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Character Profile: Scarlet Allen


Scarlet is one of my betas, Leta’s, favorite characters, so I’m doing her profile next.  One of my favorite things about Scarlet is her wardrobe.  She’s got some very awesome themed outfits.  Anyway, enough about costume envy, the title comes from a song in the book titled “Secret Scarlet” which is written about Scarlet’s secret relationship with Master Red.


scarletScarlet Allen

“I don’t care for his…tribute, and I’d rather keep our relationship as it is.”

From:  Secret Scarlet

Character Type:  Main character

Nicknames/Alias: Lady Rose (doll name), Bella Rose (model name)

Age: Late 20′s

Eye Color: Dark blue

Hair Color: Black

Species:  Vampire

Occupation: Concert pianist, role-playing as a living doll for Master Red

Relationship Status: Contracted to Master Red

Love interest(s): Master Red and Count Duvall

Goals: To get out of the vampire lifestyle and to stop herself from falling in love with her Master

Hardships to overcome:  

  • Master Red’s unhealthy obsession with her
  • The Count’s infidelity
  • Lady’s X’s controlling ways
  • Losing her voice, and herself to her unique career choice
  • Her sister wanting to live the doll lifestyle as well
  • The contract she signed with Master Red
  • The songs in Velvet Red’s album “Secret Scarlet”


  • Submissive
  • Shy
  • Her love for the Count


  • Concert pianist
  • Professional model
  • Expert doll
  • Make-up artist


  • Playing the piano
  • Reading
  • Learning to speak Grecian
  • Role playing as a doll
  • Being Alex’s muse
  • Costume designer


SecretScarlet_MEDIf anyone else wants to participate in this little exercise, you’re welcome to.  Come on…play along and introduce me to one of your characters.  I want to meet them!

And check out Secret Scarlet at


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WIP Kiss of Fate: Ana’s Vampire


I promised a glimpse into my new WIP and here it is.  This one has a temporary title of Kiss of Fate. It’s about Elise, who’s a vampire hybrid, and her sister Anastasia, who is a wannabe vampire hunter.  The pair seems quiet odd, but it makes sense when you read the description.  At this point in the story, they are staying with a band of hunters led by Anastasia’s cousin, Erik.  You can check out the story’s info page to find out more about it and also track my progress.  Hope you enjoy the tease ;)



Anastasia woke abruptly, her eyes staring into a pair of icy blues.  Elise was straddling her hips, her nose inches from Anastasia’s.  With a quick breath, Anastasia whispered, “What?”

“I’m hungry.”  Elise then held up a small bag, shaking it playfully.

“Why are you all dressed?”  Anastasia groaned as she covered her eyes from the bright, morning light.  “It’s too damn early to be this awake.”

“Feed me.”  Elise ignored the question then bore her fangs playfully.

“I…”  Now that Elise was so close, Anastasia’s wandering eyes fell on the squished cleavage of Elise’s breasts.  From this angle, she could see right down her shirt.  “Just bite me.  I don’t feel like getting the needle out.  I’m tired.”  She turned her eyes, making a sour face.


“What do you mean, where?”  Anastasia turned to her.  “Anywhere.”

“’Kay.”  Elise unbuttoned a few of Anastasia’s top buttons, and felt her draw in a deep breath.  Anastasia was still wearing her clothes from the night before because she had been exhausted after the hunt.

Finding a spot near her shoulder, Elise bit down.  A pleasured sigh was released from Elise’s lips as she drank, her hips bending toward Anastasia’s.  Her magic washed over Anastasia, her dark brown eyes fluttering slightly.  Her breath quickened as her thick fingers slid under Elise’s sweater and took hold of Elise’s slender frame.  Anastasia’s mouth was open, her eyes shut tight as she enjoyed the pleasure of a vampire’s kiss.

“Elise?”  Erik shouted down the hallway, an annoyed tone to his voice.  “You comin’?”

Anastasia couldn’t hear his voice, but Elise could hear it clearly.  Her eyes shot open.  Ripping away, Elise shoved a folded tissue over the wound and quickly placed Anastasia’s hand over it.  “Thanks, Ana.”  She sprung from the bed, and bolted toward the door.

“Hey!”  Anastasia scrambled to sit up, her hand going to hold the tissue.  “What—?”

Elise slowed her pace as she entered the hallway.  She saw Erik leaning against the wall, texting on his phone.  He looked up when he saw her, his slow gaze moving from her boots to her sweet expression.

“I’m ready.”  She smiled, her fangs now retracted.

“’Kay.”  He chuckled, then motioned for her to follow.  “Thanks for doing errands with me.”

“Sure.”  Elise followed him down the stairs, her hands neatly folded in front of him.  “I can’t wait to see the town.”

“Elise!”  Standing at the top of the stairs, Anastasia shouted.  Her shirt was still unbuttoned, her hair messy and her eyes showing her lack of sleep.  Elise immediately turned to Anastasia’s angry eyes.  “Where are you going?”

“With me.”  Erik, on the other hand, looked wide-awake, a chipperness to his voice.  “I’m taking her to town.”  He saw the glare that was aimed at Elise.  “Come on, Lease.”  He took Elise’s hand and she turned, following him down.

Putting her hand on her head, Anastasia cursed under her breath.  She then shouted down to them again, “Wait up, I’m coming too.”

“We’ll be fine.”  Now at the ground floor, he sent a devilish grin upward.  He tapped the wood of the banister playfully.  “We’ll meet you back here at lunch.”

With a quick, very heavy breath, Anastasia watched Elise walk out of her sight.  No one was supposed to take Elise without Anastasia as an escort, especially Erik.  If Elise accidentally revealed her identity to him, they would be in a lot of trouble.  Anastasia quickly rushed back to her room and threw on her shoes.  She buttoned her shirt as she scaled the stairs.  But by the time she got outside, she saw Erik slam the door of his jeep.  He playfully waved to Anastasia when he saw her running toward the vehicle.  Instead of stopping, he continued down the lane.

“Anastasia’s a little weird, ya know?”  Erik chuckled as he turned down the radio.  He was watching Elise closely as she gazed out the window.  “Why’s she like that?”

“Like what?”  Elise turned to him, her eyes bouncing over his face quickly.  She was trying to slow herself down, and luckily the small feedings she took helped curb her magic, even though she was always starved for blood.

“Like….obsessive boyfriend with you.”

“She’s just a little weird from all this hunting stuff.”  Elise’s eyes darted over the deluxe features in Erik’s car.  He had a great sound system.  She turned up the music to distract the conversation, but he reached over and quickly turned it down.

“Like what?”

“Like killing and stuff.  She’s always protected me. And…”  Elise’s voice was soft.  “She doesn’t trust me with you.”

“Ha!”  Erik playfully slapped the wheel as he laughed.  “Really?  I didn’t notice.”

Reader Poll: The Doll Shoppe Murders


Who should be on the cover?

My next cover design will be for The Doll Shoppe Murders.  As a treat, I’m letting my fans pick which character goes on the cover.  If you’re not sure who to pick after meeting the characters, read the book’s description HERE.

Will it be the girl in the middle, Alicia?  The handsome villain, Caesar? Or the kind-hearted Levi?

Fill out the form at the end to vote :D


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Sniper Bird: Quote from Check Mate

Check Mate is releasing soon!

