Secret Scarlet Release Day!

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Secret Scarlet released today on my publisher’s website!  So in celebration, I posted an excerpt from the book.  It got rated a 4 out of 5 flames, which puts it in the erotic romance category.  I didn’t think it was that racy but maybe it is.  Because of that, I choose a sexy excerpt from the book.  You’re in for a treat because I usually don’t post stuff like that.  Read the excerpt at the end of the post and tell me what you think.


Book Description:  After an audition for a modeling gig goes wrong, Scarlet finds herself doing something she’s ashamed of—something sinful and dark.  She leads a double life as Lady Rose, dressing up and role-playing as a living doll for a man she knows only as Master Red.  He is the gateway drug into a dangerous world of vampires.  She’s soon blinded by the mass of attention she gets from men who fall in love with her alter ego.  But her rare beauty may be her downfall and trap her here, making this dark lifestyle permanent.  It’s not long before vampires more dangerous than Master Red catch sight of the rare white rabbit and vow to make her their own.

Where to get it:  For about a week or so it’ll only be available for purchase in the Secret Cravings Book Store.  It will also be on Amazon, Bookstrand, all romance ebooks, smashwords, etc, soon.


Excerpt from Secret Scarlet

SecretScarlet_MEDHis hands slid under her skirt and took hold of her hips. He grinned as he massaged her skin. Yanking down her panties, he let them fall to her ankles. She wanted to pull away, but she stood silently and let him do as he pleased. She was trying to be the obedient doll she had practiced on the plane ride here.

She wore a frown, but it was a tender, childlike expression. Drawing her toward him, he made her sit on his lap. The chill of the air against her exposed bottom made her shiver.

“Ooo….I like you.” He licked his lips, his teeth still stained with blood. He had a wicked smile, one that was both sexy and sinful. This man was easy to bend to.

Though she felt the attraction, she kept up her mute appearance, her eyes locking on his as he spoke. “A lot. You’re exactly what I asked for. I was ready to give up on this, but I’m glad I stuck with it and found you.” His hands went to the back of her dress, slowly unzipping it. The sound cut through the silence in the room, their faces illuminated by a single candlestick near the bed.

He liked her, yearned for her. There was a hungry desire in his eyes, one she had never seen on a man’s face before. It was surprising how it felt. Like a drug, it made her head spin and her whole body tingle. She was beginning to like this and wanted more than anything to be touched by this wicked man. To be his lover, his doll. To taste this fantasy.

Setting her on her feet, he slowly took off her dress. After untying the crinoline underskirt, he let it fall to the floor, leaving her naked. He moved to the center of the bed, motioning for her to lie on top of him as he sat in an upright position. She obeyed silently. Resting his hands on her hips, his fingers made passes over the small love handles that had gathered there, her added weight not seeming to faze him.

“Have you ever been with a vampire before?”

She kept her frown, slowly shaking her head. This made him smile, his eyes scanning her naked body. He could see her shiver from the cold. Her teeth chattered softly as she stared at him with slightly parted lips.

“You’re going to love it. I’m going to make you love it.” He caressed her cheek, pulling her face closer to his. “How many men have you been with before me?”

Her breasts kissed his chest and all he could feel was their heaviness through the fabric of his dress shirt. She slowly took his hand. Placing one finger in his palm, she closed his fist around it. Her answer made him laugh, but all she did was frown.

“One?” He watched her nod carefully. Her features were flawless, as if she were a real doll. “That’s perfect. Now I want nothing more than to fuck you.” He raised her bottom and shoved down his pants, quickly tossing them to the floor.

Pulling the covers over his bare legs, he let them hang around Scarlet’s hips. “I always thought it was funny when people grew so attached to their dolls, but now I understand why. It’s going to be that way with us…you’ll see.”

He grabbed her hips roughly and readjusted her to accommodate him inside. “And you’re going to do everything I want. Fulfill my every need.” He kissed her, his hands forcefully making her bounce on top of him. Backing away but an inch from her lips, he spoke in a seductive voice, “Smile for me.”

It was easy to comply as he thrust himself into the deep reaches inside her. She moved ever so slightly, as she looked for that heavenly spot. She hadn’t had sex for almost two years and quickly gave in to what he was offering.

He watched her expression. Her fake lashes kissed her cheeks, a gentle smile playing on her lips. He seemed to love watching the pleasured look on her face and feeling her stroke his full length with her warmth, slamming its tip against her most sensitive spot. Once she reached her high, he could feel the rumble travel to her toes, her body quaking as she paused on top of him.

Grabbing her shoulders, he yanked her closer. He bit down on her neck, but it was much gentler than it had been with the woman earlier. It was like a cat nipping at his master, except his bite pierced the skin. His grip on her was tight and commanding, and once he latched on, he didn’t stop. It hurt, and she tried with all her might not to push away. Her face twisted in agony as her lips parted to let out a silent scream.


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