Embarrassing Author Moment

An older woman, who I don’t know, but knows one of my friends or something, had read one of my books and comes up and says to me loudly (in front of lots of people, mind you), “Oh, you’re that famous writer! The one who writes all those dirty books.” Then I get the naughty smile and the eyebrow raise like I’m a bad girl or something. “So, ‘vampires’, eh?”


Can people just learn to call me “a writer” or a “romance writer”? Though I do like the famous part lol! It’s really funny though because I’ve gotten called that A LOT, ha ha, the “dirty book writer” not the “famous” part. The worst time was at my brother’s funeral last summer where tons of people said it to me. Thank you, but…ouch, that’s an awkward subject to talk about when you’re standing in a line with all your siblings greeting people. Especially next to my big brother, who looks over at me and snickers every time.  Awkward. So, since this happens often, if you meet me, don’t describe me, or any other romance writer, as “the one who writes the dirty books”. Jeeze….come on, give me a cooler nickname already….


2 thoughts on “Embarrassing Author Moment

    • I’m sure she probably wouldn’t like that, either lol. Unless she’s an erotica writer or something. I’m a romance writer (among other genres), not an erotica writer. The romance genre (as a whole) has been tagged as the “dirty books”, which really isn’t fair. There’s all sorts of genres that intertwine in a romance–suspense, horror, paranormal, inspirational, etc, etc. Sometimes, as an author of the romance genre, you feel you get less respect from outsiders than other type of writers. I’ve spoken to other romance authors about the same subject and they’ve encountered a similar bias. If someone knows I’m an author, but not what I write, then I will tell them I write horror or suspense. I leave the romance bit out a lot of times.

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