Coming soon to Secret Cravings Publishing…The Bloodlust Prince!

The Bloodlust Prince releases on December 17th!  That’s Tuesday!  I’m so excited!

If you know me well, you know this is my most favoritest book of all the ones I have written, so this release is very special to me. To find out more about the book, check out the kick-ass trailer I made for it 😉

And to top if off, here are two excerpts from the book.

bloodlustoct2Romantic Excerpt

“I hope I didn’t interrupt.”

“No.” His voice was smooth and sweet. “Never.” He took hold of her hips and forcefully brought her closer. Imprints from his dirty hands now soiled her sweater. “We were breaking for the day, anyway.” He motioned for his men to leave.

“I just took Paris for a ride.” Aleesia was fidgeting with his jacket as she spoke. “He’s a wonderful horse, better than any I’ve ever ridden. I really like him a lot.” She smiled shyly at him as she switched to a babyish tone. “Thanks for buying him for me.”

“I’m glad you like him. I tried to get you the best horse I could find.” He had his complete attention on Aleesia, his face so full of dirt his features were almost unrecognizable. “Nothing is too good for my Esa.”

When he slammed her body into his, the wet mud on his clothes transferred onto hers. He began to kiss her, the pace slow and passionate. The romance didn’t last long, though. It was soon halted when he planted a firm swat on her ass, startling her.

“Andrew!” Letting out a girly whine, she checked out her now muddy sweater. “You’re filthy.” Narrowing her glare, she pulled the sleeve of her sweater over her hand, using it as a towel to clean his cheek. “You look like Daddy’s pigs when they get into the garden after the rain. Ick.” Her quick swipes revealed his tanned skin. “Look at you.”

“But I’m looking at you.” A deep laugh was emitted from his lips. He dug his fingers into her hips and slammed them into his. “Rawr…”

Gritting his teeth, he wrinkled his nose at her playfully. He buried his face in her neck as his tongue flicked her ear teasingly. When she giggled from the tickle, he began nipping at her neck, his hands massaging her hips like a horny cat.

A small growl escaped his lips, and he bit down harder. Feeling the stab of pain, Aleesia started punching his shoulders and trying to push him away. Immediately, his grip on her loosened, the pressure of his kisses getting lighter.

She slowly pulled away, a love-struck look in her eyes. Pulling her sleeve over her hand again, she continued to wipe at his dirty face. As she fawned over him, he tenderly stroked her cheek. His gloves left a trail of dirt on her face, the sight of it making his smile grow.

“She’s an angel, isn’t she?” One of Matt’s friends nudged Matt’s shoulder. “I hope she stays here forever. I could get used to the good mood she puts the general in.”

“Yeah, yeah.” One of the soldiers that had just been with Andrew spoke, a harsh tone in his voice. “Just make sure to steer clear of her. The general is an extremely jealous boyfriend. He freaks out on any guy who even talks to her.”


General Excerpt

“Soo…General.” James seemed annoyed by the flirting, so he decided to engage them in the conversation. He mustered a fake smile as Andrew’s eyes met with his. “How’s demon hunting going on the mountain?” His words were bold, a trait he and his sister had inherited from his father.

Andrew’s brow lowered, and he sent James an icy glare, one that even the pretty girl on his arm couldn’t soften.

“James.” Beth tapped James’ arm and tried to save the conversation before it got out of hand.

“Demon hunting?” Looking confused, Aleesia squeezed Andrew’s arm. “What’s he talking about?”

“That Ghant’s Mountain deal.” James answered her question. “I hear a lot of demons are getting slaughtered there, and King Suman is sending a bunch of troops to stop it. The soldiers here seem to turn the other cheek to demon hunters.”

“Really?” Aleesia’s eyes were open wide as she glanced at James then Andrew. “Is that true? Are your men letting people kill demons?”

“No, Esa.” Andrew turned to her as he spoke. “We’re doing everything we can to prevent stuff like that. I can’t help it if there are more demon hunters in the area now.” He picked up his glass. “Don’t worry, we’ll take care of it.”

“I think Prince Auron will take care of it first.” Beth suddenly got into the conversation, something she normally avoided. “If he’s there, no hunters would set foot on that mountain.”

“If he’s there, that would mean war.” Andrew spoke into his glass, his blue eyes sparkling as they caught the light hanging above the table.

“The prince wouldn’t start a war.” Aleesia briefly glanced at Beth, who had gotten up from the table to get dessert. “He’s smart. He’ll work out a law or something with Sargon.”

“It’s called a treaty.” Andrew’s voice was low.

“Treaty—that’s what I meant.” She began speaking with her hands, talking loudly. “No one’s stupid enough to go into a war with him…no offense, sweetie…” She smiled at Andrew briefly then turned to James. “But he’s a skilled fighter. Like, a million times stronger than a human. I’d be terrified to be cornered by him.”

“Says the girl who has a poster of him hanging on her wall.” James laughed when Aleesia glared at him.

Andrew was looking at her strangely. There wasn’t anger in his eyes, but a slight smile on his lips that was artfully hidden.

“Shut up, James.” She took the piece of cake from Beth. Instead of focusing on it, she tossed it to the table and continued to argue with James. The plate bounced off her glass, hitting it loud enough to make a noticeable sound. “I do not. That was Jenna.”

“It was you. It was that life-size poster from the bar. The one that said…”


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