Author Interview: Ginny Lynn

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Welcome to another Author Interview!

Ready to meet another awesome person?!  Of course you are and I know you’re going to love this lady.  She’s a sexy corset making gal, with lots to brag about.  Stick around and learn more about her.


westviewshoot102012 16“I serve up southern sass, with a bite.”

-Ginny Lynn


Meet Ginny Lynn!

She’s the author of Andromeda, a Paranormal Romance about a psychic who masquerades as a human to hide her vampire blood and from the man who made her into one.  She writes in the same genre as me, so that makes this lady even more exciting.

Come on ladies, you know you can’t resist those sexy vampires! I had Christian making you all swoon so don’t deny it.  You’ll have to check out Andromeda when it releases on March 21st to feed that sexy vampire addiction of yours.

Ginny also has several new stories in the works, including Savage, a series reminiscent to the TV show Cheers but with a paranormal twist.  As she says, “It’s a place where everyone knows your blood type.”

Now….onto the interview!


1.  Who is your favorite author?

Laurell K. Hamilton. She pushes you until you bend to her story’s will. I adore her so much for bringing Anita Blake to the forefront. She’s made it well past twenty books, with us begging for more. To meet her would be a dream made into reality.

2.  When did you start writing?

Even though I’ve written most of my life, I wrote my first book at seventeen. I was a senior in high school and wrote it (in pencil) in several five subject notebooks. I still have them and that book, Just to be Left Alone, is being published this coming May. It’s my only (non-paranormal) romantic suspense.

3.  Why do you write?

I fight depression and have a strongly creative side, so why not put in on paper for others to benefit from my insight?  Every since I started writing seriously, my life has made more sense.

4.  Introduce us to your muse

Vivien is the name of my red headed muse and she’s feisty. Stubborn has nothing on this muse. She likes to smack me upside the head as often as possible and if I ignore her then she’s quiet for days at a time. Moody is an understatement. I had a hysterectomy about eight years ago but Vivien reminds me of what P.M.S. is, frequently.

5.  Who is your favorite character you’ve created and why?

Constance Marie Parrish, from my Savage Series. She’s curvy, sassy, and a boat load of hydrid sexiness. She learns  to conquer her inner demons as she comes to love who she really is.

Andromeda_MED 72KCheck out Andromeda when it makes it’s debut on March 21st.  Find it on Amazon.

Also stop by her BLOG and say hello!

Come back next week to see who my next interview will be with!  It’s someone most of you may already know.

To end the interview I’ll leave you with an excerpt from Andromeda.  Enjoy!  And thanks for sticking around to meet this new author 🙂


“Can you come outside with me for a minute?”


He finished his drink as I escorted him out to the wall across the street. We both sat down on the brick half wall.

“I’m sorry for the way I handled that. This has never happened to me before.  And most of what I saw was good. But you need to know that not all of it was.” I avoided his gaze.

“Just tell me what you saw and we’ll go from there.”

“I saw us kissing, you holding my hand at my house, you walking me home and us as lovers.”

“I see. But those are all good things. The bad part?”

“I know that I need to tell you what I saw. But this is going to be hard to absorb.”

“Just tell me.”

“I saw you die.”

I waited for his reaction. He was very quiet and then jumped off the wall and began pacing.

“You saw me die. Okay. I need to know where, when and how.”

I could only watch as I said, “I can only tell you that there was a lot of blood and that I was holding you when you drew your last breath. There’s fuzziness around the image, as if it wasn’t quite true yet.”

“Everyone makes decisions that can change their destiny. So this can be avoided then, right?”

“Yes. Everyone can change their future by changing the decisions that lead up to it. I have regulars because of this. But the only thing that can stop this is if you stay away from me.”

There. I’d said it.

“So, I die because of you but you don’t know how or when?” It was commendable that he was seriously trying to rationalize this.

“Yes. And that’s all I can tell you. I understand if you want to run away and never look back. I’m sorry.”

“What makes you think that? Do you see me doing that? I’ve seen too much loss in my life to just take that as the gospel truth. I am master of my own destiny. I won’t be going out like that.”

He stood in front of me and I looked into his eyes. There it was, the truth of the matter. I see him with me until his death and then nothing else. For either of us.

Had I truly found my mate and was his death something we could avoid? I saw something in his eyes, determination, and he leaned closer to me.

He whispered, “I’m not sorry.”

“For what?”

“You already know.”

Then he kissed me.


12 thoughts on “Author Interview: Ginny Lynn

  1. Thanks, guys. This was my first interview and it was wonderful. Thank you for sharing my story. I have lots more to put out there.

    )))corset hug (((
    Ginny Lynn
    Wench Writer

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