Daydream: Excerpt From Check Mate

I’ve been asked by a few readers for another excerpt from Check Mate.  I read it on my radio show, Freshly Booked, last week when we had a free show.  Our guest didn’t show up and Tricia and I gushed about our books and our cover model the entire show.  Click HERE if you want to hear the show and a little back story on Check Mate and some of my other books.  I attempt to read this excerpt at about 40 mins in.

And if this excerpt doesn’t tease you enough to buy the book when it comes out, I don’t know what will.  Well, besides the amazingly gorgeous cover :D


“Morgan?” Her voice was cheery as she entered, Gwen peering around the space for him. Then she heard it. The sound of running water.

Her eyes snapped to the bathroom door.  It was partially open. Her muscles tensed and she swallowed hard. This was her daydream.  The one that had polluted her thoughts since Morgan came back.

The sound stopped and she slowly stalked closer. Though the crack, she could see his form.  It was enough to make her to want to rip the door open and stop the tease.

Drying his hair, Morgan was rubbing it briskly with a towel.  The water shimmered on his tan skin, sparkling under the white light like the tease of some ancient treasure, priceless and irreplaceable.  With wide eyes, her jaw dropped as her eyes fixated on the tattoo on his lower abdomen.  Then a slow, wicked grin filled her reddening face.

Seeing him turn, she scrambled to get hidden.  She set the food on the desk and jogged back to the door.  Holding her hand to her chest, she closed her eyes to calm herself for a few seconds.  Then, gathering courage, she opened and shut the door quickly. This “accident” had to be legit, right? She went further into the room at a faster walking pace than usual.

“Morgan?” She tried to wipe the smile from her lips as she shoved open the bathroom door. She was expecting to see her day dream up close, but…

“Hey.” Morgan was now wearing pants.

“I brought some food back for you.” Great disappointment lined her voice, her brow lowered slightly.

“Thanks.” He grabbed his shirt and playfully hit her with it. “I saw it.”

“What?” She straightened, a fearful look in her eyes. “When?”

“A few minutes ago.” He sent her a sly grin, his eyebrows lowered playfully. There was that cockiness in his expression again. As if sensing her fear, he continued. “I heard you come in before, you know.”

“Well…” She tried to think of a comeback, but nothing would come.

“I could see you in the mirror.”

“Umm…”  Swallowing hard, Gwen was terrified.  Her breath was so quick, her chest heaved heavily, her nostrils slightly flared.

“I was thinking about what we were talking about earlier.” Morgan studied her curiously then tossed his shirt aside.


“I’ve made a decision, but I’ll tell you after the competition.” He pushed past her and Gwen followed him over to the bed. He was about to say something more, but Gwen grabbed his shoulders and roughly spun him. Shoving him onto his back, she parted his knees forcefully, pinning him to the bed.

Wearing a giant grin, she giggled. “Check mate.” Biting her lip, a great excitement showed in her expression. Her fingers were intertwined in his, her long hair forming a wall between them and the outside world.

“You checked me.  Now what?”  Morgan grinned as he gazed into her eyes.

New Release Review: Blood War by H.N. Sieverding

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Check out this great review of my newest release, Blood War!

Originally posted on Miriam Smith - Written Love:


Title: Nightwalkers, Book 3: Blood War
Author: H.N. Sieverding
Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing
Release Date: March 31, 2014
Genre: Paranormal, Horror

***Received from author for an honest review***

This isn’t the ending I was expecting. Well, that’s not true. Sort of.

I expected Caleb and Ashleigh to have a happy ending together. I expected them to get married (usually logical after getting engaged, lol). I expected them to live in peace with the Morgan vampires.

They got all that…just not how I thought they would. Why do I say that? Because the loss suffered to get all of this was heartbreaking for me to read.

I think some part of me knew what Drake was going to do to Ashleigh, but I think another part of me hoped he wouldn’t. After all, he would be taking her from so much. I think I hoped for too much, because my dislike…

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Book Review: Forever Black by H.N. Sieverding

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A great review of Forever Black

Originally posted on Miriam Smith - Written Love:


Title: Nightwalkers, Book 2: Forever Black
Author: H.N. Sieverding
Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing
Release Date: January 2014
Genre: Paranormal, Horror

***Received from author for an honest review***

Forever Black continues the emotional roller coaster relationship between Caleb and Ashleigh. Estranged at the end of Blood Kisses, they are reunited here at her grandfather’s funeral. Their love is obvious, as is the rift that still separates them, and it seems to be the driving force behind Caleb’s insistence Ashleigh make good on a promise she made to her grandfather: see her mother.

I wasn’t sure what significance meeting an absentee mother would have on this story. It’s common to merely mention the absent parent and how that void effected the Hero/heroine. Turns out, meeting her mother is incredibly important to this story because there’s so much about her past that she’s unaware of.

Her relationship, if you want to call it…

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Blood War: Book Release and Giveaway!

Blood War releases on Monday!

I’m super excited!  This is the most tense and fast paced book in the series.  It’s filled with danger, death, blood, sexiness, drama and heartache.  I love it!  It’s the perfect, powerful ending I wanted to the series.  To share in my excitement, I’m giving away a free PDF copy of the book to anyone who comments on this post or on my FB page.  So, if you want to read it, make sure to leave a comment ;)

Blood War is the third book in my Nightwalkers series and like the other two, can be read separately. So, don’t let the “series” label fool you (though after reading it, you’ll want the other two).

Here’s a big tease… of the main characters (who’s been in all three books) will die.  Oooo… you’re interested, aren’t you?  And when I say “main”, I mean “main”.

And though this was supposed to be the ending of the series, I think the Countess might get her own book after this.  She’s a new character introduced in Blood War (she appeared very briefly in Forever Black) and I know everyone’s going to love her.  Dark, elegant, beautiful and powerful.  She’s an amazing creature.  I love her.

Book Description:

Ashleigh’s former lover, Drake, is waging war and he won’t stop until she surrenders.  He soon proves more powerful than she realized and the scales are quickly tipping in his favor.  As her lack of faith in her leadership abilities grow, memories of him plague her dreams, most manifesting into nightmares.

But aside from being the leader of the Morgan vampires, she’s also a mother. And raising a vampire isn’t as easy as it seems, especially a toddler with a big appetite. She worries she’ll fail her family, all of them once again becoming Drake’s slaves.

Will she succeed in defeating Drake or will she once again become his submissive?


Book Trailer

(Click HERE to watch more trailers from the series)



“Why are you helping me?” Caleb approached her cautiously, his stare darting over her shadowy features.

The words hissed from her lips, “I am not helping you.”

“I know more about you than you know.” His voice deepened, his brow lowered over his icy eyes.

“You know nothing about me.”

“I know you dream of being rescued.” He stalked closer as he described the story of Ashleigh’s Nightwalkers series. Even though she hadn’t been aware when she wrote them, they were all the feelings of the countess, the white queen trapped in the devil’s keep. “You dream…you disconnect. You want to be good. You don’t want to do this—you don’t want Drake.” She didn’t answer, her head lowering slightly as her glare intensified. “You want me. You want me to take you away from this—love you and give you the freedom you lack.”

“I lack nothing.”

“No…” His voice softened as he reached his hand out to her. “It’s the opposite. You feel like you’ve lost everything. Sacrificed everything for Drake.”

She turned her back to him abruptly and gazed out the window. The room was dark, and no one could see her standing there from the outside. “I am a sinner that can never be redeemed. I have sealed my fate. I have become what I willed. You cannot save what is not there.”

“Let me be your prince.” His arms slipped around her waist, the countess startling at his touch. She turned her head, but couldn’t fully see his face. “You dreamt of me, and now I’m here. It’s not too late. Let me be part of reality. Let me save you.”

