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Character Profile: Leah Dennison


Today I want to introduce you to a character from my WIP, Black Hawke.


Leah Dennison

From:  Black Hawke

Character Type:  Heroine/main character

Nicknames/Alias: None

Age: Late 20’s

Quote: “I think I’ve been…”  She didn’t want to start the conversation, but she knew she had too.  “Sleeping with one of the vampires from Avion.”

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Species:  Human

Occupation: Photographer for Black Light

Relationship Status: Dating Vincent Nelson

Love interest(s): Nick Young, Vincent Nelson, Hawke Callahan

Goals: To take the perfect picture, find out her boyfriend’s secrets

Hardships to overcome:  Her best friend Katrina’s advances; dealing with Vincent’s lies and trying to figure out why he wants to keep their relationship secret; and running from Black Hawke, who she believes wants to kill her.

Faults:  Snippy, outspoken, vain

Talents: Photography

Hobbies: Photography, clubbing, traveling, shopping

If anyone else wants to participate in this little exercise you’re welcome to.  Come on…play along and introduce me to one of your characters.  I want to meet them!


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