Author Interview: Tamara Hoffa

tamara “Wrapping his arms around her waist, he kissed her cheek. She inhaled his masculine scent, he smelled of engine grease, citrus hand cleaner and man. She turned in his arms and laid her cheek over his beating heart, treasuring the haven of his embrace…” ― Tamara HoffaHeart of a Soldier

Tamara is the author of Heart of a Soldier, a short story that was released last September and her story, Roping Love, a romance about getting a second ‘Chance’ at lost love, is coming out in May so be sure to keep an eye out for it!

She’s currently working on a collaborative series, The Windy City Dragons, that is outside the Contemporary Romance circle and diving into some territory I’m familiar with; fantasy.  It’s got shape shifters, romance and dragons, all the good stuff that a good fantasy novel needs.  She’s also working on a story with a working title of, A Special Kind of Love, about a divorced mother of a special needs child that starts a new life in Wyoming.

And I know you’re all biting at the bit to find out more about this lady so onto the interview!

1. What is the best review you’ve ever gotten?

Believe it or not my “best” review in my opinion is not a 5 star rating, though I have received several of those. This one actually made me cry! I was so touched that a veteran found my story timely and accurate.

“This a short story from a new line of romance novels called, Lunchbox Romance, meant to be short and sweet. I love these kinds of stories that I can read and finish in a short period. And as the name implies, they can be read during your lunch break or in my case during my coffee break.

In Heart of a Soldier, we meet widowed mom Charlotte Mackenzie, who’s 17 year old son wants to join the Army. Charlie lost her husband many years ago to a drunk drive and now struggles with the fear of losing her son in military.

She agrees to meet with the army recruiter, hoping he can help her overcome her issues. Enter, one hot and sexy recruiting officer, Jameson Hunter. Not only does he help her overcome her fears, he ignite a passion she hasn’t felt since her husband die.

This was a very sweet and touching love story. Tamara really shows us the heart of a mother’s love for her son and the real struggles of letting go of our children when they grow up. I felt the connection with Charlie from the first page. Jameson is the sweet and sexy male that every women dreams of, his patients with Charlie just made my heart swoon.

While Heart of a Soldier is very fast pace, I don’t feel cheated or that something was left out of the story. A lot was packed into this short book.

I’d like to add, that having served in the US Army myself, I really appreciated that Tamara used the proper military terminology. I haven’t read many books that had this level of precise accurate description of the military. And being that this is such a short story, it impressed the heart of this soldier.”

-Janet Juelling-Snell

2.  What is the worst review you’ve ever gotten?

I’ve been pretty lucky and haven’t had any really negative reviews. The following is one of the less complimentary ones. The reader basically doesn’t like short stories…

“This was a sweet little story about a single mother (Charlie) whose son Evan has decided to join the army. Charlie and Evan go to the recruitment office together, where Charlie meets Jamie the recruitment officer who she feels an attraction for, which I something she hasn’t felt since her late husband. Ne here’s the thing this story is approximately 40 pages… You all know my love/hate relationship with novellas. It was “good” I just wish there had been more. I knew going in it was. Short story when I received the mail asking me to review, and we have a hard time turning people down. Now that being said it was very well written, I didn’t spot a single error and it lowed very nicely. So if you enjoy novellas (and I know many people do) pick this one up.”

cover_heart_of_a_soldier_hires (1)

3.  Who has been the most supportive person of your writing?

My husband. He was the one who pushed, prodded and nudged me to “write a book” and I did! He reads all my drafts, helps me plot and plan, and wants to be known as “Tamara Hoffa’s husband” He is awesome!

4.  Where do you find the most inspiration for your writing?

I find inspiration every day. People I meet, something I read or see. Sometimes just a picture or a phrase that sticks in my minds and says, “Um hello?”

5.  How many stories have you written?

I have 2 stories completed, Heart of a Soldier, that released in September of 2012, and Roping Love, due out in May of 2013. I am currently working on 2 others, another contemporary romance and a paranormal romance, I am writing with my BFF Beverly Ovalle (Dragon shifters)

Check out her blog HERE and her book, Heart of a Soldier HERE.

I’ll leave you with an except from Heart of a Soldier, so enjoy this little tease and maybe pick up a copy of her short story as well!

“Slow your roll girl! One question at a time. No, I didn’t manage to talk Evan out of joining up. But, I did get a lot of information. More than I’ve been able to process yet. The recruiter was…”

Charlie hesitated and smiled.

Bethany rolled her eyes.

“Oh, man I know that look. The recruiter was hot. Right? Oh boy. Is he single? Did sparks fly? Do you have another meeting?

Charlie laughed.

“Do you ever take a breath, girl? Yes, he was hot. Leroy Jethro Gibbs combined with a little Harrison Ford. Tall, dark, handsome…and I bet you could wash clothes on his abs, yum. He appears to be single, no ring anyway, and he asked me out. So I certainly hope he’s single.” Bethany squealed; there was no other word for that sound.

“Seriously? Did you say yes? Mrs. I haven’t been on a date since Clinton was in the Whitehouse.”

Charlie’s mouth turned down at the corners.

“You make it sound like a crime. I was happily married for thirteen years, Bethany. Phillip and I went on dates all the time.” Charlie knew she sounded defensive, but she had loved her husband. Was it so wrong that she hadn’t jumped right back into the dating world after Phillip’s death? She had thought they would be together forever. They were soul mates. It wasn’t that easy to let go. But, Phillip was gone, and she was so alone. She lay in that big bed every night, wishing there was someone to hold her, to make her feel safe, secure…loved. Tears pooled in her eyes, but she refused to let them fall. Charlie tried to smile, but knew she failed.

“I’m sorry baby. I didn’t mean to make you upset.” Bethany grabbed her hand and gave it a squeeze, “But, you know I’ve been telling you for months that you need to get out there and meet someone. You’re still young. Your life isn’t over just because Phillip is gone. He wouldn’t want you to be alone either. You know I’m right.”

“I know Bethany, I know. And believe it or not, I did say yes. But, I can’t say I’m not having second thoughts. There is definitely a physical attraction there and I haven’t felt that for anyone since Phillip…but, with this thing with Evan I’m just not sure if it’s the right time.”

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  1. Nice interview! 🙂 And Heidi, I’ve been meaning to do some author interviews, then saw your Facebook status, lol…would you like to be my first author interview?

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