Quote from The Bloodlust Prince

The Bloodlust Prince is releasing next month!

I’m so excited!  This is my favorite book and I know you’ll all love it too.  So, here’s a little sneak peek at it!

Short Excerpt:

“Hmm.” The man looked at her angry face then back at the general. He could tell the general was the focus of her attention. “I feel sorry for whoever gets on his bad side. He’s a tough cookie, that one. He’s gonna kill those demons for us.” Aleesia glared at the space in front of her and tried not to let his words get to her. “Those damn things should all be killed.”

“Things?” Her breath quickened.

“Things. Disgusting freaks of nature that ought to be put out of existence. Now, if our good general would just find a way to kill that damn Cat King of theirs, we could do it.”

Aleesia was fuming, her glare turning into something raging. Her cat blood gave her the curse of a quick temper.

“And there’s that bastard son of his—the Bloodlust Prince. Fuck ’em.” He laughed as he took a drag off his cigarette. “Just lace his food with cat nip, and he’d turn on his back like a kitten. He’s not a warrior. He’s just a saber-toothed blood monkey.”


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