Tuesday Teasers: Excerpts from Relapse, Check Mate and Heartland


Get ready for some steamy excerpts!

Today, I have two guest authors posting with me, so you’re in for a treat. Please welcome S.L. Stacy and Tricia Andersen!

So…prepared to be teased because I have THREE sexy excerpts to share. How awesome is that?  First up, a steamy excerpt from Relapse, then one from Check Mate, and to finish you off, an excerpt from Heartland (Book 2 of the Black Irish Series).

Make sure to visit Amazon and check out their books!  And feel free to leave your comments as well, we love that stuff!


Excerpt #1: From Relapse (Book 2 of the Reborn series)

Author: S.L. Stacy

“By day, Eros made himself known to Psyche only as a honeyed, seductive voice. At night they made love, Eros camouflaged in darkness, still never revealing his face…”


I wake up ensconced in pale gold sheets and two sturdy, protective arms.

The feel of his fingers through the flimsy silk of my nightgown makes me burn with longing. With my head tucked against his chest, I can feel the rhythmic rise and fall of his breathing. I skim my hands along the bare skin there and plant a few chaste kisses on his face. He stirs, his heart giving an excited patter.

“Mmmm, Psyche,” he whispers huskily, “go back to sleep.”

“I can’t,” I whimper. “Not with you so close to me.” His shaft swells against my abdomen, making even more heat blossom between my thighs. I try to look up into his face to meet his gaze, but in the dark bedroom his face is an even darker blur, a shadowy suggestion of a man’s chiseled features. I can reach up to caress a cheek slightly rough with stubble and to trace a sensuous mouth, but I can’t see the face.

He grunts in frustration. “If you keep touching me like that, you’re going to push me over the edge.”

“Good.” I press my lips to his in an eager but closed-mouth kiss. A beat later his mouth engulfs mine, our tongues twisting and spiraling as his hands move up my calves and thighs to firmly grasp my behind. His mouth slips from my lips to my neck to my collarbone, his teeth gently grasping the strap of my nightgown and lowering it until one of my breasts is exposed. He draws his tongue over the nipple just as his fingers slide across the wetness at the juncture between my thighs. For a while he continues this simultaneous assault to my senses, tasting and nipping my breast, massaging my bud with his thumb. As his other hand reaches around to cradle the back of my head, he lifts his face to bury it in the fall of my hair, stroking the strands lovingly as the cries of my orgasm shatter the pensive night.

“There you go, my darling,” he purrs, kissing my forehead. “I should go now, and you should get your beauty sleep.”

“No,” I protest, reaching for him even as he coaxes me away. “I want…more.” Even though I’ve just climaxed, I’m still burning for this man so much it’s painful. “Please.”

Perhaps I can’t see his face, but I can feel his hands shaking as they comb through my hair. “You know we shouldn’t. I told you what happened to…the others. I don’t want to hurt you.”

“You won’t.”

“You can’t know that.”

“But I do,” I insist, crawling closer to him. “It will be different with me. With us. I just know it. Now, please. Make love to me.” I dip my head and tease the tip of his shaft with my tongue.

He lets out a guttural groan, fingers tugging my hair. “Are you sure you’re a virgin?” he manages to croak as I take him entirely in my mouth. As I pleasure him, his breaths growing raspy and uneven, excitement and determination course through me. I feel powerful in a way I couldn’t have even imagined before this moment. With my lips and tongue I can unravel this man who makes me burn for him.

“Enough,” he pants. “I want to be inside you.” Reluctantly I release him, and he scoops me up only to lay me down underneath him. As he stretches out on top of me, something rustles above his shoulders, enveloping us in a dark curtain.

“This might be painful at first,” he warns me. I bite back a gasp of pain when he enters me, easing himself inside inch by inch until he fills me up. He stays like this for a moment, bringing his face down to kiss me, then slowly withdraws. The next few thrusts are the same—careful, measured—but as my body adjusts to accommodate him and I dig my nails into the taut muscles of his back, he picks up the pace, slamming into me until I see stars.


Excerpt #2: From Check Mate

Author: H.N. Sieverding

“Let’s get some popcorn.” He took her hands, skating backward as he pulled her toward an exit.

