Apocalypse (Apollo’s Mission #1) 

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Apocalypse (Apollo’s Mission #1) 


Atlas Apollo, one of the founders of the rock band, Night Atlas, has a near-death experience after collapsing at a concert. He has visions of a dark realm called the Void where all life in the universe was created. 

He believes his dream was merely a hallucination until creatures from the Void appear with a terrorist group called Apocalypse. When the band becomes Apocalypse’s next target, Atlas and his bandmates are pulled into a heated fight that they aren’t prepared for. 


* I may change the band name in the final version. I haven’t settled on it yet. It was originally “Apollo’s Mission” but I recently found out a band has that name already :/


“…..This place is like a bad movie I can’t get out of—except I’m not the dude who knows how to…” He held up his hands and wiggled his fingers wildly. “Do ju-dizzy-do, or smoke monsters with my bad-ass gun skills. None of my talents include survival skills on an alien warship….(omited section)….I feel like the hot blonde that’s just in the movie to show off her big-ass tits, then ten minutes in…” He held up his hands, his fingers curled as he strangled the air between him and Diana. “She gets sliced up with some mother-fucking alien ray-gun.”

-Malachi (Night Atlas’ Bassist)



  • New Adult
  • Sci-fi
  • Adventure
  • Suspense


  • Book #1 of the Apollo’s Mission Series


  • In edits