Closing her eyes, she felt his kiss on her neck. His hands held her with a rough, but loving touch. He knew her. She could feel it in the way his hands knew exactly where to touch her. In the way he knew where to kiss her.

Inhaling deeply, her eyes slowly fluttered open. Her words were breathless, a great sadness lining them, “Please stop.” Instead, Caleb’s kisses deepened, his hands moving down her torso and creeping between her legs. He wasn’t like Drake—he held her roughly, passionately. Whispering, she closed her eyes as she took his hands in hers, “Please…”

As he nibbled on her ear, Caleb spoke in a husky tone, “Don’t say you’ve forgotten me.”

“I do not know you. I would remember such a man if I had.”

He held her tighter, his cheek rubbing against hers. “You like stories?”

She slowly turned to face him, her eyes gleaming with forming tears. She studied his features—his strong jaw, his bright eyes. His grin was that of a troublesome kid, and he didn’t carry the elegance Drake did. Deep inside, she could feel a deep connection to him, but she didn’t understand it. He was dressed in black, his hair perfectly swept into a small Mohawk, it’s color dark like his sun-kissed skin. Her words slipped through her lips, soft like the passing breeze, “I do…”

“Can I tell you one?”

“Yes.” Her stare was glued on his lips, a slightly dazed expression on her face. She appeared afraid, her breath deep and slow.

“There was once a grand lady. She was beautiful and pure. Sweet and shy. But she lived in a world full of fighting and death. Her town was being ravaged by a sect of vampires. The master vampire fell in love with the girl and vowed to make her his. As a peace offering, her father offered her to the leader of his enemy, but before he could, she was kidnapped by another sect of vampires.”

He studied her expression, but it was blank, as if she was looking right through him. He continued, “She fell in love with the rival’s leader, but kept her feelings for him secret. That is, until the master stole her back and tried to make her his slave. She sent her love a letter that read…”

He slowly let his arms slip around her waist, but didn’t draw her close. He could see her pull back slightly, and he knew she would push him away if he made a wrong move. “‘You are my sun. Like forbidden rays that, if they were to touch my skin, I would die—my body melting as the cursed blood that flows within burns me alive. But I would die to see a sunrise. To feel that warmth that I can only dream of. I want to bask in the heat of your kiss, even if it reduces me to ash. I love you. Even if my heart is caged and my body is ravaged by the wolf’s claws, I shall never give my love to another’.”

Her words were shaky, but she tried desperately to keep her composure, “Did she see the sun?”

“The man came to her rescue, and she realized she wouldn’t burn in the sun’s light, no matter how black the curse that had turned her blood.”

“Once you get accustomed to the darkness, the light becomes your fear. Everything can be hidden in the shadows—fear, pain, dreams.” She looked downward, her eyes narrowing on Caleb’s skull belt buckle. “I do not wish for the light. I wish for—”

“Your light to come and burn the ones who dare keep such a flower in the darkness.” He beamed when he got a reaction from her. She sent him a tender smile, that awestruck look in her eyes that he remembered well. This was how she had regarded him when they had first met. With love. “You need the sun to grow. Moonlight can only kill. I want you to grow. Let me help you.”


To purchase Blood War and the other books in the series, visit


Forever Black: The Ledge



Protected: Secret Scarlet: Raw

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Behind the Covers: Check Mate


Check out the new cover for my book, Check Mate!!

Originally posted on Black Kat Designs:

checkmatecover4For this cover I got the opportunity to work with the same cover model as I did with Breaking the Cycle’s, Keoni Koch.  This time, I commissioned him for the design, so I could pick the pose.  The last design the author sent me the pictures and I designed the cover.  It was pretty cool to be able to get my own stock directly from the model, so many thanks to Keoni for being on my cover and in it’s trailer.


Behind the design:

  • I wanted an icy theme with a strong central image.  I really like the effect of a strong, dominant character on the front that commands your attention.  I accentuated the eyes, which were the central focus of the design.  I also enlarged them a bit to intensify his expression.  I think it turned out awesome and it has the effect I wanted.  I love…

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Check Mate Book Trailer

Originally posted on Black Kat Designs:

I designed this trailer for Check Mate .  I’m very happy with the way my stop action sequences turned out. It looks awesome!

I also got to work with Keoni Koch, the cover model I used in Breaking the Cycle‘s design, again on this project.  That was a lot of fun. I’m currently working on the cover for Check Mate and will post it as soon as it’s finished.  Also, look out for The Guilty Countess‘ cover that I will share with all of you as soon as the author has his cover reveal.

Enjoy the trailer!  And as always, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it :D

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Protected: Check Mate: I heard it in the locker room….

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Check Mate: Ashton’s Princess


Here’s another excerpt from Check Mate.  I posted an excerpt with Morgan and was asked for a scene with Gwen and Ashton, so here you go.

Meet Ashton.

I’d tell you his last name, but…’s a surprise in the book, so I’m not giving it away, yet.  His identity is pretty important to the plot, so you’ll have to read the book to find out why ;)

The book should be releasing sometime next month, so you don’t have that long to wait.  Also, watch out for the upcoming cover reveal and book trailer.


She stepped into the dark room and heard Ashton shut the door. The light flickered on.  The bedroom was lavishly decorated, a giant king size bed in the far corner. The walls were a crisp white, the paneling a soft, elegant gray. Everything was perfect here, not a single thing out of alignment. This was not a room she was felt comfortable in.

Gwen rubbed her arm nervously. “You know what’s funny?” She laughed as she turned to him. He had shed his suit coat, his slender fingers unbuttoning his finely tailored dress shirt.

“What?” He wasn’t looking at her, a slightly hardened expression on his face. He was lost in thought and she could tell he wasn’t thinking about making love to his girlfriend. He was running numbers in his head for work.

“It’s like that dream I had as a little girl.” She walked further into the room and sat on the bed. Her eyes gazed up at the chandelier above, the diamonds dripping from it like small droplets of frozen water. “I was gonna marry a prince with a huge castle and he’d make me a princess.” She turned to Ashton, who was reading a message on his phone. He seemed annoyed, his shirt unbuttoned and showing a tease of his chest. Gwen continued, “You have the castle, but not the stables full of horses, the giant indoor pool and ice skating rink.”

“I have pool.” His eyes narrowed on his screen as he typed quickly.

Gwen laughed lightly, her eyes gazing upward. “But you don’t have an ice skating rink.” She teased as she pulled off one of her heels. “If you did, I’d definitely move in here.”

“Then I’ll put one in.” He sat next to her, tossing his phone to the bed.

“I could have an apartment in the west wing and you could charge me rent…” She spoke playfully as she wrapped her arms around his neck.  She gave him a quick kiss. “In kisses.”

“In kisses? How would I do the taxes on that?” He chuckled as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

“I don’t know.” Slowly swinging her leg, she climbed onto his lap. She pushed her body closer, her nose resting playfully against his. “I’m not good with math. Just charge me a dollar a day or something. You can take the kisses as an under the counter bribe.”

“You like it here?” His voice was soft, the smoothness igniting a great desire within her. Ashton was extremely sexy, like a real fairytale prince.

“I still think it’s too big.”

“It’s not.” Pushing up her dress, his fingers slid over the bare skin of her thighs.

“It is.” She shoved his chest, but Ashton didn’t shove back. Instead of continuing the play, she softly traced small circles on his bare shoulder. “Ashton?”

