a note fromsmI’ve been getting some good reader input lately, so I’m updating the site (mainly my WIP section because I’ve been slacking on that).  I’ve been asked for more excerpts from either my published books or WIPs.  And that makes me ecstatic!  Thank you for all those interested, I would love to honor your requests.  And, because of that, I’m adding a page on the site for excerpt requests.  Now, if you want to know more about what I’m doing, it’ll be an easy way to contact me and ask for certain excepts from books.  I have a request for something from Check Mate, which I will post tomorrow or sometime next week.

Go HERE to put in your excerpt/post requests or HERE to contact me about anything else.  I would love to hear from more of you! Thanks to all those who contributed input!  I hope I fixed the issues you had addressed.  And yes!  My T-shirts are available for purchase!  Just contact me and I will tell you the details.

Feel free to check out the sites and new tabs!


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