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The Bloodlust Prince: Pursuit

I felt like an excerpt from The Bloodlust Prince today.  If you haven’t checked out the book, you can do so by going to  There’s also another excerpt of it under the excerpts tab or simply click HERE to read it.

Now, onto the excerpt…..


bloodlustoct2Aleesia’s heart was racing as she ran toward the bar. She could see the lights on and the sign flickering above it. She had never run so fast in her life, even from Auron during her ceremony. This man wasn’t going to play nice, and she knew when he caught her he’d have his way with her and then some. She knew she had to find Auron fast, and the bar seemed like a good place to start.

She knew she couldn’t make it there before the general. Her best bet was hiding. She ran inside a nearby shop. Slamming the door, the little bell sounded off to an empty audience. Camden had seen her go inside and quickly ran in after her.

She was in the back of the store by the time he got inside. Her quick hands ripped a man’s coat off a nearby coat hanger, hiding her womanly shape in its bulky fabric. She raised the hood as she escaped out the back door. Her feet pounded the pavement and echoed throughout the small alley as she ran.

Her teeth chattered, her adrenaline pumping as she tried to reach the back door of the bar. She could see it. It was lit with a small light hanging over it, and a few men were standing around it smoking. It seemed so close that she could smell the smoke of the cigarettes, but far enough away to make the journey seem like an eternity.

Her little detour had let her gain some ground on the general, but as soon as she got to the alley, he was on her tail again. She could see her goal getting closer. Her breath was so rapid it drowned out the heavy beating of her heart, making her dizzy.

With a firm yank, she ripped open the door and went inside. The men outside regarded her strangely, but their attention didn’t linger on her for long. They quickly turned to the general, who was hot on her tail. He angrily shoved them aside as a deep growl escaped his lips.

She began to cry when she felt his hands grab at her a few times. Her choked breaths were drowned out by the loud music being played in the bar. She pushed through the thick crowd, and instead of looking for Auron, her only thought was getting away from Camden.

A few men shouted at her. They immediately recognized her as an outsider because she wasn’t wearing a uniform. They stood in her way, something that let the general easily catch her. When she felt thick hands wrap around her middle, she began to cry—big, loud sobs that made all the men around them quickly turn to her. It was clear now that she was a woman.

He laughed as he yanked down her hood forcefully, revealing her long, blonde hair and tan cat ears. This quickly gained a lot of attention.

“Don’t touch me!” Aleesia screamed, the loud noise followed by an angry growl. She kicked and bit at him.

Auron and the others heard her screaming. All of them laughed at first because they thought she was a human girl one of the demons had chosen as a toy for the night. There were several of those in the bar tonight. None had put up a struggle like Aleesia was.

Aleesia screamed out Auron’s name, getting it out two times before General Camden covered her mouth and started dragging her toward the exit. Auron’s ears perked up and he turned in the direction it had come from.

“What’s going on over there?” Auron yelled at the man behind the bar, angrily motioning toward Aleesia with his hand.

“Camden’s got a kitten.” The bartender laughed as he glanced at Camden then back to the drink he was making. “A really hot one. I’m jealous.”

“Damn it.” Auron jumped over the bar and quickly went after Camden.


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