“Yes?” He pulled her dress’ zipper, the garment falling limp around her.

“Do you….” Her lips were parted, reluctant to release her next words. Her eyes darted over his for a brief second before he pulled her dress over her head and tossed it aside.

“What?” His kisses moved slowly down the curve of her neck, his hand reaching back and undoing her bra. He pulled it off in a swift action. His hands climbed her back, Ashton taking a firm grip on her torso. Stretching it slightly, his lips explored her breasts, something that was very distracting to the conversation.

“Do you….” Her hands took a firm hold of his shoulders, her back arching slightly as she took in the heat of his kiss. “Really…” Her breath was quick, her head falling back slightly. “Love me?”

Ashton’s content eyes glanced up at her briefly, but he didn’t answer. He laid back, Gwen falling onto him.


a note fromsmI’ve been getting some good reader input lately, so I’m updating the site (mainly my WIP section because I’ve been slacking on that).  I’ve been asked for more excerpts from either my published books or WIPs.  And that makes me ecstatic!  Thank you for all those interested, I would love to honor your requests.  And, because of that, I’m adding a page on the site for excerpt requests.  Now, if you want to know more about what I’m doing, it’ll be an easy way to contact me and ask for certain excepts from books.  I have a request for something from Check Mate, which I will post tomorrow or sometime next week.

Go HERE to put in your excerpt/post requests or HERE to contact me about anything else.  I would love to hear from more of you! Thanks to all those who contributed input!  I hope I fixed the issues you had addressed.  And yes!  My T-shirts are available for purchase!  Just contact me and I will tell you the details.

Feel free to check out the sites and new tabs!

WIP Wolf’s Secret: Are you a vampire?


a note fromsm

Check out this excerpt from Wolf’s Secret, one of my latest WIP’s.

This story has a temporary title of Wolf’s Secret, but most likely that will change.  I’m not good with coming up with titles until after I’ve finished the book.  The book is sitting around 17K right now.  It’s my intention to make it into a novel, so it’s got a ways to go yet.  It’s also been brought to my attention that I need to update my WIP pages.  I will get on that, thanks to those who have alerted me about it.  I’ll get an info page up on this one soon.


She went to climb the stairs, but stopped when she saw someone standing there.  A smile filled her lips.  “Wolf.”

“Hi.” His hands were delved into his pockets, his collar popped and his hood up so all she could recognize was his frame.  “I ditched the other guys tonight, so I’m home early.”

“That Johnson is an idiot, isn’t he?”  She laughed as she climbed the stairs and stuck her key in the lock.  “Would you like to come in for a few minutes?”  Her smile wavered as she waited for his answer.  She was afraid he’d say no again.

“I got a few minutes.”  He stood next to her, then walked inside.  The pair walked to her apartment.

“Thanks.”  She unlocked her door.  “For coming in, I mean.”

“You invited me.”  He let out a tense chuckle.  She watched him curiously for a few seconds, then motioned for him to go inside.

Taking off her coat, she tossed it on a nearby chair.  “So, tell me something.”  She watched him nervously glance around the room.  “You can take your coat off, you know.”  She laughed when he turned to her.  “Here.”  She put her hands on his shoulders, but when she tried to pull it off, Wolf quickly took a step away from her.  “What is wrong with you, Wolf?”  Letting out an annoyed huff, she motioned toward him.  He still had his hood up, his face almost completely hidden.


“Then why do you get all weird like this all of a sudden?”  Crossing her arms over her chest, there was a great hurt in her voice. “You treat me like some monster. I can’t stand it.”

She turned from him and walked into the kitchen.  She angrily threw open the cupboard and grabbed the can of coffee.  She was crying, but donned a stiff lip. Pouring the measured amount water and grounds into the coffee maker, she turned it on.

His voice was low as he came into the kitchen. “Evie…”  He was standing a few feet from her as he studied her movements.

“Just leave.”  She walked briskly to the table and pulled a book from her bag.  “And take your damn book.”  She shoved it into his hands as she wiped at her eyes.  “I don’t want to see you anymore.”


She didn’t answer him as she pretended to rinse dishes in the sink.

“You don’t mean that.”  He set the book on the table, then stood next to her.

“Get away from me.”  She slammed the cup into the strainer, her anger making her action aggressive.  The glass shattered, some of it jumping up and slicing her finger.

Eve let out a scream, her finger streaming with blood.  Wolf immediately retracted, taking a few steps back.  She turned on the water and let it run over the wound.

“Are you all right?”  Wolf’s eyes narrowed on her wound, his voice soft.

“No.”  Turning to him, her eyes were streaming with tears.

“Let me see.”  Taking up a position behind her, Wolf cradled her injured hand in his and pulled it out of the stream.  It was a rapidly bleeding wound, the blood now dripping down her wrist.  His breath grew rapid, his eyes fixated on the wound.  “Let’s try and…”  He paused, then swallowed hard.  Grabbing for a nearby roll of paper towels, he pulled off a few and held it on her wound.  “Just keep some pressure on it.”

As he held the towels on her wound, Eve’s red eyes studied him curiously.

“What?”  He smiled at her, his eyes meeting with hers.

“Can I tell you something?”  She slowly took her hand back and held the towels over the wound.

“Sure, but let’s get this wound taken care of first.”  He took her arm and led her toward the bathroom.  “Where’s your first aid—“

“I think you’re a vampire.”

Her words made him stop dead in his tracks.  His eyes snapped to hers as they both stared at each other for a few seconds.  She wasn’t joking and from the intense look in her eyes she demanded a response.

“Are you?”  Pulling her hand to her chest, she swallowed hard.  There was fear in her eyes, something he hadn’t seen there before.

“Why would you ask me that?”  He walked past her and into the bathroom.  She followed him and stood near the doorway.  “Where’s your first aid kit?”  Watching him go through the cupboards, she stood still.

“Are you?”  She saw him glance at her, a hard look in his eyes and his jaw tense.  “Wolf?”  She took the wad of paper towels off her hand, the layers coated with bright red blood.  Holding out her hand, her stance was rigid.  Blood ran down her finger, some slow drops falling on the yellowing tiles at her feet.

“Band aids.”  He grabbed a package out of the cupboard and walked over to her.  Licking his lips, he took her hand and placed her other over the wound so the towels would soak up the blood.

“Yes or no?”  Her eyes were pleading, a few tears snaking down her cheek.

“Why would you say something like that?”  He ushered her over to the sink and turned on the water.  Letting it run over her wound, his eyes narrowed on the diluted blood that ran down the drain.

“Because you act like one.”

“How does a vampire act?”

“Jumpy around humans.”  Swallowing, it took a big effort to get out the next word, “Hungry.”

“Have you ever met a vampire?”  He let her hand stay under the water as he opened the band aid.

“No.”  She sent him a small smile, her eyes never leaving hers.

“Then how would you know how they act?”

She spoke teasingly, her voice flirty. “So if you’re not a vampire, then why are you so weird when you get close to me?”

“I’m not weird.”  He grabbed her hand and stuck her finger in his mouth.  The act surprised her, and she stared at him wide eyed.  She could feel him sucking on it, his eyes glued on hers.   He then pulled it out.  “See? Doesn’t taste good.”

“That’s something a vampire wouldn’t say.”  She then laughed, her eyes turning from his.  “So, you’re not a vampire.  You’re not on drugs.  Then what is it?”

“I don’t know.  I don’t think I act weird.”

“Well, you do.” She watched him take her finger and wrap the bandage around it.  “Are you a virgin?”

