Black Kat Excerpt: The Race

I’ve started Check Mate’s Prequel, and couldn’t wait to share an excerpt with you.  It’s temp title is Black Kat, so if you’re looking for it in the WIP section on the site, that’s what it’s listed as.  Right now, I’m at about 30k, which is about halfway-ish.  I started it last Friday, so that shows how fast I write.  Also, I didn’t edit it, so pardon any glaring errors.

I was going to pick a shorter excerpt, but hell, I’ll give you something a little longer.   But, keep in mind, the characters are younger in this book, so they are slightly immature. It’s in the New Adult genre (aimed at the 16-25 audience), but too risque to be a YA.  There is A LOT of swears in it, and there’s really no way around that.  My boys are turning out to be a little more foul mouthed and uncouth than I was planning on.  I can’t wrangle them very good.  Especially Sam.  So, please forgive me.  They’re brats, I know.

There’s a few issues with the story line I’m still struggling with, but hopefully with a little research I’ll be good.  I think…lol.  Anyway, enjoy the tease and feel free to tell me your thoughts.



Back story of the excerpt.  At a New Year’s Eve party, Gwen bets some of the Kats she can beat them in a race.


…….So, seven laps.  Starting at the south entrance.”

Gwen nodded, and they skated toward the south gate.  They were about to start, but a voice interrupted.

“You boys ain’t playin’.”  Morgan glared at Gwen, “This little brat is mine.”

Gwen’s chin was raised, an arrogance in her stance.  She was extremely angry, and wearing her tough girl face.  She had not forgiven him for their fight earlier, and as stubborn as she was, it would take more than beating her in a race to get back in her good graces.

“So, what’s the wager?”  Morgan turned to Nate.

“A new year’s kiss.”  Gwen answered snarkly, “And if you lose, no Augusta State.  You stay with the Kats next year.”

“You have to beat him, Gwen!”  Nate shouted, the mood playful.  “He can’t abandon his Kats!”

“You know you’re gonna lose.”  Gwen cooed in a husky voice.  “I’ve beaten you before.”

“Like, when we were ten.  And you cheated, anyway.  You always cheat.  So…when I win….”  Morgan’s mood suddenly turned upbeat as he pointed to her.  “I get those panties.”  With his words, the boys all started laughing.

Gwen’s draw dropped, and she stared at Morgan blankly.  After taking a few seconds to recover her angry face, she grinded her steel toe into the ice in annoyance.  Her long, black and red laces bounced, as she spoke through gritted teeth.  “Fine.”  She spun sharply.

“Ten laps.  No handicaps.”

Gwen shook her head, a great confusion in her eyes.  “What?”

“Means I’ll check your hot, little ass if I catch up to you.”  Morgan’s eyes narrowed as he pointed to her. “Porky.”

“You’re bigger than me.”  Gwen put her hands on her hips, shaking them to the left in frustration.  “That is not fair.”

“So, you’re forfeiting?”  Morgan punched his open palm, an excited look in his eyes.

“Well…”  Gwen was stumbling over her words, “No, but—“

“Awesome.”  He reached over and tapped her shoulder.  “Let’s race, Roberts.”

Holding up a fist, she glared at her adversary.  “I’m gonna kick your ass, Tanner.”

“I look forward to it.”  He reached back and slapped her butt, Gwen retaliating and slapping at his shoulders.

“This race is gonna be awesome.”  Nate whispered to Kingley, but Kingley wasn’t really laughing.  Nate’s voice then raised, “So, who’s gonna judge it?”

“I’ll do it.”  Sam held up his hand.

“You’re here too?”  Gwen glanced at her brother.  She wanted to beat him as much as she did Morgan.  Her eyes jumped to the sidelines, where Jenny and Anne were cheering her on.

“Yep,” Sam answered cheekily.

Gwen rolled her eyes, then turned and readied herself to start.  “Let’s just start already.”

Morgan stood next to her, whispering in her ear.  “You’re gonna get your ass Tanned.”  He stuck his tongue out at her playfully, Gwen slapping him in annoyance.

“On five!”  Sam’s voice was loud as he raised his hand.  He then started counting down.  Gwen’s breath was quick, her jaw stiff.  Morgan, on the other hand, was pretty calm.

As soon as Sam yelled “go” Gwen took off.  Morgan let her ahead for a lap, Gwen gathering more speed by the second.  Thinking she was winning, Gwen smiled and glanced back.  Her eyes widened when she saw Morgan barreling towards her.

Morgan yelled “Check” as he slammed into her the barrier.  And it wasn’t a soft action either. This was a competition, and he seemed determined to win it.  Gwen tripped, but caught herself before she fell to the ice.

Morgan spun, skating backward a few lengths as he sent her a wicked grin.  Gwen quickly regained her footing and took after him.  Every time she tried to pass him, he’d shove her over a foot or two.  Then, Gwen started shoving back.  Her face was scowled, and she tried to shove him away, but couldn’t do it.

Morgan was laughing hysterically, and even in plain clothes, he towered over the slender, figure skater.  Their speed slowed, and the race got heated.  Gwen’s face was stressed as she tried to knock him over, her hands repeatedly shoving at him.

“Move…you big…”  She was speaking through gritted teeth, each failed attempt fueling her anger.  “Ice prick!”

“Last lap!”  Sam shouted.

Slamming into her,  Morgan hooked her foot slightly, and tripped her.  Gwen fell to the ice and winced.  It was cold against her bottom, but the sting only made her anger grow hotter.  She sprung to her feet, and came up on him from the rear.  She shoved him from behind, but he didn’t fall, he just stumbled a bit.  They shoved and pushed the whole way to the home stretch.  About two feet from the finish line, Morgan shoved her hard, and she fell to the ice.  With an agape expression, Gwen watched him finish.  She didn’t get up, her eyes narrowing on Morgan.  He was laughing, and pointing at her, which only made her scowl deepen.

“That was not fair!”  Gwen kicked her feet, letting out a little whine as she balled her fists.

“Stop being a sore loser.”  Morgan held out his hand and helped her up.  The back of her skirt was wet, her stockings now speckled a brownish color.  Leaning forward, he whispered in her ear.  “I win, Porky.”He watched her skate away angrily.  “Gwenie!”  There was an upbeat tone to his voice though he was upset.  “What about my prize?”

With a quick turn, she stopped and glared at him from several feet away.  Reaching under her skirt, she shimmied down the boy shorts covering her panties, and awkwardly pulled them over her skates.  She then threw them on the ice.  “I hate you, Morgan Tanner!”


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