“It doesn’t taste good.” She walked with him out to the lobby. It was empty, aside from a few coats that laid on the benches. “But we can make some.” She pointed to the concessions as she opened the door to the back counter. “When no one’s around, Sam lets us go back here and—“

“Check!” In a quick action, Morgan grabbed her hands and shoved her against the wall. Gwen let out a high pitched squeak, the movement knocking the wind out of her. His lips found hers and stole the breath she drew. This roughness in his touch brought back loving memories of him and Gwen gave in. Hard.

She pulled on his shirt and yanked him inside the stand, slamming the door closed with her skate. Her quick hand reached back and locked it. The shades were drawn inside, giving them privacy.

Morgan slammed her against the sticky wall, his hard body holding her firmly against it. His lips devoured the salty flesh of her neck as his rough hands climbed her back. They were halted by the strap of her bra. Detouring around it, Morgan took a firm hold of its captives and released them from their cage. He shoved up her shirt, his lips latching onto her breast.

“Mor….gan…” Gwen tried to speak, but her arousal was stealing her breath. Her stiff fingers forked through his messy hair as she squeezed his shoulder tightly. “We can’t…” Her body shivered as his tongue made a light pass up her chest. “Do this.” Her words were breathless, “Stop…”

He forced his hand down the front of her pants. When his fingers rubbed her tender spot, she let out a giant gasp. Clinging to him tighter, her words were breathless in his ear. “Don’t stop…please don’t stop.” Her lips parted when she felt him pull down her pants, his tongue flicking teasingly at her skin. She let out a groaned whine, closing her eyes as her fingers tensed.

His hands grabbed her panties with an iron grip and twisted them tightly until she let out a low moan. His voice was husky in her ear, the sound making her shiver. “Forgive me. I love you, Gwenie. It’s always been you. Only you. Always.”

“I….” She stared into his eyes as her hands paused on the band of his pants. They shook and if her fingers weren’t looped in it, they’d slip off. “Love you too.” Her breath quickened and lingered with his. She drew his air, the moist heat making her swoon. She felt him pull down her panties and quickly drop to his knees.

Then he did it. His fingers parted her flesh and made way for his tongue. He knew exactly how to floor her, all Gwen’s muscles tightening. Her eyes shut tightly, the pleasure so blinding, she couldn’t catch her breath.

Then, an overwhelming pleasure consumed her, and her body shook. She let out a labored sigh, her death grip on Morgan’s shaggy locks loosening. As she recovered from her orgasm, Morgan picked her up, wrapping her legs around his waist. He placed her bare bottom on the cold, metal counter behind her, and shoved her legs open. He dropped his pants and entered in a quick, swift movement. Squeezing his shoulders, she gazed into his eyes, his pupils wide and showing his great arousal. Their stares locked, their breath heavy as Morgan’s thick fingers dug into the flesh of her hips.

Gwen’s arms encircled his neck and she held him tight. Her words slipped off her lips in a breathless whisper. “I missed you.” Closing her eyes, she took in the pleasure of this moment. She finally had the man she wanted.

“I know.” Panting in her ear, his words were choppy. “I’ll…never leave you….again.” He pulled back slightly, his lips parted as he gazed into her eyes. He didn’t break stride, his hips slamming repeatedly into hers, each thrust forcing the air from her lips.

Her hand cradled his cheek, her eyes darting over his intense expression. Their eyes locked for a few seconds more before she spoke. Her words were so soft, they were barely audible. “Promise?”

“Come with me…” Resting his head in the crook of her neck, a hiss was released from his lips.

“I’ll….” Her heavy breath fell hot in his ear, her arms taking a firmer hold. “Come with you.” She quickly gazed into his smile. “I’ll come with you, Morgan.” Gwen’s kisses were limp as she tried to hold onto his cheeks, his mouth open wide as he tried to draw his breath.

Hearing voices, they startled, both of them freezing. Gwen’s bottom pulsed, her legs still wrapped firmly around Morgan’s middle.

“You making popcorn in there?” Sam was knocking with a tight fist. “The boys want some too, so make a big batch.”

Gwen giggled as she covered her lips. She held Morgan’s gaze as she stroked the hair that fell near his eyes. She answered her brother. “Okay.”

“Morgan…” Sam’s voice was stern. “If you’re porking my sister, make sure to wipe down the counters.”

Morgan was going to speak, but Gwen quickly covered his mouth, muffling his words. After they heard Sam walk away, both Morgan and Gwen erupted into laughter.


