Meet H.N. Sieverding!!!

Check out my interview with Tricia and learn more about my Nightwalkers’ series!

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Today on my blog I have someone on who is near and dear to my heart – H.N. Sieverding!  She’s a great friend (even though we have never met face to face – and we live an hour away!).  She is also my co-host of our WON Radio show, Freshly Booked and she designed the cover to my new release. 

And she didn’t come alone.  She brought Caleb Mason with her, the hero of her Nightwalkers Series!  Yum….*fans self**swoons*

Better get started with the interviews…

1.       Tell me a bit about yourself. 

I’m a writer and freelance graphic designer.  I’ve written a HUGE amount of books and am partial to horror and paranormal romance (most are also contemporary as well).  I have a degree in art and though most people know me for my graphic design, my specialty is sculpture.  I’m also a mom and have a four year old…

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