian doesn’t obey. The House gives him a warning. Kill Monroe or he’ll take their unborn child.

And when Monroe once again captures Christian’s wife, the final hunt begins.

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Book #5: Christian’s Shadow

“….Though the night is dark right now, and there seems to be nothing lying out there for us, be patient. For with the dawn, we shall be shown the path. The future. And in that future, I will be there. Waiting for you…..with arms outstretched and ready to hold you for eternity. I’ll never let go. Never.” 

— Christian Vallore

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Book #6: Christian’s Dreamer

Her beauty cannot be measured in words, nothing from my most humble lips could describe it. Even the Master of the brush, Hamstein couldn’t capture her luster. My beautiful, perfect Mistress Vallore….

— Christian Vallore

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