Black Kat Releases Today!

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Black Kat was released this morning on Amazon!  Yay!  Are you excited?  I am. To get your copy of the book, click HERE.

Below are some specs on the book and as well as an excerpt (the first few pages of Chapter One).  There is also an excerpt on the book’s info page titled “the race”.  It’s one of my favorites, so you can check that out HERE.

Black Kat is a YA sports romance, but I was worried about my boys’ language (especially Sam’s), being slightly offensive to some younger readers, so I put up a disclaimer in the description.  Most of you already know my books and writing style pretty well, so it won’t be a problem for you 😉


blackkatcover5Book Description:

Gwen struggles to live up to her mother’s outrageous expectations of her as her mother pushes her daughter to pursue her dream to skate professionally.  Gwen has the talent, but her overbearing mother, and Gwen’s fear of failure, may ruin that dream.  Gwen starts a job at the rink, and her brother, Sam’s, best friend, Morgan, his first season playing for the Black Kats.  Sam’s relationship with Morgan is strained when Morgan gets into the Kats.  Sam begins to resent his friend’s new fame, something that begins to pull the boys apart.  But to make matters worse, Gwen has a crush on the newest Black Kat, despite Morgan being like her big brother.   But Morgan’s stubbornness, and her brother’s disapproval of their relationship, aren’t the only challenges that stand in her way.  She isn’t the only one with her eye on the star player of the Kats….


Book Trailer:


Excerpt from Black Kat

Sitting in the stands, Gwen was watching one of her brother’s games. The first one of the season. There weren’t many people there, so the energy wasn’t as high as it was at a Kats’ game. Gwen was parked a few seats away from her mother, Joan, Gwen’s nose in her notebook. She was jotting something down, her pen moving quickly.

Joan was cheering loudly and wore her Eagles sweater proudly. She was with the other hockey moms and, like Gwen, a few other young kids were sitting on their own in various places in the arena. Joan was shouting at Sam, but from this distance, he couldn’t hear her. She had always been active in her kids’ sports and had three other sons that had played before Sam.

Though Joan was a huge hockey fan, she was more obsessed with her daughter, who was an aspiring figure skater. Gwen was extremely talented, but refused to go to competitions outside their hometown, something that constantly had the pair butting heads. And up until a few months ago, Gwen had always gotten her way.

But not now. Gwen had been picked up by a new coach, Dellings, after the woman had seen her skate. Dellings promised Joan that Gwen could make it to the Olympics, and her mother believed it. But not Gwen. All this new stress was wearing hard on the young skater.

Gwen looked up at her brother. Sam was dressed in a white jersey with silver and black stripes around his middle and arms. He was doing a small celebration near the goal—the cheesy dance that he and Morgan had created—and his fist was raised in the air as he shouted.

Gwen laughed as she watched Sam do a little moonwalk then taunt the shamed goalie with a “gimme some” type of cockiness. His happiness made her smile. Hockey was the one thing her brother was amazing at. The one thing he loved more than anything. He had played it since he had learned to skate. His love for the sport was something he shared with his best friend, Morgan. The boys had been inseparable since they could remember.

But the ice was missing a player this year, because Morgan had been recruited by the Black Kats, the junior hockey team that resided in the city. He had been asked to join the year before, but Morgan’s father wouldn’t allow it because his grades had been poor. That had made the boy work harder, and he had raised them up enough to please his dad.

Gwen’s elbows were slightly bruised, which was made more noticeable by the Eagles T-shirt she was wearing. Like her brother, she was a fan of the ice and bore many such marks from her figure skating practices. She gazed up at a few flags hanging across from her, all advertisements for the Black Kats. As she smiled, her cheeks flushed a little. Then, she returned to writing in her book.

Feeling light tapping against her hair, Gwen grimaced. She then reached up and picked out a few pieces of popcorn. Turning, she was met by the cocky grin of a boy sitting a few rows higher. When their eyes met, he made his way to her. He scaled the seats artfully then sat next to her.

“What are you doing? Homework?” Talking with his mouth full, Morgan held a small container of popcorn.

“No.” Gwen quickly shut the book and glared at him.

“So, what is it?” He grinned as he studied the plain, pink notebook. It was the sturdy kind. The one with the cardboard cover.

“None of your business.”

“Want some popcorn?” He handed her the cup, and Gwen took a few pieces. When her hands were preoccupied, he artfully snatched her book.

Gwen whined then fought to get it back. Morgan turned his back on her, forcing open the pages and reading the first sentence he saw. He then laughed and spun to avoid her.


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