June Releases


Looking for a steamy read?  

Then check out some of Secret Cravings Publishing’s new releases for June!


His Paris Affair (Albury Affairs 3)

His Paris Affair

Christina Ow

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Ruiz Albury went to the Bahamas for one reason, to get back what was his as the rightful heir of his father with rage and resentment that has been festering for years. His father built his dream resort on his mother’s money and tears, the least he could have done was leave it to Ruiz after his death. But instead, he bequeaths it to his eldest son Reno, one of the children of the love of his life. But once he gets there, he’s treated as part of a family, shown love and care he’d only dreamed about and all his carefully laid plans are forgotten. In fact, they are buried deep in his mind when he meets Melody Sinclair at his sister’s wedding. Soon, he falls in love with her and is planning a future with her, but his fairytale life is harshly shattered when Melody leaves him for another man.

Melody Sinclair thought she’d found one of the good ones. Someone who wanted her for her and not for her money or to get closer to her business tycoon brother who turns everything he touches to gold. She loved Ruiz and trusted him enough to make him a part of her life, only to have it shuttered when she learns his true intentions. Heart broken and distraught, she gets drunk and decides to get over him by getting under someone else, only for it to turn out to be the worst mistake of her life. Forced into a fake marriage, her husband uses her to get revenge against her family. Trapped, with nowhere to turn, Ruiz sweeps in like a knight in shining armor ready to battle her dragon. But does she trust him and herself enough to let him?


Unexpected Storm

Unexpected Storm

Elodie Parkes

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On vacation with her friends, Holly meets the delicious Will. He teaches surfing and sailboarding and watches her on the beach. Holly longs for romance. After an erotic encounter, they both hope for more. Can this be the love Holly has hoped for? Is Will the man of her dreams? Hot summer romance, tropical heat, and an unexpected storm of love.


A Gentleman Always Finds Out

A Gentleman Always Finds Out

Layna Pimentel

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Ruined and jilted, Mariah Harris, with her cousin, plots against the rogue who dared to insult her and her family. What she doesn’t expect is for their plan to lead them astray…on the wrong side of the law.

Julian Kingsley is ready to give up working for the crown, only he’s given one last mission. He agrees, but gets more than he bargains for. When a dalliance with a mysterious woman suddenly reveals her connections to his case, he’s honor bound to turn her in, but his heart can’t seem to give her up.


Master Dragon (Masters of Tabu 5)

Master Dragon (Book 5 of Masters of Tabu)

Gray Dixon

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For thirty-five years, Brock Dragon has been single, but for good reason. Working at Club Tabu, Knight Enterprises, attending college and taking care of his family, he just didn’t have time to meet the right woman and fall in love. That is, until the little spitfire with short hair and the curves of a real woman steals his breath away.

When Karlie Larson returns home to Dallas, Texas, as a Doctor of Aero-Astro Physics, she never planned to explore her sexuality at Club Tabu with the urging of her cousin. She quickly realizes the stranger with the dragon tattoo can give her what she has only fantasized about.

Can one look, one kiss, one whisper from the dangerous Bad Boy of the Big D turn into Mr. Right and give Karlie a first time she’ll never forget, shaking the very foundation of her well-ordered world?




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