September Updates


dollshoppecoverrepub2015secondThe CK series, Doll Shoppe, Forever Mine, and Secret Scarlet are back up on Amazon. I’m still working on getting the others ready to be re-released.

I’m doing a new cover for Bloodlust, and perhaps the Nightwalker series as well. Blood Kisses is getting “revamped” (I tried to make a funny there lol) and getting lots of added content. I’m still debating a few things with The Last Hero, but when I am done with that stuff, I will have all my SCP books back up.

Whew….there’s lots of added work to do before I can release The Gateway, which is the next project to tie up after all this re-release mess.

And see the new cover for Doll Shoppe? It’s set up for a series now, and I have an outline made for the next book.  I have a lot of projects running around in my head, so it may be a while before I start it, though. Plus, I have a handsome little baby to cuddle as I enjoy the remainder of my maternity leave before having to go back to the day job.



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