Cover Reveal For Reclaim!

I love cover reveals!

Here is the cover for S.L. Stacy’s upcoming novel, Reclaim, the third book in the Reborn series. It’s release date is October 25th 2016. You all had to wait until today to see it, but I’m so special I got to see it BEFORE S.L. did. Yeah…designer privilege lol. I designed all three book covers for the series. S.L. is a great person to work with, as well as a wonderful friend and writer. So…mark your calendars for this book’s release!


Book Description:

Carly just lost the last week of her life trapped in Pandora, the space between universes. Most of it was spent navigating an illusion created by her only companion, Dolos, the god of trickery. Even so, the time Carly spent there changed her. She fell in love. She’s more fearless and more determined than ever to leave the darkest parts of her past behind. And she’s learned that, sometimes, family is the one you make for yourself, like the one she’s found at Gamma Lambda Phi.

But a lot can happen in one week, and Carly returns to a sorority in jeopardy. A curse has been placed on her sisters, and it’s up to her to break it. With the Gammas out of commission, Eric’s halfling army is plotting something big, and Carly and her sisters are the only ones who can stop them. To make matters worse, Dolos is working for the bad guys and up to his old tricks.

Time is running out, but the antidote for the curse is proving impossible to find. To save her sisters and stop Eric’s army, Carly has some tough choices to make. But will she choose duty and sisterhood, or the kind of passion that comes around only once in a lifetime?

October’s a long ways away, so in the meantime, go check out the rest of the books in the series to get prepared! Reborn and Relapse. You can find them on Amazon!

Stop by S.L.’s website for more information on this author.

cover for rebornfinal        relapsecover


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