Inside the mind of a fantasy writer

The Poet: Forever Black

Here’s a tease of Forever Black, which comes out next month.  If you like it, I might just post a few more teasers 😉  So, please give me your thoughts.


“What are your thoughts on all this?” He gazed downward, his hands neatly clasped behind his back.

“On what?” She licked her lips and studied his small frown.

“The masked ball tomorrow.”

“I think it’ll be fun. I’m excited. I’ve never been to anything like this.”

“I hope the festivities do not leave you disappointed.”

“As long as you dance with me, it won’t be disappointing. It’s always hard to go to a dance without a date.”

“You wish to be my date?” He turned toward her. A loving smile filled his lips as their eyes met.

“Mmm hmm.” She shook her thermos. It was empty. “But I’m not a good dancer, so you might be the one disappointed.”

“Disappointment is not a valid description of the bliss I will feel with a beauty such as you on my arm. I want nothing more than to be with you all night.” He took both her hands in his. His grip was light as he swung her hands slowly, his shining eyes capturing hers and not letting go.

He chuckled softly as he took in her shy expression. Her small fang was taking her bottom lip hostage as she gazed at him. “So, to have you as a date would be the best gift I could ever receive. You, my love, will have me groveling at your feet and begging to kiss the soft heaven that is your surface of your hand.”

He kissed her hand, and a soft giggle escaped her lips, as his eyes remained locked on hers. “Such beauty you possess, that even the devil could not produce a copy that would compare to you, even in the softest candlelight. To love you is like my need for air, without it, all the life in my breast would cease and leave me an empty man.”

“You, sir, are a major flirt.”

He turned his eyes from her and took her arm in his, giving a soft laugh. “May I escort you to your room, my lady?”

“Of course.” She handed him her thermos. “But could you get me some more, please?”

“As you wish.” He took it from her gently. His arm slipped from hers, and he quickly disappeared from her side.

Taking a deep breath, Ashleigh closed her eyes. She spoke under her breath, “Ashleigh, you’re in trouble.”


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