“No.”  He chuckled as he leaned against the sink.

“Then why do you get all fidgety when we’re close?”  She held up her finger as she studied the small cartoon kittens that covered it’s surface.

“I don’t.”

She sent him a sour sideways smile and dropped her hand.  “Seriously.”  She jumped up on the sink, swinging her legs playfully as she studied him.  “I’m not taking no for answer.”

“Do you have to know everything?” His arms were crossed, his eyes darting around the room quickly.  His vision was sharp and though he was sitting still, his mind seemed to moving a thousand times faster than hers.

“Yeah.”  They shared a laugh.  “So…”  She spoke in a flirty tone. “We ruled out vampire, druggie and virgin.  What else?”  Putting her wounded finger up to her chin, she tapped it playfully.  “Did you have a bad relationship or something?  Anxiety?”

“No.”  His voice was calm, his gaze falling on her curious eyes.  “I’m fine.  I just don’t like people touching me without asking.  I’m jumpy. I’m not the type of person you can sneak up on.”

“Take off your jacket.”  She motioned to him.  “I’ve never seen you without that thing.  Even in the summer.”

“I like it.”  He chuckled as he pulled at the fabric of his coat.

“Come on…”  She cooed as she beckoned him closer with her finger.  “Take it off.”

Positioning himself between her knees, he pulled them open so he could get closer to her.  “You take your shirt off and I will.”

“Okay.”  She quickly pulled off her shirt and threw it to the floor.  Grabbing a hold of her hair, she twisted it around her fingers a few times before tossing it over her shoulder.  Her Watcher’s necklace sparkled under the light, the long charm resting between her breasts.

“Cute.”  He snapped the strap of her bra, his eyes glued on her ample breasts.  He slowly peeled off his jacket and tossed it to the floor.

“That’s a jacket too.”  She yanked down the zipper to his hoodie, then slowly ran her fingers under it and pushed it off his shoulders.  Giggling, she ran her hands under his shirt, feeling his hard muscles under hands.  “There’s a sexy guy under here, why are you trying to hide it?”

“Everyone has their secrets.”  He sent her a devilish grin.  Taking her in his arms, his hands rested on the band of her pants.  “My pants for yours?”

How It’s Done: Sea Queen (Mock Cover)

Awesome post on graphic design! Check it out!

Book Review: Blood Kisses by H.N. Sieverding


A great review of Blood kisses :D

Originally posted on Miriam Smith - Written Love:


Title: Nightwalkers, Book 1: Blood Kisses
Author: H.N. Sieverding
Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing
Release Date: November 2013
Genre: Paranormal, Horror

***Received from author for an honest review***

I can truthfully say I’ve never read a vampire book like this one.

Blood Kisses isn’t your run-of-the-mill paranormal romance. There’s a well-balanced mixture of reality, fantasy, and romance, but that’s about all it has in common with other stories in this genre. What makes this story different are three things: 1)vampires are not immortal, 2)the amount of carnage committed by the vampires in this story, and 3)vampire bites hurt like a bitch.

I liked that Ms. Sieverding didn’t hide the monster that lurked in each vampire. And I loved that her vampires delighted in the havoc they created, how feeding didn’t appear to have any rhyme or reason. They were hungry, so they fed on whatever unfortunate mortal was around.

Maybe it…

View original 86 more words

Blood War: Sins


This book has finally made it to the editor!  Yea!  Blood War (Nightwalkers #3) is coming out later next month.  It’s an intense, fast pace read, so I’m excited for it’s debut.  It’s a great ending to the series, though I’m thinking I may get begged for a book 4, but I’m not ready to write it yet.  Here’s a tease from the book featuring Drake and Ashleigh.  I’d like to hear your thoughts, so feel free to leave them.


She tiptoed past a room, the door slightly ajar. The wooden floor creaked and she turned to the sound of a loud sigh. Peering inside the room cautiously, she saw him. His features were lit up by the fire that raged in the hearth, the warmth spreading out into the hall.

As if awaiting her, his eyes locked on hers. She had been caught and there would be no warm, safe bed waiting for her. This saddened her but at the same time, the warmth of the fire was tempting, as was the handsome man that sat at it’s side. She hated this attraction to him, the love she had for the devil making her feel sinful.

She watched him for a few seconds. He wore a large grin, beckoning her closer with the slow movement of his finger. Backtracking, she let out a defeated sigh. Her shaky feet took her into the room, where she then knelt at his feet.

Her voice was shaky as she spoke, “What is your wish, your grace?”

“You have come just in time.” He chuckled, his voice smooth as velvet. His eyes watched her scratch her arm nervously. Her dark hair fell from her messy bun, her neck scared and covered in healing bite wounds. She was skittish and submissive, her eyes downcast. Dressed like a servant, her clothing was plain and stained, a stark contrast to the crisp whiteness of his linen shirt.

“Do you wish for a story, your grace?” She scanned the carpeting at her feet, her hand fisted as she held it to her chest. The carpeting was hand weaved and extremely expensive, the softness of the fibers a welcome relief to kneeling on the cold floor.

“I have been thinking about you all night, my faithful—” The words made her shiver, but she gritted her teeth so they didn’t chatter. “Beautiful, perfect little slave.” He studied her for a few seconds, then spoke again, a more casual tone in his voice, “And I have decided something.”

“Please, your grace.” She shook, her terrified eyes darting over his handsome features. Her eyes settled on his shining green eyes, but didn’t linger long in fear they would trap her. “I beg of you. Allow to see the sunrise. I will do anything you ask, I—”

“Why?” It was the same question he had asked her every night, the same one she dreaded.

“I shall tell you a better story than the last.” Her eyes were wide as she tried to read his expression, but couldn’t. “Please do not lock me with the others. The darkness is hard to bear without a light—the cellar forever cloaked in the damp blanket of night. I’m afraid.”

“When you know what lies within the shadows, you shall never fear the dark.” His toothy grin revealed his large fangs, his eyes bright and filled with an evil light.

“I do not wish to become an immortal. I—”

“I shall take away all your fears.” Waving his hand gracefully, he called her to his lap. She immediately obeyed him, a great haste in her actions.

“Please, your grace.” She shivered as his fingers brushed gently against the bruised skin of her neck. He held her lovingly, but there was no love on her face, only fear. “I beg of you. Allow me to see the sunrise. Do not turn me.”

“When the sun rises, my blood will flow through your veins.” He took hold of her chin and forced her to look at him. He looked into her large blue eyes, his thumb rubbing her dirty skin. “You are no longer worthy of being my servant. I want much more from you than sex, blood and fairy tales. You mean so much more to me than that—and you know it. You’re different from the others.”

She wanted to protest, but all she did was stare into his eyes. She knew what happened to those that defied him and she wouldn’t dare begin an argument.

“I love you, my Lady.” His words were loving, his eyes taking in her fear. “And I grow tired of this game. I want you to live as I and become my Queen. You are not like these humans—you are destined to become a God.”

“I…” She paused, her hand reaching up and resting on his. “Do not—”

“You will become what I make you—” He squeezed her face, squishing her lips together. Roughly moving her head, he controlled her every movement. “And you will love me. Forever.” He moved closer to her ear, his lips kissing their surface. “Ask for my bite and I can make all your sadness disappear and you will find sleep. While you slumber the sun shall rise, the rays never kissing the skin that is meant only for my eyes—my hands…” He lightly kissed her neck, his breath hot. “My lips.”

