Reader Question: Inside the mind of a writer


Are you sure you wanna go there?  It’s pretty chaotic in my head…  

a note fromsmAfter coming out of a deep “zone” while writing Lie’s Prince, this is the perfect time to answer this question.  I was asked this question by a fan awhile back and haven’t gotten around to typing up a response, so I’ll answer it now. Sorry, it’s so late. 


“What does it feel like inside your head?  And where do you come up with all these ideas?  It’s amazing and mind boggling.  And what is your “secret” that will help me write a book too?”

It seems like such easy questions, right?  And maybe it is for some people.  But I had to stop and think about it. A lot, actually.  Because for me, my normal, everyday thinking is different from yours.  Well….I guess everyone’s is, but I’m a writer, so maybe my answer will give you an idea of what goes on inside a writer’s head.

First off, I want to tell you about the typical “personality” of an author (that I’ve noted).

Authors (I say authors because we’re different than plain “writers”) are hard to live with/date/be married to.  We are.  I admit it.  I’m a stick in the mud a lot.  My idea of the perfect night is sitting at my laptop donning my beats headphones with a cup of coffee or redbull at my side.

I give up a lot of my social life for my writing.  As an author, I go through long periods of disconnect from other people.  I shut out the world and go into a sort of self-induced trance called “the zone”.  Once you’re in the zone, it’s VERY hard to pull out of it.  It’s like a black hole, you’re not getting out of there until that book’s done, lady.  

A lot of men would arbore me as a partner.  I admit that. I’m irritating to the point where you want to rip me from my computer and hide it from me kind of frustrating.  

I always refer to writing as an addiction.  I CAN’T stop.  And maybe a psychologist would label me with something because of it.  Ha ha, I prefer introverted though.

A glimpse inside my head…..

It’s chaotic, muddled and I never get a quiet moment.  I’m consumed by an idea and a world bigger and grander than you could EVER comprehend. And when I get pulled into “the zone”, there’s a story inside me that’s clawing and tearing at my insides to escape.

I’ll literally be in pain until I get that monster out.

I say “monster” because that’s what it feels like sometimes.  I can’t push away from it, it’s got me by the throat.  And it’s an uncomfortable, unsettling feeling when you’re in that zone and you haven’t gotten everything out you wanted to.  It really is.  You want that story out now and you’ll type furiously, and for hours on end, trying to do it.  You don’t feel that sigh of relief until you type “the end” and a lot of times, by then, you have another story that’s pushing it’s way to the front of the line and the cycle starts all over again.

Where do I get all these ideas?

I have no frickin’ clue.  I really don’t.  Every single thing I do or see sparks a story idea.  Everything.  So, I can’t pinpoint a “single” thing that gives me inspiration or give you the “secret” to writing a book.

I’ve tried to sit and think about this, but it hurt my head too much.  I’m not good at analyzing myself.

All I know is this addiction at times drives me insane, but then at others gives me the greatest, most fulfilling joy I’ve ever felt.  

So, I’ll leave you with that.  I hope I answered the questions as well as I could.  And as always, if you have a question for me, feel free to shoot me an email and I’ll answer it for you 😉


4 thoughts on “Reader Question: Inside the mind of a writer

  1. I love your answer! 🙂 I used to think that everyone (or at least a lot of people) must think the way writers/authors do, until people started saying things to me like “How do you come up with this stuff?!” That’s when I realized it’s something special! Lol. But seriously. Admittedly, sometimes, if I think of a scene for a story that I can’t write down right away, I go over it in my head two or three (or ten…) times…I don’t think it’s normal, lol, but I’d rather have that than no imagination at all.

    • Me too! I like being over imaginative. And yes, I know that feeling well. You’ll just keep playing the scene over and over in your head until you can write it down. Happens the worst when you’re trying to sleep. Ha ha, and ten times is not an over the top answer. I admit to doing it ten times sometimes too. And I can’t express how fortunate I am to have writer friends like you who understand my thinking because it’s how you think too. Before I did, I thought I was a little strange. Now I know I’m just awesomely special. And you are too! Thanks for leaving your comments 😉

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