My top ten favorite movies

I borrowed the idea for this post from Paula.  Hope she doesn’t mind.

Here is my top ten favorite movies (in no particular order)

1.  Grandma’s Boy

The main character, a game designer, is forced to move in with his grandmother and her two friends when he loses his apartment.  My favorite character was J.P., a dorky game designer who talks and acts like a robot when he’s upset.  If you’ve never seen it, it’s a must see.  My favorite scene is when Jeff is playing dance dance revolution and beats all the other game geeks.

2. The Black Dream Hole

Okay, I admit it, I’m a HUGE Sailor Moon fan.  Yes, it’s cheesy, and the main character Usagi (Sailor Moon) is annoying, whiny and selfish and a lot of people hate her but she’s my favorite heroine ever. I love all of the Sailor Moon movies, though The Black Dream Hole is my favorite. Promise of the Rose would be my second.  In the movie, the children are stolen and taken away on a magical ship.  The sailor scouts have to save Chibiusa (Mini Moon) and the other children and fight the witch keeping them captive.  I love when the scouts get turned into children and Usagi thinks all the playground equipment is candy.  They look so cute chibi!  I love Usagi 🙂

3.  The Fifth Element

I’ve watched this movie a million times.  In order to save earth, they have to collect four elemental stones and take them to the temple.  There’s an alien (Leeloo), who can activate the temple and ignite a power that can save earth.  It’s a good classic fantasy flick and I still love it.  My favorite character was Ruby (Chris Rock).  He was hilarious and had offered some great comedy relief.

4.  Clueless

My friends and I probably wore this VHS out when I was younger.  I loved Cher, and though she was selfish and materialistic, she was so damn cute.  She also had some super cute outfits.

5.  Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion

Another girly movie but one of my favorites.  It’s about two bff’s that were rejects in high school and lie to try and impress their former classmates at their reunion.  The pair are brainless but funny.  It’s along the lines of Clueless.  The dark, bitchy chick in the movie was hilarious.  I love when she’s snippy to the cowboy and makes fun of him but then she’s at the end she’s making out with him.  She’s got some great lines in the movie.  Another great part is when Romy is pretending to fuck Romone in the office so she can borrow his car.

6.  Office space

I used to watch this movie with my brother all the time.  Since I think everyone’s seen this movie, I won’t give a description of it.  My favorite part?  When they’re smashing the printer in the field.

7.  Labyrinth

I loved this movie as a kid and now it’s one of my son’s favorites.  I think David Bowe made the perfect bad guy in the movie but damn-I still wanted Sarah to end up with him.  He played the sexy bad guy well, something that I try to create in my own stories.  I used to rewatch Sarah’s dream sequence when I was kid because it was my favorite scene.

8.  Final Fantasy Advent Children

I’m a big FF fan, so naturally I liked this movie (though I’m on the Cloud/Aerith team).  In the movie, Cloud has to overcome his guilt of letting Aerith die and save the children that have been kidnapped.  There’s a complicated story line but that’s the basic outline of it.  You’ll have to watch the movie to hear the rest.  It’s a fast paced story and has a lot of action scenes in it.  Awesome graphics.  Plus Cloud is pretty hot 😉

9.  True Lies

In this movie, a spy’s wife gets bored and starts talking to a man who claims he’s a ‘spy’, but he’s really a guy trying to nail her.  Her husband finds out about it and uses his influence to scare his wife and this man fake spy.  I love the scene when they take the fake spy out to the bridge and interrogate him and he wets his pants.

10.  Meet Me in St. Louis

I love this movie and it’s a great classic.  I always cry when Ester is singing to her little sister and trying to comfort her because she’s sad about moving.  Her little sister, Tootie, is so cute.  She’s a little strange and has all her dolls buried in their backyard.  My favorite scene is when Tootie and Ester are doing a little song and dance together.  Though it’s a musical and some people aren’t interested in those, it’s got a great story line.  It was one of my mom’s favorite movies as well, and we used to watch it together when I was a kid.


14 thoughts on “My top ten favorite movies

    • You should make a list. I think it’s interesting to find out what other people like. Though I’ve noticed that most of my favorite movies are old and were ones that came out when I was a kid.

  1. Looks like there’s more than just me borrowed this from Paula. A few surprises in your list and a few I don’t know at all. But, since it’s your faves and not mine who cares.?
    xxx Hugs xxx

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