Goals for 2021

I’m a little late with this, but hey, at least I got here before February, right? It’s snowmageddon where I live, and it seemed like a good time to write my goals for 2021 post while my boys are outside playing (and tossing snow into my shoveled driveway when they leave and enter the yard. *cringe*)

I could rattle off vanilla goals as I do on these kinds of posts every year, but I won’t. This year, my primary goal is to be less harsh on myself. Whether it’s doubting my talent as a writer or being down about not meeting writing goals. I have many writer friends who feel the same way, so they should make this a goal, as well.

My First Royalty check and my first published book with SCP. It’s now split between Christian’s Mate and Christian’s Secret.

If I asked my twenty years younger self what success as an author would be to her, she’d aim for a goal beneath what I’ve done. Back then, I was working on my first novels and had dreams of being a published author. Hell, I would’ve just been happy to have one book in print.

And you know what? She’d be so proud of me. I’ve come far. I’ve done incredible things and can call myself a bestselling author. That’s pretty awesome. I need to remind myself of that more often.

So, there’s my first goal. Be less harsh on me and rewrite my impossible goals to more achievable ones.

My second goal is to join a writing community (yeah, I said this last year, too) and make new writer friends. I tried a few local and internet writing groups over the years, and I got nothing out of it. I found an online group that seems promising and said I’d stick with it for a year. Clap for me. I did a good.

Lastly, writing goals. My big goal is to get a few of my “almost done projects” out this year, like CK Shadow, Apocalypse (Apollo’s Mission #1), Astoria Foxes (Firebird #2)Prince (House of Lies #1), and Vulcan’s Nightmare. My minimum goal is to get at least one book out. I wanted that to be Astoria Foxes, but it’s not finished yet.

I also want to post more this year, do more author interviews, and run sales on my books. Maybe offer merch again. That was fun, right? Who’s up for T-shirts?

So, there’s my cheesy goal post for 2021. Focus on the positive and remember to reflect on your successes, not obsess over your mistakes.

– H.N. Sieverding

4 thoughts on “Goals for 2021

  1. Just came on today to “stalk” your posts, lol. I need to start coming on WordPress more because I never notice anymore when my friends post. My goal is to start posting more regularly again, too. And you should be proud of yourself! I am proud of you too! 🙂

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