Blood War: Sins


This book has finally made it to the editor!  Yea!  Blood War (Nightwalkers #3) is coming out later next month.  It’s an intense, fast pace read, so I’m excited for it’s debut.  It’s a great ending to the series, though I’m thinking I may get begged for a book 4, but I’m not ready to write it yet.  Here’s a tease from the book featuring Drake and Ashleigh.  I’d like to hear your thoughts, so feel free to leave them.


She tiptoed past a room, the door slightly ajar. The wooden floor creaked and she turned to the sound of a loud sigh. Peering inside the room cautiously, she saw him. His features were lit up by the fire that raged in the hearth, the warmth spreading out into the hall.

As if awaiting her, his eyes locked on hers. She had been caught and there would be no warm, safe bed waiting for her. This saddened her but at the same time, the warmth of the fire was tempting, as was the handsome man that sat at it’s side. She hated this attraction to him, the love she had for the devil making her feel sinful.

She watched him for a few seconds. He wore a large grin, beckoning her closer with the slow movement of his finger. Backtracking, she let out a defeated sigh. Her shaky feet took her into the room, where she then knelt at his feet.

Her voice was shaky as she spoke, “What is your wish, your grace?”

“You have come just in time.” He chuckled, his voice smooth as velvet. His eyes watched her scratch her arm nervously. Her dark hair fell from her messy bun, her neck scared and covered in healing bite wounds. She was skittish and submissive, her eyes downcast. Dressed like a servant, her clothing was plain and stained, a stark contrast to the crisp whiteness of his linen shirt.

“Do you wish for a story, your grace?” She scanned the carpeting at her feet, her hand fisted as she held it to her chest. The carpeting was hand weaved and extremely expensive, the softness of the fibers a welcome relief to kneeling on the cold floor.

“I have been thinking about you all night, my faithful—” The words made her shiver, but she gritted her teeth so they didn’t chatter. “Beautiful, perfect little slave.” He studied her for a few seconds, then spoke again, a more casual tone in his voice, “And I have decided something.”

“Please, your grace.” She shook, her terrified eyes darting over his handsome features. Her eyes settled on his shining green eyes, but didn’t linger long in fear they would trap her. “I beg of you. Allow to see the sunrise. I will do anything you ask, I—”

“Why?” It was the same question he had asked her every night, the same one she dreaded.

“I shall tell you a better story than the last.” Her eyes were wide as she tried to read his expression, but couldn’t. “Please do not lock me with the others. The darkness is hard to bear without a light—the cellar forever cloaked in the damp blanket of night. I’m afraid.”

“When you know what lies within the shadows, you shall never fear the dark.” His toothy grin revealed his large fangs, his eyes bright and filled with an evil light.

“I do not wish to become an immortal. I—”

“I shall take away all your fears.” Waving his hand gracefully, he called her to his lap. She immediately obeyed him, a great haste in her actions.

“Please, your grace.” She shivered as his fingers brushed gently against the bruised skin of her neck. He held her lovingly, but there was no love on her face, only fear. “I beg of you. Allow me to see the sunrise. Do not turn me.”

“When the sun rises, my blood will flow through your veins.” He took hold of her chin and forced her to look at him. He looked into her large blue eyes, his thumb rubbing her dirty skin. “You are no longer worthy of being my servant. I want much more from you than sex, blood and fairy tales. You mean so much more to me than that—and you know it. You’re different from the others.”

She wanted to protest, but all she did was stare into his eyes. She knew what happened to those that defied him and she wouldn’t dare begin an argument.

“I love you, my Lady.” His words were loving, his eyes taking in her fear. “And I grow tired of this game. I want you to live as I and become my Queen. You are not like these humans—you are destined to become a God.”

“I…” She paused, her hand reaching up and resting on his. “Do not—”

“You will become what I make you—” He squeezed her face, squishing her lips together. Roughly moving her head, he controlled her every movement. “And you will love me. Forever.” He moved closer to her ear, his lips kissing their surface. “Ask for my bite and I can make all your sadness disappear and you will find sleep. While you slumber the sun shall rise, the rays never kissing the skin that is meant only for my eyes—my hands…” He lightly kissed her neck, his breath hot. “My lips.”

“Please, your grace.” Her eyes stared past him as she wrapped her arms around his neck. “I offer my blood. May the fulfillment also bring you sleep.” Her words didn’t reflect her true feelings, but the tears in her eyes did. They settled on a corpse laying on the floor. He was bleeding out onto the carpet, the flesh of his neck torn.

His lips lightly kissed the surface of her neck, forming scabs covering most of it’s surface. He didn’t seem to care, his hands caressing her curves as he became aroused. Her breath quickened, her vision distant as she tried to calm herself. Her words were soft as his hand slipped up her dress, “Drake…”

“Yes, my love?” Sweeping his nose up the slope of her chin, his eyes fell on hers.

“Take my blood.” Her lips trembled, her eyes searching his sparkling emerald eyes. “I do not deserve this love from you—my flesh is unworthy. Bite me and blind my eyes from my sins.” Running his finger down her cheek, his eyes settled on her lips. “I feel so ashamed. I remain alive while others die. I do not deserve your kindness.”

“Do not feel that way. You are worthy of my love.” Taking hold of her face, he placed a single kiss on her lips. “I’ll take away your guilt. Let you live in a perfect dream world where there is no sin—no regret, only happiness.” He kissed her cheek. “Love me, and never again will you pray for the sun to rise. In the night, the sun shall kneel at your feet—submit to you. You will be worshiped as a goddess worthy of the love of the devil.”

“I’m a sinner who doesn’t deserve redemption. I’m so wicked that my soul has become as black as the ash in the courtyard. While the remnants of my past are snuffed out, their blood runs like a red river at my feet. I hear their screams, but stand motionless until they have stilled—until there is only the silence of night and the light in the tower that rests on my shoulders.”

He listened silently as he pulled down her stockings, his fingers delighting in bare skin that brushed against his. There was a great desire in his eyes that she knew she would soon satisfy. While his lips peppered her chest with kisses, one of his hands slid down her bodice, taking a firm hold of her breast.

Staring straight ahead, she tried to ignore him as she continued, “Then…one by one I see the bodies tossed into the fire. I watch their faces melt and the flames ravage their bodies that once fought with the strength of ten men. And yet…” Tears fell from her eyes, her eyes darting over his content expression. There was a calm evil in his eyes, something that never changed. “They never scream, their eyes staring distantly at me as I watch them burn. They look so peaceful in death…the darkness in their eyes.” Her fingers stroked his collar, her words slightly choked as she felt his hand caressing her thigh. “Soon all that remains is me—my memories and a pile of ash that fills my lungs and chokes me. Each death clings to me, filling me until my insides turn black.”

“Becoming immune to death is not a sin. It shows your strength, your submission to powers higher than yourself.” He snickered, his hand reaching in his pocket and unsheathing a shiny blade. “Do not be ashamed of that.”

She glanced downward briefly, then back at him. “But I’ve done terrible things.” His grin grew and he bore his fangs at her teasingly. Her vision snapped to the sharp instruments of death, her tears slowing slightly. “I fear I may never be forgiven. That I will be cast into hell and never see the light of heaven.”


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