Christian’s Secret (Christian’s Kisses #3)

Christian’s Secret (Christian’s Kisses #3) 


Monroe, a vampire hunter, is obsessed with finding a missing artist who he believes is an Oracle for the House. He knows Master Vallore wants to turn her into a vampire and Monroe would do anything to prevent it.

First, he has to find her. No one seems to know where she is, even her family.

But Master Vallore has a secret. He has her and he’d do anything to protect her from Monroe and the House.



“My love for you is like the heavens, immeasurable and eternal. It will outlast the day and the night, the years and the centuries.”

— Christian Vallore



  • Dark Paranormal Romance
  • Horror
  • Contemporary Romance


  • Book #3 of the Christian’s Kisses Series


  • Tentative Release Date: Summer 2018


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FYI: The Christian’s Kisses series was previously contracted to Secret Cravings Publishing. When I got the rights back to the series, I followed the same rough story line and wrote all new books. For new readers, Initiation and Seed of the Master are NOT part of the new Christian’s Kisses series. I’m hoping fans of the original series will love this one, too.