“Please, your grace.” Her eyes stared past him as she wrapped her arms around his neck. “I offer my blood. May the fulfillment also bring you sleep.” Her words didn’t reflect her true feelings, but the tears in her eyes did. They settled on a corpse laying on the floor. He was bleeding out onto the carpet, the flesh of his neck torn.

His lips lightly kissed the surface of her neck, forming scabs covering most of it’s surface. He didn’t seem to care, his hands caressing her curves as he became aroused. Her breath quickened, her vision distant as she tried to calm herself. Her words were soft as his hand slipped up her dress, “Drake…”

“Yes, my love?” Sweeping his nose up the slope of her chin, his eyes fell on hers.

“Take my blood.” Her lips trembled, her eyes searching his sparkling emerald eyes. “I do not deserve this love from you—my flesh is unworthy. Bite me and blind my eyes from my sins.” Running his finger down her cheek, his eyes settled on her lips. “I feel so ashamed. I remain alive while others die. I do not deserve your kindness.”

“Do not feel that way. You are worthy of my love.” Taking hold of her face, he placed a single kiss on her lips. “I’ll take away your guilt. Let you live in a perfect dream world where there is no sin—no regret, only happiness.” He kissed her cheek. “Love me, and never again will you pray for the sun to rise. In the night, the sun shall kneel at your feet—submit to you. You will be worshiped as a goddess worthy of the love of the devil.”

“I’m a sinner who doesn’t deserve redemption. I’m so wicked that my soul has become as black as the ash in the courtyard. While the remnants of my past are snuffed out, their blood runs like a red river at my feet. I hear their screams, but stand motionless until they have stilled—until there is only the silence of night and the light in the tower that rests on my shoulders.”

He listened silently as he pulled down her stockings, his fingers delighting in bare skin that brushed against his. There was a great desire in his eyes that she knew she would soon satisfy. While his lips peppered her chest with kisses, one of his hands slid down her bodice, taking a firm hold of her breast.

Staring straight ahead, she tried to ignore him as she continued, “Then…one by one I see the bodies tossed into the fire. I watch their faces melt and the flames ravage their bodies that once fought with the strength of ten men. And yet…” Tears fell from her eyes, her eyes darting over his content expression. There was a calm evil in his eyes, something that never changed. “They never scream, their eyes staring distantly at me as I watch them burn. They look so peaceful in death…the darkness in their eyes.” Her fingers stroked his collar, her words slightly choked as she felt his hand caressing her thigh. “Soon all that remains is me—my memories and a pile of ash that fills my lungs and chokes me. Each death clings to me, filling me until my insides turn black.”

“Becoming immune to death is not a sin. It shows your strength, your submission to powers higher than yourself.” He snickered, his hand reaching in his pocket and unsheathing a shiny blade. “Do not be ashamed of that.”

She glanced downward briefly, then back at him. “But I’ve done terrible things.” His grin grew and he bore his fangs at her teasingly. Her vision snapped to the sharp instruments of death, her tears slowing slightly. “I fear I may never be forgiven. That I will be cast into hell and never see the light of heaven.”

Check In: 2/7

checking in

I haven’t done a check-in for awhile, so I thought it was about time ;)

I’ve been doing good in the writing realm.  I recieved some good reviews for Nightwalkers, and Forever Black seems to be doing well.  I have the cover for Blood War, did I reveal it yet?  If not, I’ll post it here.  I adore it ;)  Very Drake and Ashleigh.  I tried finding a Caleb for cover number three, but couldn’t find anything worthy in stock (sad face).


  • Make last minute adjustments on Forever Mine and get my self-edited copy to the publisher.

  • Edit Check Mate, write a synopsis and send it to the publisher.

  • Make book trailers for Doll Shoppe and The Last Hero.

  • Get more commissions for book covers

  • Find some more guests for Freshly Booked.

  • Put together some pre-made cover art for my portfolio.

Happy Thoughts:

  • One of my cover designs (The Masked Lady) is going to be used as an example of excellent cover art for a regency novel at an upcoming writer’s conference in LA.  So awesome! This makes me very happy, and I feel honored to get the opportunity.

  • I got a bigger laptop and it works awesome for my graphic design.

  • I may get to use Tricia’s cover model for my next book ;)


  • Pandora cut me off this month.  Apparently they limit your monthly music usage.

  • Getting asked about my book sales.  Never ask an author how much they make.

Breaking The Cycle



a note fromsmBreaking the Cycle is the newest release from Tricia Andersen.  If you haven’t checked the book out, you should!  It’s already become a best seller on Amazon and Tricia’s publisher’s website.  Way to go Tricia!

She wrote the book as a tribute to her daughter, who has CVS, or Cyclonic Vomiting Syndrome.  The main character in the book also struggles with this.  I think it’s incredibly awesome that Tricia is donating most of royalties for the book to fund research for CVS.

She’s an amazing lady and I’m glad to call her one of my friends.  Not only is she my co-host on Freshly Booked, she’s the Editorial Director for Secret Cravings Publishing’s ezine, Cravings.  You’ll have to check out her other books and make sure to stop by one of her social media sites and say hello!

I am especially fond of this cover because it’s one of my designs. Isn’t it rockin’ hot? Hee hee.  The cover model was also an inspiration behind the book, so it was awesome he agreed to be on the cover.  Thanks Keoni!

So, please take some time to read more about this book and leave a comment with your thoughts.  I love comments and I’m sure Tricia does too!  Thanks again for stopping by!




Buy the book HERE

Book Description:

Max sacrifices everything to find an answer to Chloe’s illness.  But is it enough to save their relationship – and save her?

Max is excited when Chloe, a girl that works for the same gym he does, agrees to go on a date with him.  He is disturbed, though, when she becomes violently ill after he kisses her.  Max can’t shake how he feels about her.  He sacrifices his job and does everything he can to find an answer to her illness.  But is it enough to save their relationship – and save her?

Chloe can’t believe Max Thomas, the hottest guy at Roadie’s Gym, wants to go out with her.  When their date is a disaster, she thinks she’ll never see him again.  She is stunned when he reappears in her life and tries to find the answer behind whatever has made her sick since she was a child.  However, will he stick around or abandon her like her father did?  Can she trust him enough to let him into her heart?




Max stepped inside the gym. It was deserted. He glanced around. The place was no Roadie’s. There was no perfect, stainless steel trim. There was no state-of-the-art equipment. He scrutinized the cardio machines that were lined three deep along a wall of frosted windows then scanned the weight equipment alongside it. Everything looked like it was in working order.

The rest of the room was lined with vinyl wrestling mats. There were signs indicating locker rooms back in the hallway. A staircase leading to a walkway on the second floor led to a couple offices and a conference room.

Suddenly, its door opened. Max steeled himself as a young, well-built, suit-clad man stepped out and leaned against the metal rail. His slicked–back, black hair made him look like a used car salesman. He smiled down at Max.

“Hey, Jack,” Max greeted coolly.

“What brings you to Hard Drive, Max?”

“I came to talk to you about the job offer you gave me.”

Jack laughed. “How many times did I offer a job to you?”

“At least a dozen times.”

“And how many times have you turned me down?”

“Just as many.”

“Why would I offer it to you again?”

“Because, to quote your own words, ‘I’m the best you could possibly dream of getting’.”

“So, you suddenly got over your hang ups about working here?”

Max took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. “No. I am still vehemently against training your guys to the best of my ability so that you can toss them into an octagon and let them beat the crap out of each other. Seems to make the job pointless, don’t you think?”

