March Updates

Outside writing goals:

  • Do nothing drastic to my hair. I bet a lot of ladies hear me on this one. We think we need a “makeover” when we’re bored, then cut our hair and cry about it.
  • Check on Dad more.

Outside Writing Updates:

It’s been a tough year for me so far. My mom passed away in January, and I’ve been down. Though it hurt losing my mom, the mess that comes with losing a parent when you have a big family was the hardest part. Lots of drama and fighting.

Without my big brother, John, I wouldn’t have gotten through it. He has the best/cheesiest sense of humor and is still my best friend, even if I don’t see him often.

Speaking of my brother, it’s spring break for our kids this week, and my brother took my dad on vacation to his favorite place. I thought that was sweet of him. My dad recently got his COVID shots and hadn’t left the house for almost a year (because he quarantined with my mom since last March). I think that’s awesome! High-five to John and his family!

My family took a vacation to Florida last month. I spent time on the beach, we visited the Everglades, and I got a sunburn. It was great. It felt like summer down there, and it was -20’s back home.

Outside that, my kids went back to school full-time last month. It was hard because they’ve been out of school for so long that it felt weird with them not home. You have that “I’m missing something” feeling.

My youngest still went half-days last year, and now he’s full-time. It was a big change and it took him awhile to adjust to the new schedule and a full classroom of kids (they had hybrid learning, half-size classes earlier this year). But I think that’s most kids, especially smaller ones like Preschoolers and Kindergartners.

I have more time during the day for projects now, so I’m taking more graphic commissions. If you’re looking for a designer for your next book cover or ad, hit me up.

My Author Goals:

  • Blog more
  • Write a story for an anthology (because I never have)
  • Check on my author friends I haven’t spoken to for a while.
  • Make some author merch. (because merch is awesome)
  • Get a professional author’s photo done instead of sticking up cheesy selfies. (Haha, I’ve been saying this for years)
  • Research publishers and query Vulcan’s Nightmare and the House of Lies Series.  The research is the hardest part. I suck at that it. The last two publishers I signed with I found via another friend.
  • Be a mentor to newbie authors. I had a few awesome mentors when I started out, and I’d love to repay the favor. It feels good to help.

Author Updates:

I tend to get obsessed with writing projects and disappear. I need to blog more and reconnect with old author friends. I barely post now and need to be a better friend.

It’s easy to stay in touch with your writer friends when you’re working on your first book and trying to get it published. You’ll bounce ideas around and research how to format query letters or trade potential hooks. But when you get published, you don’t do that anymore. You focus on your career, selling books, arranging book signings and interviews, and meeting book deadlines. We change. Kinda like when you’re a kid verses and adult.

I need an excuse to got to Cedar Rapids to meet up with one of my author friend’s, Tricia, for coffee. We used to be really close and I miss that. Maybe the boys will go there for a fishing trip and I can sneak out to see her. If I’ve never mentioned it, I hate fishing.

I’m shooting for at least two posts a month, two vlogs a year. I might throw some live readings in there because I need the practice, but I think I sound like a kindergarten teacher. I hate my reading voice.

I should ask my friend, Paula, to read an excerpt from one of my books. She has a beautiful voice. I love her accent. It’s great for darker themes. Maybe she’ll read my update and do it for me?

I also want to set due dates for projects. When I was with SCP I had deadlines for book drafts, edits, etc, and I always made them. I need to stop working on five projects at once. It’s not working.

I set up a FB profile last summer, but I admit, I don’t log on there often. I don’t know if this is just a thing on FB, but I get a lot of pervy messages on there from strangers. Holy balls, Batman! Seriously? No. Ew.

FB annoys me, so I can’t promise to post more than links on there. I try to keep up with fan mail, so still feel free to shoot me a message on FB. Just don’t send me pervy ones. Please and thank you.  

Lastly, thanks to all the readers who’ve dropped a line to say “hi” lately! Your kind notes make me so happy! You guys are so amazing! Thanks for supporting my writing!

Until next time,

H.N. Sieverding

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