Excerpt #3: Heartland (Book #2 of The Black Irish Series)

Author: Tricia Andersen

Closing time for the gallery came quicker than Abbey expected. The stars peeked out one by one against a black sky. She looked up and sighed contentedly at the beautiful scene above her as her breath puffed out in white, frozen clouds. Then, she dropped her gaze to the far more beautiful scene before her—her sinfully sexy husband locking up the store.

Abbey watched as Sloan twisted the key in the gallery door. The dim lights from inside cast a caramel glow on the sidewalk outside. He slipped his keys into his jeans pocket then took her tiny hand in his. She snuggled close to him for a moment before they started walking towards home.

Main street Mount Vernon was lit up for a Saturday night on the town. Families filtered in and out of the diner for supper. College students from Cornell filled the sidewalks heading for either the movie theater or the coffee shop. Laughter and the sound of the Hawkeye game on the big screen television could be heard through the propped open door of the tavern. Despite the chill of the upcoming winter, people seemed to be out of the warmth of their homes for a little fun.

Sloan and Abbey laughed and whispered as they journeyed the short distance home. At the first street corner, they waited for a car to pass. Sloan wrapped his powerful arms around his wife, his arms palming Abbey’s rounded stomach. He trailed a soft line of kisses along her neck. She let go a soft sigh at his touch.

At the next street corner, Sloan’s arms and lips were far more possessive. He was no longer the proud father. He was the lover who had embedded the baby in her womb. She clung to him. Why can’t we live closer to the gallery?

At the third street corner, Abbey found herself pressed flush against the street lamp. Sloan’s hands slid down her butt to her inner thighs. She felt his arms tense to lift.

“Sloan, what are you doing?” Abbey asked breathlessly.

Sloan’s ice blue eyes locked with hers. “I told you I wouldn’t be stopping tonight, didn’t I?”

Abbey gasped softly as Sloan’s lips pried hers apart, his tongue diving deep to tangle with hers. She held on tight to his black wool trench coat as she tore free from the kiss. “Sloan, not here.”

A shudder ran through her as she heard the sound of clattering metal of his belt buckle falling free. She had to stop this. She was a whisper away from letting him strip her naked and take her right there against the light pole.

“Why not here?” he demanded.

“We’re outside!”

He cocked his head to the side, a playful pout on his sweet, sexy lips. “How sad. You’ve lost your adventure.”

“I haven’t lost anything. Winter’s about to start. I don’t want to freeze to this pole.”

Sloan pinned his body to Abbey’s, pressing her against the light pole with his sculpted, muscular frame. She felt him hard and ready against her swollen belly. “Oh, luv. I will warm your skin. You won’t freeze.”

“We can see our breath…”

Abbey’s words trailed off as Sloan’s hands caressed her breasts while his lips roamed the curve of her neck. She whimpered in need as she clung to his shoulders, her fingers buried in his wavy, ebony hair. She felt her resolve slip away. She needed skin on skin. She needed Sloan inside her.

“Home,” she moaned, forcing one more stand from her lips. “One block, please.”

Sloan gazed down at her, a wicked twinkle in his eyes. It promised a night of fiery passion that set loose butterflies in her stomach. He took her hand in his as they quickly crossed the street and trotted for home.

Sloan tossed off his coat as he and Abbey stepped inside the house. She listened to him bolt the lock on the door as she discarded her coat on the sofa. She hopped up the steps then turned around, meeting her husband’s hungry stare. She scrunched her finger to send him a come-hither message. He needed no encouragement.

With a shriek of giggles, Abbey fled up the stairs. Sloan was quick on her heels, leaping the steps two at a time. He took her captive in their bedroom, wrapping her tight in his arms. She lost her breath as he kissed her ferociously, his lips demanding complete surrender.

“You are mine,” her growled.

“Always,” she whispered as she sunk into his kiss again.


6 thoughts on “Tuesday Teasers: Excerpts from Relapse, Check Mate and Heartland

  1. Thanks for these excerpts. ‘Reborn’ was a great book, and the first YA book I ever read and reviewed, so definitely looking forward to the sequel!

    Enjoyed the excerpt from ‘Check Mate’ too – is now on my TBR & review list.

    • Ha ha, thanks. Yours was hot too! Loved it! I’m glad you played along too, it was fun. I’ll have to do another interview with you now that you’re a veteran at this publishing thing.

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