“I don’t toss them in there. They fight of their own free will.”

“Is the job available or not?”

“Of course, it is.” Jack was smug.

“I have stipulations before I agree to it.”

Jack snickered. “Of course, you do. More money? Do you want me to buy you a better car?”

Max glared at him. “I want an assistant. Full time with benefits, especially medical. I write her schedule. She answers to me. Your fighters don’t touch her. If they do, we’re both out of here. Don’t raise the salary you offered me. Lower it, if you must. But I get my assistant.”

“You really think you need an assistant?”

“How many MMA fighters do you have here?”

Max could see Jack’s brow crunch as he computed the numbers in his head. “Thirty.”

“Then, yes, I need an assistant.”

“And you realize that you aren’t going to teach Tae Bo here, right? You’re training my MMA fighters. And your assistant will be, too.”

Max paused. “Yes. I know what I’ll be doing.”

Jack pushed himself away from the rail and stood straight. “You’re hired. And so is your assistant. There’ll be no change in your salary. I’ll negotiate your assistant’s with you at a later time. I promise it’ll be fair. Be here Monday to sign your contracts. And give Roadie your two weeks’ notice. You belong to Hard Drive now.”

Jack strode back into the conference room, closing the door behind him. Max shot one last glare at the door before he walked out the front door.

Max couldn’t wait to tell Chloe the news. He sped through Minneapolis to her house, his heart racing in excitement. He scanned the property as he shifted the car into part.

Chloe was digging the trowel deep into the moist soil. She scraped out the black dirt then turned to the potted, pale pink hyacinths at her side. Gently tapping the bottom of the pot to free the plant, she set it in the hole in the ground. She patted the extra dirt around the flower to secure it.

She turned, noticing him in the car alongside the curb. She brushed the dirt off her hands and stood as Max threw open the door and jumped out. He raced across the yard to her.

“Max, what are you doing here?” she asked.

“I have the best news, Chloe,” he gushed.

“What is it?”

“I found you a job. You’re already hired. You’re going to be my assistant.”

“You got me re-hired at Roadie’s?”

“No. I’m taking a job at Hard Drive as a trainer there. You’ll be an assistant trainer. Jack, the owner, is going to pay you a generous salary. It’s a full time job, with benefits like medical insurance. I get to write your schedule, so I can work around all the third Thursdays. And if you’re sick on other days, I’ll smooth it over with Jack.”

“Isn’t Hard Drive that MMA gym?” she asked warily.

“Yes. Jack has been trying to get me to work there for years.”

“But you love Roadie’s. Why would you quit?”

“Because you need a job.”

“Max, you shouldn’t have given up a job you love so much.”

Max touched her chin with his fingers and tilted her face to his. “You need the job, Chloe. You need the insurance. Come on. Come and work with me again.”

A smile slowly crept across her lips. “Sure, Max. Thank you. Really, you shouldn’t have. But thank you so much.”

“You’re welcome. We need to meet with Jack to sign our contracts. Then, we start in two weeks.”

Chloe bit her lip uneasily. “Max, there is one thing. All those guys. I mean, being around men makes me nervous. That’s why I usually taught classes geared for women.”

He grinned at her. “I thought about that. It’s part of the deal. They bother you at all, we’ll walk. Jack won’t let that happen. All right?”

She smiled again. “All right. Thank you again.”

“Sure. See you Monday?”

“I’ll be there.”


Find Tricia here:







Check Mate is finished!


Check Mate  is done!

Yea!  So, come celebrate with me today!  I got the perfect ending I wanted, and I couldn’t be happier with the story.  Thanks to my awesome betas, Jennifer and Leta for giving me “relationship advice” for my main character, it really helped.  Now I need to edit it and type up a synopsis to send it out to a publisher.  Hopefully, you will see it in print in the near future.

So…here’s the stats for this book.  And yes, I know that it’s not a “book” until it’s published, but I like to refer to it as one.

Word Count (this will change after editing):  67 K

Genre: Contemporary romance, sports romance

Book description:

Gwen’s ex left her and his small town life to play pro hockey, and no matter how hard she tries, she can’t forget him.  She’s given up on love and wallows in her sorrows by spending hours skating at the rink.  She has the talent to become a professional skater, but her fear of leaving her small town life holds her back.  Not only from her dream, but also from moving forward in life.

After several tries, a friend finally gets Gwen to join a dating service.  But it’s not just any service, it’s a service tailored for rich men.  Her first date, Ashton, is gorgeous, but to Gwen he is just another arrogant rich guy, who always has to be right.  And Ashton is always right. The pair argues and nothing seems to please the hard-headed, yet soft spoken, Ashton.  It also doesn’t help that he doesn’t seem interested in her whatsoever.

The pair seems ill matched and after their first date, she thinks she’ll never see him again.  But when he calls her for a second date and begins showering her with expensive gifts, everything changes and she finds herself finally falling in love again.  That is until Gwen’s ex, the now famous hockey star, skates back into her life.  Will she once again fall under his spell, or will she be crowned Ashton’s princess instead?

Here’s an excerpt.  It’s from the very beginning.  I’m being generous with the excerpt, but it’s not contracted anywhere yet, so I can :D  I’d love to hear your thoughts about it, so please leave a comment!


Two years earlier


Wearing her Black Kat’s jersey and their colors in her long ponytail, Gwen raced toward the locker rooms.  She waited with a bunch of the fans, her excitement wearing thick on her face.  She wore the number “twenty-three” on her jersey, the name “Tanner” in thick bold lettering on the back.

Fans were shouting as the players came forth, the heat of the game still alive in their hearts.  Gwen was hanging toward the back, her eyes searching for her number twenty-three.  She saw her brother emerge, his loud voice making her turn.  Sam raised both his fists and let out a glory shout before going over to hug his wife. They had just won the state tournament and everyone was excited.

She smiled as she watched a few of the players flash their trophy, proud smiles on their faces as they posed for pictures.  Minutes passed and Gwen started to get antsy.  She tried to see down the hallway, but it was still blocked with people.  Thinking he was just late, she instead turned her attentions to a news reporter.  He was interviewing her brother, Sam speaking excitedly about the game.

A few more minutes passed and still no Morgan Tanner.  She glanced over and saw Morgan’s parents, both of them gushing to the reporter about their son.  It was clear that Morgan was the star, and he was the only one anyone cared to ask about.  Without him, their small town team would never had made it to state.  The thought made Gwen beam with pride.  Morgan was amazing and she couldn’t wait to give him that victory kiss.

Running her fingers through her long black ponytail nervously, Gwen bit her lip, then let it slide slowly out from under her front teeth.  Sam walked past her, and she grabbed his arm.

“Sam.”  Gwen smiled when he turned to her.  She bounced on her feet, a great excitement in her voice.

“Gwenie!”  Sam gave her a big hug, happiness in his loud voice.  “That was an awesome game wasn’t it?  The best yet!”

“You guys rocked!”  Gwen raised her fist, a small diamond sparkling on her finger as shook it.  She then pointed to the hallway.  “Where’s Morgan?  I haven’t seen him yet.  Why isn’t he out posing for the pictures with the team?”

“He’s talking to some recruiter down the hall.”

“Recruiter?”  Gwen’s smile slowly faded, her voice growing softer.

“Yeah.”  Sam playfully tapped her back.  “For the Timbers.  You guys might be moving to Calsburg.”  He then walked away with his wife, talking to many others along the way.

