Book Release: The Last Hero

The Last Hero is up for pre-order on SCP’s website!  It’s official release date is October 31st!

Here’s some specs on the book….


the last hero cover finalBuy link: Sweet Cravings Publishing

Genre: Fantasy romance, suspense

Book Description:

Someone releases an ancient sorcerer, one that almost destroyed the world two hundred years ago.  He soon starts where he left off and wages war.  Using the dreaded spell, known as Virus, he infects his enemies and uses them as soldiers in his army.

When he invades Fairway, Cole and his squad are sent to fight him.  Cole’s overwhelmed by the new enemy, and the seemingly impossible to kill, Virus soldiers.  There, he encounters the sorcerer who believes Cole is his son, Nero. He demands Cole come with him, but Cole refuses.  After a tense meeting, Cole’s brain is suddenly flooded with painful visions and he passes out.

When he returns home, the visions only get worse and he is plagued by Nero’s bad memories.  He has no idea what’s happening, and fears he may have caught Virus.  He stays quiet in fear of being taken out of the war. But he can’t stop the visions, and soon realizes the woman he loves becomes a trigger.  He’s afraid he might kill her, so he tries to push her away.  But she never gives up and will do anything to save him from going crazy.

The war then becomes only half of his problem, and he’s left scrambling to stop Nero from driving him insane.  But little does he know, Nero isn’t who Cole thinks he is, and they have more in common than he thinks.

Book Trailer


Excerpt 1:

“I’m not your son.”

“You’re not?” The man advanced, forcing Cole to take a few steps backward again. “Who are you, then?”

“I’m…” Cole paused, an image flashing in his head. His breath quickened as he put his palm to his forehead. There was a pained look in his eyes, his hands shaking. Visions of the man flew through his brain. It felt like a movie being projected over his sight, dizziness trying to force him unconscious. “Stop…” Holding back tears, Cole held his head. A loud buzz filled his ears, and the sound of laughter echoed in his brain.

“My poor boy.” Sighing, the man watched Cole’s actions closely. “What have they done to you?”

“Why…are…you doing this?” Standing on shaky legs, Cole finally pulled out the sword. He held it in front of him defensively. “What do you want from me?”

“Come with me, Nero.”

“I will never surrender myself to you!” Cole’s expression hardened, the chains on his jacket bouncing as he readied himself for a fight.

“So, you’ve decided to fight me, then? I see…” The man raised his hands, and his army advanced toward Cole slowly. “So, that’s how it is? Then, get ready to fight, my boy.”

“Gladly.” The surface of Cole’s sword gleamed under the light, his icy eyes shining with great intent. His head was still spinning, but he tried to push it back.

“You’re coming with me, even if I have to drag you kicking and screaming!” A green wind rose from under the man, making his robes fly upward as the air thickened with magic. “Lay down your sword and surrender. You are no match for my army of Virus soldiers! Come to me, Nero!”

“Come to me, Nero.” Cole heard the man’s words in his head, even if he hadn’t said them a second time. He was hallucinating. He could feel it. He could see the man looking at him strangely. Then, he heard the voice speak again. “Lay down your sword and surrender, or I’ll kill her!”

“Stop!” Cole’s head buzzed. It was so loud that the deafening sound brought him to his knees. His vision was blurry, as if something were trying to control his thoughts.

Watching Cole’s reaction, the man’s face grew concerned. “Are you all right?” His breath then quickened when he saw the Virus soldiers advancing without his command.

“I’ll kill you!” Cole heard his own voice in his ears. “Don’t hurt her!” Letting out a blood-curdling scream, Cole held his swimming head.

A pulse slowly began radiating from Cole’s body. It was a whitish glow that snuffed out the greenish one that lay within the Virus’ soldiers’ eyes. With each wave, it became stronger. Its beams hit the soldiers, the powerful light reducing them to dust.

“Nero, stop!” There was a shrill desperation to the man’s voice as he held out his hands to Cole. “Stop! Don’t do this again. Fight the visions! Don’t give in to the madness! Listen to me! Stop!”

And that was the last thing Cole heard before he blacked out.


Excerpt 2

“….You’re no hero. You’re a villain, just like me.”

“I’m nothing like you.”

Yes, you are. It’s in our blood.” Raising his fist, he spoke in a dramatic tone, his loud voice booming. “We weren’t made to serve at the lap of the king. We were meant to rule! To make men cower at our feet. I can see that in you—the powerful stance of a warrior king. The great power sleeping within you could enslave the world.”

“I don’t want that.”

“You don’t know what you want.” Reinhold’s voice was still raised as he spoke angrily with his hands. “All you can think about is that girl and what she wants. Deep inside, you have the same dream as I. To rule. To make the world bow at your feet. You loved the feeling when you killed Joshua—that rush that your power gives you.”

Nero was about to speak, but Reinhold cut him off. Waving a rapid finger, he tried to stand taller than his son. “You loved it! I saw it on your face! The evil grin of a legendary black sorcerer, the ultimate dictator!”

“I admit it!” Nero snapped back at his father, both men eying each other like rabid wolves engrossed in a heated fight to the death. “It felt good! But I had a conscience! I knew what I did was wrong! I stopped! That’s the difference between you and me! I’m not a villain!”

“No!” Reinhold was raging. “You’re a god!”

With those words, Nero backed off. His chest rose and fell with his rapid breath, his hand reaching to his lips to wipe them dry. “Have you forgotten? You taught me to be a hero, and that’s what I’m going to be,” he vowed softly.

“You’re making a mistake.”


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