Gwen sighed, then swallowed the fear in her throat.  A recruiter.  She didn’t like that.  She loved that Morgan played hockey, but she wasn’t ready for this.  Not to have her life completely altered so he could play pro far away from their home.  She waited a few minutes more and the crowd slowly dispersed.  She didn’t see Morgan, so instead, she leaned up against the wall and waited.

Then she heard his voice.  “Hey!  You waited!”

She turned and smiled when she saw him.  Morgan’s arms were outstretched, over his shaggy hair was his wool cap with his team’s logo.  She jumped into his arms and hugged him tight.

She spoke in a sweet, flirty tone as she eyed him lovingly.  “You were amazing tonight, Morgan.  Congratulations on your win.”

“Thanks.”  He gave her a small kiss, then waved good bye to a man in a black suit.  “I’ll see you tomorrow, Mr. Burbin!”

“Plane leaves at ten!”  He playfully shot a finger in Morgan’s direction.  “I’ll see you at practice.”

“Okay!”  He shouted over Gwen, a great happiness in his voice as he watched the man leave.

“Plane?”  Gwen’s voice was mouse-like as she looked downward.  Inside, she felt a pang of terror, and she was knew exactly what he was about to say.

“Yeah.”  He reached up and cradled her cheeks, giving her another quick kiss.  “Isn’t this awesome, babe?  I’m gonna play for the Timbers!  I leave tomorrow to start practice.  I signed the papers and everything.  It’s official.  I am now playing for a National League team.”

“What?”  Gwen pulled away from him, a slightly angry tone in her voice.  “You already signed the papers?”

What?”  He looked at her with great confusion.  “I just got signed to a major team and you’re saying what?”

“Morgan…”  Putting a hand on her chest, her anger wore thick on her painted features.  “You made a life decision without me.  Why didn’t you at least—“

“You knew I wanted to play for the big leagues.  Why can’t you be happy about this?”  He was now angry too, and was gesturing with his hand.  “This is good for us.  We’re getting out of Vinton, I’m living my dream.  You’re my girl, you’re supposed to support me.”

“Support you?”  Swallowing hard, she tried to hold back her tears.  “I always support you. I do support you.  And I’m very happy you got this.  Super happy.”  She laughed nervously, but it wasn’t enough to steady her voice.  “My fiancé is going to be playing for a major team.  That’s awesome.”

“I know, right?”  Morgan beamed, playfully punching his open palm.  “I still can’t believe it, I—“

“But I….”  She paused, her eyes gazing downward.

“You what?”  Morgan was impatient and it was clear in his voice.

“I just got a contract to work for Devine, I signed on for a whole year.”  She then put her hand over her heart.  “You’ll have to go by yourself, I can’t go with you until it’s up.”

“Why not?”  Morgan shrugged, his tone never giving in.  “It’s your aunt’s business, I’m sure she’ll let you out of the contract.”  He put his hands on her shoulders and attempted a smile, but it didn’t stick.

No, she won’t.  I signed on for a year, I can’t get out of that. Dee’s family, I can’t abandon her like that, even if I really really want to go with you.  She needs me for this big project and if I don’t help, she could lose her contract.”  Gwen pushed his arms off gently.  “That’s a lot of money she could lose.  I can’t do that to her.  There’s no way I can go right now.”

“Well, I am going.”  His stare narrowed, the pair now in a standoff.  “Stop being such a baby about this and do something risky in your life for once.  I hate it when you do this.”

“Do what?”

“This!”  With over dramatic hand movements, he motioned toward her angrily.  “Stick your damn heels in the mud and don’t budge.  I gave up tryouts for Castle because you didn’t want to move.  This time I’m not going to do it.  I’m going to Calsburg and I’m playing for the Timbers because hockey is important to me.  A chance like this comes once in a lifetime, Gwen.  Once in fucking lifetime.”

“I never said you shouldn’t go.”  Sniffling, Gwen shoved her hands in her pockets.  She jiggled her keys, her eyes burning into the poster near her.  It was of the team, Morgan’s cocky smile staring back at her.  “I want you to go, like you said, it’s ‘a once in a lifetime chance’”.

“And if I go, then what?”  He moved in front of her, waving his hands to get her attention.  “You’re gonna stay here?  No.  You’re coming with me.”

“I can’t.”  She turned away from him, but he grabbed her shoulders and made her look at him.

“Don’t do this Gwenie.  Please.”  There was desperateness in his words.  “Come with me.  This is our chance to fly.  Get the hell outta this small town.  You know I hate it here.  I’m dying here.  I need to get the fuck out of this nobody place before I go nuts.  I’m too fucking good at this to play a few more years then become my dad.  I want to make more money.  Give you a life that’s better than some two bedroom apartment.  I want you to go with me, I want this for both of us.”

“I do too, and we will.  I just can’t yet.”  Gwen’s voice was soft, her eyes avoiding his.  “Why can’t you go and wait for me?”

“Damn it, Gwen.  Just do this for me.  I’ll make enough money and you won’t even have to work.  Dee can find someone else. Please.”  He put his hands together in prayer, his voice strained.  “Don’t fucking do this me.  This is my dream, don’t make me choose.  It’s not fair.”

“Choose?”  Her long ponytail slid over her shoulder, the ribbons in her hair catching the light and sparkling as she shook her head lightly.  “Why?  I—”

“If you don’t come with me right now, then we’re over, Gwen.  I mean it.  I’m tired of fucking around with you like this.  You say you’ll come, but I know you’re never gonna leave Vinton.  This is just some excuse so you don’t have to go.”

“Don’t you dare give me an ultimatum like that.”  She shook a stiff finger at him, tears now streaming from her eyes.  “This is not an excuse.  I just can’t go right now.”

His voice took on a deeper tone.  “You can, but you won’t.”

“That’s not it.”

“Agree, or we can’t be together anymore.  We’re not doing that long distance thing until you decide you’re ready to leave and be with me.  I can’t handle that.  I won’t do that.  Either you’re with me all the way, or we can’t be together.”  Raising his hands, Morgan’s voice showed his defeat.  “I’ll ask you one last time and then I’m never asking you again.”  He held out his hand.  “Come with me to Calsburg right now.  Not in a few months, not in a year.  Now.  This is my dream, you knew that since we were kids and you knew this day would come.  Support me, take a chance.”  He pleaded, fear in his words.  “Please, come on, Gwen.  Don’t end it like this.  Please.”

“You promised to marry me and raise a family here.  We’re supposed to be getting married in two months.”  Gwen raised two fingers as she spoke through her tears.  “Two months, Morgan.  We have everything planned, paid for.  We just signed a year’s lease on our new apartment. We can’t just—”

“Come with me.”  His arm stiffened, his breath quick.  “All that’s fixable, Gwen.  Come on, fly with me.  Please.”

“No.”  She turned from him.  “I can’t.”

“Fine.”  He dropped his hand.  His voice then showed his anger, but there was hint of wetness in his tone.  “Stay here and rot in Vinton.  See if I give a fuck.”  He shoved past her, his shoulder turning her body.  She watched him storm angrily toward the glass doors.  He shoved them open angrily, the noise the last she heard before it grew silent in the lobby.  And that was the last time she thought she’d ever see Morgan Tanner.

Forever Black: Stars

Forever Black was released Tuesday!

The second book of my Nightwalkers series is here!  Stop by to pick up your copy.  Find out more about the book, read an excerpt and watch it’s trailer HERE

The Count has some awesome quotes in the book and the one below is one of my favorites.


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